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5yearMystery | 1 comments Hello everyone !
I read this book around 1998-2000, I believe.
I'd say its a MG book, according to guidlines.
Genre is coming of age, sci-fi id suppose.
It was a paperback book.

Just to be safe, I have included everything i can remember about the book, a lot of spoilers. Thanks for your time everybody.

A young man wakes up and is all alone in new york city, seemingly the world. As he searches, he find 3 others, one girl his age, and a boy and girl a little older.Together they explore all of the city, using whatever they find since no ones around. Down the line, each boy and girl of same age starts to have feelings for eachother. As time goes by, the world seems to be "glitching". Things do not look like they should always, and soon they start to question if everything they are experiencing is real. As the glitches worsen, a group of scientists in full body hazmat suits come in through a portal. They explain that each of the teens was given a experimental drug of some sort, and the world theyve been living in is fake. It is made by the power of there minds, and as they begin to question and have less faith in what they see, the worse the world becomes. Soon it will fall apart, so they are here to extract them. The only catch is that they will not remember eachother at all. The older couple shows no hesitation and steps through the portal, and the younger ones are distraught over losing each other. Together they "believe" very hardly in the world they are in and end up living in a beautiful world just as they imagined. They did forgot to imagine clothes however : D

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Jayme | 158 comments Looks interesting, hope you find it!

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Mika Hutton | 7 comments This isn't the Max Quick series, by chance? If I recall correctly, in that series everyone but the children were frozen in time, not missing, but sounds similar enough that I thought I'd mention it.

Max Quick: The Pocket and the Pendant

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Lobstergirl | 38282 comments Mod
5yearMystery, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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