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message 1: by Kaitlin (last edited May 02, 2015 01:23AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) Hi guys!!! Welcome to the discussion for The Emperor's Soul! As always please don't post any spoilers for other books/ the ending of this book, only talk about the chapters listed as the topic name and those before :)

How are you guys finding it so far?
Do you like Shai and Frava?
What do you think of the magic we've seen so far?
Is it as good as you expected?

Sophie | 54 comments I am enjoying this more and more by the second, however I'm still not loving it. I don't really feel like I know Shai, she's just a basis for the magic. Hopefully we'll find out more about her later on. My favourite character so far is probably Gaotona.
The magic in this book is original and intriguing. The idea of everything having a soul (even windows and chairs) is something I don't think I've ever seen before.
I don't know what I expected from this book. My only expectations were probably based on the fact it was written by Brandon Sanderson, nothing to do with the story! Haha. For some reason I think my expectations were lower because it's a shorter book. There's less time for it to develop or something, I don't know.

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