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Monthly Book Reads > May 2015- Our man in havanna

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message 1: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lisadannatt) | 184 comments Comedy

message 2: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 825 comments I liked this book but thought the film with Alec Guiness was even better.

message 3: by Kaycie (new)

Kaycie | 455 comments Mod
I haven't read it, but plan on it sometime hopefully this month! I love that there is a movie, too, since I enjoy watching ones I've read.

I've read two other Greene of which I loved and one of which I really couldn't get in to. I can't wait to see how this compares!

message 4: by Kaycie (new)

Kaycie | 455 comments Mod
Well, I think I officially like when Graham Greene writes spy novels (LOVED "The Quiet American" and enjoyed this one) and disliked "Brighton Rock."

Also, "Our Man in Havana" actually fit with the comedy category! I laughed out loud at multiple parts of this book!

The plot was really hilariously thought out, though, and I enjoyed it a lot. It didn't pack the punch that "The Quiet American" did for me, but I still enjoyed it and like Greenes not-so-subtle commentaries on politics that are sprinkled throughout his books. Overall, I found this to be a surprisingly light read and a good break from more serious books.

Once I get my life settled a bit, I am going to look for the movie! I was telling my husband a bit of the plot while I was reading, so I think he'll watch it with me. :-)

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