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The living room(view spoiler)

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● Selena fell out an tube shaped opening in the wall, she walked over to where Valerie stood watching her. "Well what do we do now?", she asked as she looked over her shoulder to see Tyler fall out of the tube and onto the floor with a heavy thud. "You ok Ty?", she joked, werewolves were built like brick walls, meant for heavy impact but sturdy to withstand much pressure.

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Valerie pressed a pin into the handle of the door to another room while Tyler recovered from his fall "Yeah I'm good"

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● Selena smirked and turned her head back to where Valerie was opening a door with a tiny pin code. "Remember, 1583.", she thought to herself, her eyes analyzing everything in the room, the tile floor, the paintings and collages on the walls, even the way Tyler and Valerie moved in the room, just in case of traps.

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Valerie turned the knob and entered. Tyler beckoned Selena in.

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((Is it okay if Eliza joins and if I bring in Aya?))

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● ((Ya! Sure!))
Selena followed after Tyler and Valerie into a large spacious room with maps everywhere. "Wow...", Selena whispered, looking around the room filled with trained upsilon's.

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Valerie started rummaging through the files. Tyler was about to start talking to Selena when there was a knock on the door. He went and answered it "Why hello Aya!"

Aya smiled up at Tyler "Hey dummy! Guess what? I brought you a friend!" she gestured toward Kyle

Tyler's blue eyes widened.

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Kyle waved, a blush coming to his cheeks.

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● Selena stood next to Valerie awkwardly, one of her hands holding her forearm as she bit her lip nervously. "Who are they?", she whispered quiet enough so only Valerie heard, she watched the couple walk in like they were friends of the twins. As soon as Selena realized they were friends from Tyler's reaction she relaxed and exhaled the breath she was holding so she wouldn't be noticed.

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Valerie looked up from what she was doing and saw Aya "Oh that's Aya, she's a fellow Upsilon" Valerie narrowed her eyes at Kyle "however I have no clue who he is"

Aya smiled and whispered into Kyle's ear "It's okay. Just say something" then she waved at Valerie.

Tyler stood dumbfounded. The new guy was so, cute. And his blush made him even cuter. Tyler ran his fingers through his brown hair.

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● ((Is Tyler a homo? I was getting the Heter vibe instead...))

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((He's Bisexual. He can like both boys and girls))

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● ((Ok. Tank Chu!))

Selena watched quietly as she leaned against the wall, half hidden in the shadow of a giant animated map on a screen. She looked at Tyler's face and instantly new that some form of relation was appearing. Slowly but surely.

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Kyle was shy as hell, there was no way he could talk to Tyler, the only way he could was if Tyler spoke to him first, which was going to be hard, but still, if Kyle couldn't talk to Tyler, then there was a huge problem here.

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(( Meep! Sonami? ))

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Tyler ran a hand through his hair "Hey! My name's Tyler" he held out his hand "What's yours?"

Aya smiled hopefully at Kyle, hoping that he would answer

Valerie looked on in disgust and then she smiled at Selena "I guess you weren't expecting that curveball" she said referring to Tyler's bisexual desires.

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" Kyle, Kyle Neverla," Kyle answered shaking Tyler's hand.

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Tyler smiled "Nice to meet you"

Aya turned around an silently punched the air

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Kyle smiled, " Likewise," Kyle answered, and he mentally facepalmed himself.

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● Selena gawked at the awkward situation. "Yeah no kidding.", she whispered to Valerie off to the side.

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Valerie sighed "Oh well. I can't stop him" and with that she went back to finding the files she needed.

Tyler blushed slightly. Aya was sorta cute too. He mentally punched himself for thinking that "So what's you rank and pack?"

Aya gave Kyle a reassuring smile and went to join Valerie "Hi!" she said cheerily to Valerie's companion "I'm Aya Rose, Upsilon of Magia Segreto"

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● Selena gave the girl a once over, decided she was not of any threat. and held out her hand. "Hello. Im Selena Aspin, Kappa of Magia Segreto. You seem to be awfully happy.", she stated warily, unsure of how the girl called Aya would react.

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Aya winked at Selena "Let's just say I'm kind of like this academy's Cupid" Valerie rolled her eyes "A cupid that can't resist manipulating and creating horrible relationships" she said with sarcasm. Aya crossed her arms and pouted "Well it's not my fault I love playing with bow and arrows"

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● "I dont need a bow and arrows. I can hunt for myself.", she joked lightly bumping Aya's shoulder with her elbow playfully. "I can already tell im gonna like you.", she thought as she grinned at Valerie and Aya's little banter.

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Aya smiled at Selena "Well at least someone appreciates my archery skills". Valerie smiled and rolled her eyes and then looked at Selena "Whatever you do, don't get hit by her arrows" she said with mock seriousness.

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● Selena chuckled at her friends comment. "It would probably hurt...A lot.", she emphasized in a lighthearted mood. "So...How about that run you promised...", she insisted lightly with a mischievous grin on her face.

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Valerie heaved a mock irritated sigh "If you say so". Aya jumped up and down "Oh a run? I want to go for a run! Can I? Can I? Please? i won't be trouble!". Valerie looked helplessly to Selena for her opinion.

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" I'm in the pack Lambda and I'm ranked as an omega," Kyle replied to Tyler, he was nervous, but not as nervous as he thought he would be, at least he was talking to the guy.

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Tyler smiled, his bright blue eyes sparked with curiosity "Cool. So what sorta things do they do?"

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" We omegas are pretty much the scape goat of the pack and are normally picked on and are the last to eat, so my rank is not as cool as you think," Kyle said his eyes dulled with sadness.

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Tyler gave him a firm pat on the back "Ah well laddy, There's nothin wrong with that eh?" he said using his irritating Scottish accent

Valerie looked like she was about to punch Tyler.

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Kyle groaned, he hated when people used accents for certain stuff, " Please don't use that accent, and also I don't like being picked on and I hate being the last to eat," Kyle snapped, now this was a bad side of him that you never want to release.

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Tyler backed away "Sorry dude. I didn't know it was that bad. I should've been more empathetic"

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" It's fine, and just to warn you, you shouldn't bring out my bad side," Kyle said as he began to relax, he opened his eyes so that he could calm down quicker.

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(( meep!))

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Tyler smiled with relief "Whew. Thank god! I thought you're about to club me"

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● Selena looked at Aya's excited figure and then looked at Valerie with a 'Shall we?' Look. "Well I personally would mind extra company. How about you Valerie?", she asked with a sly grin, she loved passing off questions for others to answer.

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" Why in the world would I hurt a cute guy like you?" Kyle asked with a smirk.

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● Selena looked over at Kyle's quite forward comment with an expression of surprise. "Well this just got awkward...", she thought as she looked away slowly pretending she hadn't just heard what he had said.

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Valerie smirked "Well then let's go" she turned to Tyler "Were leaving! Remember to lock the place up!"

Tyler smirked at Kyle "Why thank you" when her heard Valerie's order he replied "Sure thing sis!"

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Kyle smiled.

●SɛrɛnɑDɩrɛnFɑll~Hɛll ɩs Ɛmpty ɑnd Ʌll thɛ Dɛvɩls ɑrɛ Hɛrɛ● ((Where to?))

Selena had began to back towards the exit when Valerie informed Tyler to lock up the room. "See you guys later I guess.", she stated as she waited in the doorway for Valerie and Aya.

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((I just requested an oval))

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Kyle leaned on the wall by the door.

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(( Sonami?))

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((I'm here and my name's Rin btw ^-^))

Tyler smiled at Kyle "So do you have any hobbies?"

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