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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Here we are ^.^

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
A set of twin sisters (Tsundere wants to play them) are bought by a cruel/mean Master at the age of 13 for his 18 birthday, along with his own mansion(the role play takes place two years later so the twins are 15 and the master is 20) He sees twin A as his pride and joy and will do anything in the world for her, and she is very keen on him herself, she loves being with him especially when he brings her out to social events as his girlfriend. Though This treatment makes twin B insanely jealous as she is treated like an animal. She envies everything about her sister's Luxurious life but is always put back in her place whenever she tries to stand up.

That is just a brief explanation I know it seems all over the place so I hope it is understandable. I would prefer someone who is not afraid of sexual role plays (not in main chat if course) and would be willing to play the master and one more mistreated slave to be friends with slave B 

((Just thought I would repost the plot, also my character outlines are going to be very badic today because I have them preset on a word docume t on my computer but Im away until saterday, Il be sure to update it with ghe very detailed versions then))

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Thats perfect
I can glance back if i forget my part lol
And i understand
My laptop glitches a lot so ill do the best i can on my part as characters

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
Name: Emily
Nickname: Em
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Date of Birth: April 20
Place of Birth: Unknown
Time of Birth: about 9:40 pm
Orientation: strait

Appearance:Face Claim: She is extremely doll like in appearance, with a petite frame and long blond hair down to the back of her knees. She has bright Amber eyes that catch the light quiet easily, giving her a constant child like look.




Personality: with the Master, she is sweet, kind, bubbly and childish, but to the other slaves he is cruel and nasty, just as taught by her master/lover. People outside of the household describe her as Childish and fun loving, you would never guess she was a slave, much less with such an abusive nature towards her lowers.

History: Emily and her twin sister Lilly where found on the side of the road at the age of five. No one knew who they where or where they had come from. The only piece of evidence anyone could find was a pair of beat up birth certificates in one of the girl's pockets with the location of birth, last names and parents scratched out of place in what seemed like a way to keep anyone from finding their birth parents. The two girls seemed to know nothing about themselves and where put into a government home, from there one of the workers took them away to a slave trade in order to earn himself some extra cash. Emily had always been the favored on has her looks had always been a bit more then her sisters, though she stuck beside Lilly through several Masters, that is until they where bought at the age of thirteen by their most recent.

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Twin sister Lily
Extended: Unknown

Other: She is often called "Mistress" by the other slaves, due to her high ranking in the Master's eyes. She sleeps in his room with him and has a black cat named Victoria. Emily has been fragile since birth, her health is not the best and she will occasionally fall ill especially in the winter month, though other then that her health is normally exceptional.


Name: Lilith
Nickname: Lilly
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Date of Birth: April 20
Place of Birth: Unknown
Time of Birth: around 10:00 pm
Orientation: ?

Appearance: Face Claim: Her appearance is strikingly similar to Emily except her eyes are darker and have less luster. He hair is cut, choppy and short from a time she hacked it off with a knife, trying to escape from the Master who had her hair pulled tight

Personality: She is not afraid to stand up for herself, for the first few minutes at least, as soon as someone starts yelling the will back off. She is disobedient and rude, often lading her with harsh punishments.

History: (View Emily)

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Twin sister Emily
Extended: Unknown

Other: Will post anything I think of later

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
((Emily is twin A and Lilly is twin B..just to avoid confusion is all))

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Basics
Name: Liamell Vonpier
Nickname(if desires): Master or Lord by his slaves, Liam by his chosen one
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status: for most part single, searching for the perfect bride
Crush: Emily
_"ptivate" shows
_Speaking out of turn
_Laziness from slaves
_Being denied/told no
_Horn Dog
_Cold hearted
_inhumanly fast (only slightly, nearly imposible to outrun,from training)
_strong (lifts a lot of waits to over power slaves)
_mastered all types of martial arts (videos, lessons, privately tought)
_posseses a single power of slow aging which grants him a very long life, but NOT imortal,can very much die of old age
Appearance(picture appreciated)
Hair: shoulder length, silky soft lusious hair, golden brown
Eyes: hazel, not brown and green hazel, its blue and green, glows bright neon like when angered, often mistaken of light shining in eyes causing the effect
Height 6'4"
Weight 346, all muscle, little fat in the butt area
_often wears silks and leather. Silk pants (often shirtless to intimidate his slaves) and silky flowy like shirts with frill around wrists, V neck style, otherwise an open leather jacket for charm and seduction, often bare footed
As a younge boy growing up, he pretty much had his luxury and wealth. His parents disappeared when he was 16, but he was alright with it. He was already taught everything he needed to know and what his mission was to do. His family has a long going secret. They are pure blooded vampires. When he turned 18, he set out to find his future perfect bride. He found a young girl at the age of thirteen. He set out to adopt her but found a pleasant serprise, there were two of the same beautiful girl. Twins. One was sure to be perfect, so he took them both in. As one followed his command greatly, the other showed reluctance. He hated that. If he were to have a bride, she would willingly be his belonging and do all as he says with no question. This twin was named Emily. Her twin showed fiestiness that he liked but was very disobedient,named Lilly. So he chose Emily. Hesbeen waiting so far for two years now. Waiting for her to become of age. He is now 20 and the girls are now 15. He has one year left before he can turn her and make her his belonging and make her his vampress bride. But there has been a lotof conflict. The lesser ofthe twins has been fighting more and more. He is not sure if the persistance will get in the way of his mission and interupt his ultimate test. His favored twin, willing to allowhim to suck her blood, turning her, and forever doing as he says.

Often beats his two other slaves when anything goes wrong, gets angry, upset, orjust for fun. Now and then has his way with them. He takes his anger out on them.

(Hope hes good,would like your approval on him, if anything needs to befixed or added please tell me)

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Tsundere Kitten wrote: "((Emily is twin A and Lilly is twin B..just to avoid confusion is all))"

By the quick discription i picked up on it already lol

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Will get the friend up soon
Pardon any misspelled words, im terrible at that

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
((I was thinking we could make it so she can not be turned unless she recives blood from his end as well, making their bond a bit stronger as she would be able to let him feed from her without turning her. But of course you would have to agree to that as well))

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments {|Name:|} Jenny
{|Age:|} 17
{|Gender:|} female
_singing, when her voice can handle it, not the best voice
_talking to her friend
_keeping as far from Liamell as possible
_being beaten
_being controled
_being treated like trash
_being used as a sex toy
_being in constant fear
_never being free, let outside
_cleaning quickly
_handling a beat down, nearly to death
_going on little sleep
_screamed at, tries not to break down from fear, gets beaten twice as worse if she cries
_shoved down
_stairs, clumbsy from being weak often
{|Occupation(job):|} slave, maid, toy
_has a tendency to rock back and forth when standing or sitting
_figits with hands and fingers a lot, otherwise anythin she is holding
_easily controled
Tallish, 5'5", long dirty blonde hair, often dirty cause lack of cleaning, tanish thoug shes growing paler by the year,dark brown eyes that often shine in the light when angled just right, was once in dicent shape but now very thin, almost sickly looking
_great maid
_great organization
_very flexible
Born in servatude, holds no speacialty liking to the vampire family
Her family has been in servatude for as long as she can remember. Her family was only able to reproduce when commanded to by their masters for decades. Usually when in need of future replacements or for more "toys".

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Tsundere Kitten wrote: "((I was thinking we could make it so she can not be turned unless she recives blood from his end as well, making their bond a bit stronger as she would be able to let him feed from her without turn..."

And that'll be the mission is when she finds out the big secret
If she can convince him otherwise and turn him to be more considerate and compassionate

She can find an old diary of how a bond can be built without her having to turn but her being granted a long life of beauty like a vampire but not turning of exchanging blood and not just taking

I did forget to add that none of the slaves know of his families secret

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
((Alright, sound good, sorry of I sound strange but did you take the idea I suggested or no, about him being able to feed from her without turning her so simply. Sorry I just got confused xD)

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments She can find out when she finds him feeding on a disobedient slave

Yes i agreed to that lol sorry for not clairifying that

Do you want me to begin or would you wish to start?

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Oh and if shedecides to change her mind she can always tell him if she can convince him not to turn her right away and accept her choice of staying human ;)

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
(Ill start))

Emily was curled up in the large bed, snuggled into Liam's side. She held his arm, still sleeping soundly from the night before, flinching in her sleep as there was a loud clatter from down on the main floor. She whimpered a bit, clutching him tighter.

Lilly swore to herself as she dropped the pile of good dinner plates from the cupboard, panicing as she looked at the floor. "Shit...shit." she whispered, slowly croutching down as she began yo clean up her mess. She could only hope her mistake was not heard from the third floor.

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Liamell looked to Emily with a small smirk. As she held onto him he pulled her closer. He thought quietly to himself. Just one more year and you will be mine forever. My sweet, obeying belonging. Once you hit 16, i will drink your sweet essence, then present you to the council and be approved of ou becoming my bride and inheiret my families wealth. His trail of thought was interupted rudely by a clash down stairs. He went to sit up to head down, but Emily held him tighter. He was imobile. He gave a soft snarl and placed his hands upon her ears blocking the sound with his massive hands. "Those fools better not wake her."

Jenny was washing more dishes when she heard the clash behind her. She shot around when she heard Lilly cursing to herself. "Oh dear! Let me help you!" Jenny rushed over and began picking up the pieces. "Lets hope the master is still havin' his fun with little miss perfect as he calls her. Lilly, we must be very carefully. Hes been more on edge lately. Something must be bothering him. Or hidin' somethin'. Lets try not to push him more." Jenny pleads in whispers. She looks around listening for rushing footsteps.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
Emily smiled abit as she felt his hands make contact with her skin, waking up ever so slightly. "Liam." She whispered qithout opening her eyes. "What time is it?" She asked, obviously still half asleep as her voice was extreamly soft and horse.

Lilly shook her head "and and the 'Mistress' always tend to sleep in late." She murmered, putting airquotes around the title she was given by the master, through it was obvious she was no where near as high up as her title implyed. "If we are lucky as soon as she wakes up she will want to go out for breakfast, though Luck doesnt seem to fancy me these days." She began brushing up the small peices with a small hand broom as she spoke.

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Liamell looked down to her as he lowered one hand and the other brushed her hair out of her face and behind her ear. He doesnt even glance at the clock. Hes been watching her sleep all night. "Its about an hour before sunrise my pet." He replied softly. "Rest my dear, you have been very ill like. You need your strenth." If he was to make her his belonging, he needs her to gain strength, and a little more meat. Or he may do more harm than good. His gentle, fangless bites during intimacy is still too much for her to bare. How will he ever sink his fangs if she cant bare a nibble?

Jenny watched the door as she help pick up the large pieces. "You got that right. If anything i think you look better, and from what it sounds like, you'ld be able to handle that rough sex he likes better than her. Just out of my nosiness, do you like rough sex? Or do you not know? I fancy me a more romantic intimacy. And plus, you have a better chance of being that title than i would." Thinking of the idea, she scoffed. "I actually would rather be dead than him being my escourt. Ive lived since i was born. Im nothing but his dam toy. Id rather be free but if i sneak out, not only am i dead, he'll take out the pinishments harder on you. Oh my goodness look at me babbling again!" She chuckled slightly before standing up quickly. "I dont think hes coming."

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
((Oh, well Emily can handle rough sex, though more then likely not if she is sivk at the time as he implyed.))

Emily opened her eyes, seeming to squint softly at the soft light of a candle on the bedside table. "Its been cold." She said quietly. She rolled her eyes a bit, trying to keep them open as she spoke. "Ill be fine soon enough." She rolled over onto her side and curling around the large man the best she could, planting a gentle kiss on his side.

Lilly sighed "no, I do not so much prefure it, though the little princess seems to enjoy herself a bit more when she is not so weak." She sighed quietly. "We never did find out why she gets sick, ut what I can say is it makes mlre work for me." She stood up, walking the full dust pan over to the trash. "I used to pity her untill she started getting special treatment when she got like this."

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Liamell glanced over to the chimney he had in his master bedroom. "Well, if you allow me up, i can make it very warm in here." He chuckled to her. He could understand why she keeps getting ill. It worried him. He had a mission, and he was determand to fulfill it. "Would you like a large breakfast soon pet?" He whispered to her.

Jenny walked over to the trash and tossed the pieces before heading back to the full sink. "I still say youd make a better mistress than her. Shes so.....bleh. And youre more....i dont know how to put it besides just better than her. Youre much better looking than she is." Jenny shrugged. Lilly had a better chance for romance than she did and it did bother her. "That little pest needs to go. "I uh....kind of been putting a little bit of bleach in her food. Like alittle tiny cap full. Are you mad? I was hoping she'd wither away by now."

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Emily rolled back over before sitting up slowly and nodding her head. "Breakfast sounds nice." She said with a smile. She proped herswlf up against the pillows and looked around slowly, her eyes still ajusting. "Liam.." she whispered. "Could you, please bring me a glass of water as well?" She wsaid with a soft blush.

Lilly sighed, "Jenny, the girl looks like a doll. THere is not possible way I can be that pretty, especually since I sliced off all my hair with that knife" she sighed. "Unless you are talking about more then outside looks, in which case that man only cares abojt what he has now." She went back to sweeping, sighing tiredly. She looked up slowly "also, the bleach thing? Yeah, you are bound to get caught." She shook her head "he finds out the most bizzare things."

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Liam gave her forhead a kiss before getting up. He walked over to yhe chimney and tossed in some logs. He crumpled up some paper and placed it under the logs. He pulled out a match, sparked it, and lit the paper on fire. "This should get the logs burning soon. Ill go get you some breakfast and water. He stood up and headed for the door.

Jenny sighed to lillys reply. She was right, it was no use. "Well, what do you wish to do? Every move we make he watches. I cant-" She stopped speaking when she heard footsteps on the stairs. Liamell was not a light stepper. His steps were very heavy and frightening. "Hes coming!" She exclaimed silently.

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Emily smiled softly "Thank you." She whispered, watching him leave before her eyes moved to the fire with a sigh. She was more ill then normal and it was starting to frighten her slightly. She let herself sink back into the pilows with a sigh.

Lilly stood up quickly, throwing away the rest of the plates and quickly covering it up in the trashcan with a paper towel before turning to stand upright, watching the entrance to the kitchen. She bit her lip, wishing they had more time to hide the evidance better, those dinner plates where picked by Emily on her fourteenth birthday, and she would not be very happy to find out they had all shattered.

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Jenny scrubbed the dishes faster. She wanted to wash them as fast as she could or at least look like she was doing her job well. She scrubbed as fast as she could without dropping or breaking any more dishes as she waited for the sound of his enterance.

Liamell came blaring through the doors as usual. Slamming them open. "Get your asses busy and make a large breakfast!! Eggs, hashbrowns, suasages, bacon, toast, pancakes, waffles, french toast, excetra! I wont those washed in 20 minutes, and i want yhat food up stairs, ready, and cooked well in two hours!" He looked over and saw lilly standing waiting for him. He walked over aggresively. He shoved the sit she stood next and gripped the back of her hair firmly. He yanked her head back forcing her to look up at him, straining her neck. "What was the crashing sound?! Tell me now! You woke up my mistress! And i want to know who did it!" He snarled

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Lilly whimpered as ger hair waz pulled, squirming slightly in his grasp. "I...I am sorry." She whispered. She moved her eyes, looking over to the trashcan. "I did not do anything." She lied. "It must have vome from outside." She moved her eyes, loking back up to Liamell as zhe bit her lip.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
((Im sorry, I fell asleep, lol))

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Liam watched her closely . He noticed her glance and looked too. "So you broke something didn't you?!" He yanked a little harder on her hair pulling her toward the garbage. "What's in the garbage huh? What's in there?!"

As jenny listened, she panicked. She didn't want Lilly getting hurt so. she shot around. "I did it! I dropped a bowl as I was washing! It slipped out of my hands from all the soap!" She exclaimed calmly. She began to huff and puff from. the overwhelming fear she felt.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
Lilly whimpered qyietly, ger hands going to his wrist and holding it firmly, trying to get him to let go though she knew it was usless. HER eyes widened as she heard Jenny's confession, they where going to find the plates missing later, so why lie about it now. She slowly raised herself to her toes, trying to loosen the grip on her hair.

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Liam tugged her backward roughly and released her hair. He walked over to jenny and gave her a powerful back hand. He knock her off her feet. When she hit te ground, her hip became bruised. She didnt hit hard, but was an easy bruiser. Always was. She exclaimed in fear and pain. He reached down, grabbed her hair like he did Lillys, and yanked her up to her feet. Se whimpered in pain and fear. "Ill let it go this once! Only because you have food to cook! Get on it both of you! The mistress is hungery!" He pushes her back down and walks out. Jenny looked to Lilly. "I could let you get hurt again let alone watch. I had to take the fall."

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Lilly frowned, waiting for Liamell to move out of earshot before running over and helping her up. "You should not have done that." she whispered urgently. "You saw me drop the plate, there was no need to take the blame like that. She hesitated, looking around nervously. "Let's just hope those plates have been forgotten, or else we will both be in serious trouble next time they are asked for.

Emily sat on the bed, watching the flames dance in the fire place. She was sitting up straight, away from the pillows, her Amber eyes gleaming softly. SHe did not seem to notice when Liam walked in again, deep in thought. She seems to be playing with her hands, running her fingers over each other slowly.

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((just so you know, I may be going to a party on friday and may not be on.))

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments (was spending time with family))

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Jenny looked at Lilly. Her eyes were sad. She whimpered in pain from her hip. "I'm sorry Lilly, but I just could not help it. I couldn't bare to see you get hurt in front of me. You have gotten enough. But I'm sure they have been forgotten. We better get to making that food or they're bound to notice." Jenny fights to her feet and regains her strength.

Liam walked in and noticed her stare. He walked over calmly and sat gently on the bed next to her. He saw her playing with her fingers, and gently placed his hand on hers. He spoke to her softly. "What is the matter? Something bothering you my pet?"

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Lilly nodded, sliwly walking over to the stove and staring it over. "So kuch food." She whispered to herself before walking over to the refrigerator and getting out the things they would need to make this breakfast."alrighy, what are you making, and what am I making?" She asked simply as if nothing had happened just minutes vefore.

Emily jumped when her hands where touched, looking over at Liamell, seeming sad. "Im never this sick." She whispered quietly as she layed her head on his broad shoulder. "Sp why now?" She whipseewd aoftly.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments ((I didn't reply 0.o oh my goodness what's wrong with me lol))

Jenny sighed. She walked over and began pulling things out that they needed. "I'll make the pancakes, eggs, and French toast. You make the rest?" She tried to force a smile but it was pointless.

Liam looked at her concerned. "I'm not sure but it bothers me too." He wasn't sure what to tell her. All he could think of was to hold her. "what do you think might be making you sick? are you doing anything different than normal?" He asked.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
Lilly nodded before running over to get the stuff the needed, pulling out a bunch of ingredients. "Let's hurry though." she said softly. "He is already starting to get worked up for the day, lets not get him any more angry, he may even be a little more on edge because of my sister." she whispered quietly before her eyes slowly went to the bleach under the sink. She had always used it for cleaning, never once thought of harming someone with it, though she was not going to stop Jenny now.

Emily shook her head and whimpered a bit. "But when I do get better, can we go out for dinner?" she said hopefully. "We could try the new Italian place." she looked down, plating with her fingers. "I think it would be nice to get out again. She looked up at Liamell with a smile. "Can we, can we please?"

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
((did you see th eupdated profiles?))

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments yes I have and their lovely

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Jenny nodded in agreement. She quickly began cooking. She whipped them pancakes as fast as she could. She never though she could cook that fast in her life. She noticed Lilly's wondering eyes. "What's those wheels in your head coming up with Lilly?" She asked curiously.

Liam smiled to her. "As son as you are well again we can go there and eat. And maybe, after that we can go to one of my fancy clubs you like so much and dance until we feel our feet are ready to fall off?" He liked taking her to those. Although she was unaware that it was a vampire club and only vampires with slaves or mistresses are aloud in.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
Lilly nodded slowly. "You say you put it in her food?" She asked very quietly, looking back at Jenny. "We could do that now, no?"she asked, her voice shaking very softly.

Emily smiled hapily, nuggling her head into his chest. "Cant wait." She said with a bright smile. "That would be really reilly fun." She whispered

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
Tsundere Kitten wrote: "Lilly nodded slowly. "You say you put it in her food?" She asked very quietly, looking back at Jenny. "We could do that now, no?"she asked, her voice shaking very softly.

Emily smiled hapily, nug..."

((Sorry it was so short, I can hardly keep my eyes open but I didnt want to delete it.))

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments ((sorry fell asleep))

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Jenny nodded to her first question. "I usually put a cap in there, just enough where its not tastable." She didn't plan on doing it this time around but hey, why not. "Sure, we can do it this time." She went back to cooking. She was working on the French toast and eggs now.

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Nyxie Kitten (nyxiekitten) | 459 comments Mod
Lilly nodded slowly, starting to make her portion of the food, qorking fast so they could meetvthwir deadline in a little more then an hour. "Why do they ask for this if they don't even eat it all?" She asked softly. "Even if he is rich, it seems like such a waste." She sighed. "We are lucjy if we get whats left in their plates, much less all the food we end up throwing away."

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Jenny looked at all the food. She never thought of it until now but she had a point. "Im not too sure, i never questioned it though. Its his money, if he runs out, it will be his fault. But either way, we are always fucked in the end. Whether we say something or not." She shrugged then continued to cook. At this rate, they will just make it in time with the food still warm to eat.

(sorry, i have writers block with Liam)

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Lilly sighed, the kitchen went quiet for the next hour as she cooked as fast as she could, the pots, pans and utensils clanking the only sound she heard. She smiled as she looked at all the food they had made." its ready." she whispered softly before taking a cap full of the bleach and pouring it into the glass of orange juice on the counter. "Are we supposed to bring it upstairs as usual?" she asked quietly.

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Quil (creative_quil) | 52 comments Jenny looked at her and then to the food. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and sighed. "I'm sure they wish for it to be delivered. Let's not keep them waiting." She grabbed a huge tray and began piling on the plates.

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