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message 1: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Champion Here is a little blurb about me:

I am an avid reader, who enjoys a good love story above all else.

When I first joined goodreads, I did a few beta reads and then got very busy with starting a new career; I am now settled in that career, which allows me 8hrs on my ereader a night (I know best job ever), and looking to jump back into beta reading.

Like I said above I love a good romance. I read mostly YA romance and I do not do any religious or super sci-fi books, but other than that almost all is fair game.

With my previous beta reads I provided feedback on character development, plot flow and spelling errors. However if given a list of specifics you are looking for I can work with that as well. I do not have an editing background, but I am willing to do my best to assist.

I do most of my reading Monday to Friday, while working, with this I have approximately a 24 to 72 hour turn around with feedback depending on length of read.

Shoot me a message, I look forward to hearing from you :)

message 2: by Elly (new)

Elly | 11 comments Hi Tiffany, I'm sending you a message for a YA romance I need feedback on.

message 3: by Ainsley (new)

Ainsley Ross | 4 comments Would you be interested in reading NA?

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