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The Kitchen Boy: A Novel of the Last Tsar
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amber (thelittlematchgirl) | 25 comments May 2015's selection.
What did you think?

Bri (readingknitter) (readingknitter) This is my first time participating in a Goodreads Book Club discussion and I'm very excited to have joined this group! I checked this book out from the library yesterday and am hoping to be able to dive into this weekend.

Those who are reading -- are you familiar with Russian history or are you going in with fresh eyes and a lack of knowledge of the historical context? I'm interested to see how my knowledge of the actuality of the Romanov family's experience will affect my reading of this book. I've also never read a historical fiction book before (aside from when I was a child and read the Dear America series), so we'll see how I jive with this genre.

Julie | 15 comments I enjoyed the book tremendously. I know about the history, but am not nearly as informed about it as I am about the British monarchy. But, all in all, I enjoyed the details of day to day life in captivity.

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Olga (hildalev) | 5 comments This is my first time in this Club. You can read my review here , but !spoiler alert! And I am looking forward to discussing it when more people have read the book.

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