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I have free codes for reviews. Imogene's Message and Imogene's Past lives have five star reviews on Amazon. I need reviews on please.

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Kathy Golden | 117 comments Christine,
It might help if we knew more about your books.

Imogene's Message: A Thriller of Extreme Prejudice

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When extreme religious fundamentalists known as the Phineas Priesthood led by Ezekiel Yates and his three cousins, target Xantara Pembroke because they believe she is a witch, they launch a major conflict between unworldly disciples of good and evil. This 60,000-word, action-packed thriller shows the twists and turns of both sides as they try to destroy or save the souls of earth.

Imogene is the daughter of Xantara, a Guardian of Avebury Circle, an ancient monument near Stonehenge. For over three thousand years, wives of eight village families have performed ceremonies to heal local people, with power handed down from first daughter to first daughter. The Pembroke family encounter extreme prejudice from the Priesthood.

Braedon the village doctor is drawn into a world he didn't know existed to protect his daughter. His wife Xantara keeps her secrets and causes conflict in the marriage.

All that is forgotten when Imogene levitates in Avebury Circle. Will the world believe Imogene’s incredible message?

For more information please check out my goodreads page or website

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