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message 1: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Champion Here is a little blurb about me:
I am an avid reader, who enjoys a good love story above all else.
When I first joined goodreads, I did a few beta reads and then got very busy starting a new career; I am now settled in that career (which allows me 8hrs on my ereader a night, I know best job ever) and looking to jump back into beta reading.

Like I said above I love a good romance. I read mostly YA romance; I do not do religious or super sci-fi books, but other than that all is fair game.

With my previous beta reads I provided feedback on character development, plot flow and spelling errors. I do not have a writers background, however I do read 7 books a week and have a post secondary education (I'm not an idiot is what I'm trying to say).

Shoot me a message, I look forward to hearing from you :)

message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 4 comments Hey Tiffany,

I was wondering if you would be interested in beta reading a short romance story for me please?

This is a follow on from my first novella and is just under 1000 words.

This story is about a woman who has an affair, but the bloke stops all contact with her until her husband calls in, due to his wife being involved in an accident, he then discovers he has become a father.

if you are interested please let me know, my email address is

Many Thanks

Lisa x

message 3: by Shelly (last edited May 03, 2015 02:11PM) (new)

Shelly Davis | 8 comments Hi Tiffany,

I'm looking for a Beta Reader for my NA Contemporary Romance. Here's a synopsis...

The story is about a girl named Antonia, Toni for short. Toni's a normal teenage girl with insecurities and fears, but she's also an incredibly talented mechanic. Toni has great friends and a devoted father by her side, but somehow she still finds herself in a bad relationship. Her high school boyfriend destroys her self-esteem and her self-worth to the point that she truly believes that she's worthless.

When Toni is placed as an intern on one of the most talented and popular race teams in NASCAR, she's overjoyed. She worked hard to earn her place on the team. All that hard work and dedication were nothing but distractions from her past. It's not until the famous driver that she's working with starts to show her interest is she forced to confront the horrors of her past.

Will Toni be able to get beyond her fears to find true love? Or will that fear run her life forever?

Julius loves racing. He loves the life and freedom it gives him. He loves living his life at 200 miles per hour. Every week he races for his life, speeding away from the demons that haunt his past and have turned his heart cold.
Can Julius find peace? Can the broken girl and the damaged boy find their way to one another?

Let me know if you're interested. You can email me at

message 4: by Nadine (new)

Nadine Travers (nadinetravers) | 1 comments Hi,

I wonder if you've interested to read a time travel romance of less 10k of word?



message 5: by Kristina (new)

Kristina Moore | 32 comments Hi Tiffany,
I have a 78k romance with some erotic pieces to enhance plot. I am looking for some general feedback to see if it will appeal to a larger audience than what I have been exposed to. I have gotten great feedback on the strength of my character development. Pls let me knw if you are interested.

message 6: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Champion June is filling fast .. msg me to get your spot

message 7: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Champion .....

message 8: by Kristina (new)

Kristina Moore | 32 comments HI Tiffany. I am currently making minor updates to the manuscript which is why I have not sent it to you yet. Will be getting it too you before too long. thanks

message 9: by Mila (new)

Mila Rossi (milarossi) | 49 comments Hi Tiffany, I just sent you a message about my contemporary romance novella. Thank you so much! Mila Rossi

message 10: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Gehris (lizziesmith) | 5 comments Hi Tiffany- would you be interested in a paranormal romance? I'm in the polishing stage of an epic length novel (that I'm trying to condense) and I need commentary on flow and plot. Thank you in advance for your time.

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