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Share tounges, eat freshkill, and chat here.

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Darkpaw struts into the clearing and places his fish on the freshkill pile. Frostpaw walks up to the pile, wanting to get some food. She blushes as she sees Darkpaw and smiles shyly.

"That's a big fish, Darkpaw," she says softly.

Darkpaw's chest puffs out. He smiles proudly and says, "Thanks, Frostpaw. I'm sure glad I caught it!" He turns and gives Frostpaw a fleeting glance over his shoulder. "I'll see you in the apprentice den!"

Frostpaw sighs and stares after him. She picks up a small fish from the fresh-kill pile and lies down in a secluded corner. She finishes the fish slowly, her eyes glazed like she is thinking. Then Frostpaw gets up and pads into the apprentice den.

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Lightpaw pads into the clearing, hungry after attempting to memorize all the herbs that Dapplemoon put before her. She spotted dark paw and decided to go and talk to him. Lightpaw sonly walks to the freshkill pile and chooses a mouse. Then, she walks over to Darkpaw. She sees that he is accompanied by Frostpaw.

"Why hello there Frostpaw and dark paw. how has been your day?" Lightpaw smiles toward the two other apprentices.

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Frostpaw gives Lightpaw a quick dip of her head. She smiles quickly and says, "I'm great. How are you coming on with Dapplemoon?"

Darkpaw gives Lightpaw a grin. "I caught a huge fish! Willowstar is teaching me well."

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Lightpaw beams. "Oh Darkpaw thats great! I can't believe you caught a huge fish! I'm not really allowed to hunt, though. rarely. I'm too busy learning all the herbs and medicine and all that Medicine Cat stuff. Dapplemoon is really working me to the best. Every since Ravenleaf died, she is getting worried she might die in however long she thinks and she needed an apprentice. I seemed worthy, so yeah." Lightpaw grabs a tiny bird and heads to a shaded spot with Frostpaw and Darkpaw. "How are your trainings going? i bet they're amazing!"

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Frostpaw smiles happily. "Lilydawn is teaching me well. I'm learning how to catch food! But today we worked on fight moves."

Darkpaw laughs. "I could never be a medicine cat! I'm too active than that. But I'm sure glad I can hunt now. The elders will sure be happy with all the food."

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Lightpaw excalims "That's great! hey, maybe later, want to go hunting? Dapplemoon set me free to do whatever I want. That is, if you two aren't busy." Lightpaw eyes them with a little spark in her eye.

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Frostpaw nods enthusiastically. "Sure!"

Darkpaw, however, looks down at his half-eaten fish. "I don't know if I can get away. I mean, Willowstar was a bit annoyed when I was late today." He winces.

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"How much was this… bit?" Frostpaw asks, concerned.

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"A lot. I think." Darkpaw hesitates. "But maybe… maybe… what about in two days, at sunhigh? Maybe I can ask to go with you guys then."

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Lightpaw looks disappointed. "Oh, I can't. Dapplemoon is ever so strict. She only lets me out once in a while. Sorry, but I must pass. Maybe in a few moons. But I must go." Lightpaw turns away swiftly and coldly and pads off to the freshkill pile.

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"What was that about?" Frostpaw asks Darkpaw worriedly. "Do you think something's bothering her?"

Darkpaw gives an almost imperceptible nod. "Probably. You should see to it. You know, since you're her best friend." The two cat's eyes catch each other and they look away, blushing, with small smiles.

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Lightpaw runs away. "I shouldn't do that." SHe thought to herself. "They're my friends. I shouldn't abandon them." But her heart told her to not turn back. Tears sprang to her eyes, and her body grew limp. She ran and ran all the way to the border with ShadowClan. Now, she was far away from her pain and worries. No one can hear her. Lightpaw screeched into the trees, her cries taking up whatever space was available.

silverineAlchemist Willowstar strolls up to the clearing, and begins to climb the rock, not many cats are gathered there yet, she lays down and decides to rest in the sun a bit before the gathering.

silverineAlchemist Willowstar wakes up from her nap, she look up and frowns the sun's position hasn't changed since she layer down. She decided to go to the apprentices den to ask the cats about training and accomplishments.

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Briarflower scampers into the clearing, her tail up. She was pleased about how her apprentice, Rosepaw, was doing. She sees Willowstar and yowls a greeting.

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Darkpaw saunters in lazily, drowsiness licking at his eyelids and body. He lays down on a sunny rock and starts to lick himself. As Briarflower enter the clearing, he sees a water vole scampering across the clearing. Leaping from the rock, he races for the rodent. Darkpaw's leap carries him to the vole and his strong jaws snap around the vole's neck. However, the leap carries him a bit too far and he tumbles head- over- heels, crashing into Willowstar. "Sorry, Willowstar," he mumbles sheepishly, his mouth full of the scent of vole.

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gina | 38 comments Rippletail, who had emerged from the leader's den after her fruitless attempt to talk to Willowstar, spots Darkpaw with a sheepish look on her face and a mouthful of vole.

"Hey Darkpaw!" she mewed. "You wanna share some of that vole with me? I'm starving!"

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"Sure!" Darkpaw gives Rippletail a huge grin. "It's fresh." The mouthwatering scent of vole fills Darkpaw's mouth, the warmth from the still body filling his mouth.

"I think I'm ready to become a warrior soon," he says to Rippletail. "I hope so, at least." He blinks at the warrior, dropping the vole at her feet. "Well, I have to go see Frostpaw now, so bye!" Darkpaw's tail disappears into the apprentice den as he scampers away.

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gina | 38 comments "Bye, I guess…" Rippletail mutters. For some reason, her pelt is hot with embarrassment. She bites into the vole, and smiles faintly. Darkpaw was right. It was fresh, and delicious.

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Frostpaw skitters into the clear and sits down on a rock after the disastrous event at the river. A moment later Darkpaw settles down next to her and begins to lick her. The two start sharing tongues.

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Frostpaw hung her head as Darkpaw gently licked it. "Inkpaw know now, doesn't she? I'm an idiot. I'll never be a warrior."

"Hey," Darkpaw countered. "Don't bring yourself down. You're just afraid of the water because it almost killed you. But we'll work on your fear day and night! And Inkpaw would never tell."

Frostpaw looked up. "Really?"

"Really." Darkpaw smiled.

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Dragonmoon257 "Frostpaw, I'm sorry, I really…" Inkpaw stopped her soft purring after seeing the shocking sight. Darkpaw and Frostpaw were sharing tongues. Shaking herself out of the shock, Inkpaw stepped back. Ah, romance, she thought, smiling. Someday I will have love too.

It was time for her to go, so she pushed her paw into a leaf and inconspicuously slid it next to Frostpaw, who would immediately recognize the apology. Inkpaw would go back to the den. It was getting late.

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Briarflower looked at Sunkit and Inkpaw. "Choose something quickly and try to eat fast. We haven't practiced in some time and I want to go over as much as I can." sitting down, Briarflower hurried herself to eat the gray squirrel.

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Dragonmoon257 Inkpaw looked at Sunkit knowingly, and they both mewed, "Medicine Cat Den," at the same time.

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Briarflower watched as the two sisters walked around, testing each other. She purred.

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Lightpaw walked out of the medicine cat den, her steps light. "Almost a warrior." She muttered to herself. She was giddy with happiness. Lightpaw walked to the forest. "We'll go around the forest and go collecting some herbs. They're some that we need to go deeper into the forest near the thunder path, but Dapplemoon and I will go there."

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Dragonmoon257 Inkpaw nodded. "Sure, Lightpaw." Sunkit nodded and grinned. "Herb collecting! Yes! I love this."

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((sorry for late response))

Lightpaw nodded. "Great! Okay, you two will look for Beeth Leaves and Blackberry leaves. I'm going to go look for some other leaves." With that, she turned away.

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Dragonmoon257 Sunkit turned to Inkpaw. "Come on, let's go!" she bounded off. Inkpaw followed her, happy that her sister was enjoying herself.

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This is going to be a couple hours later

After a couple of hours, when the sun lowered down its position, Lightpaw yowled for the other two cats. "Let's go. It's time to head back to camp." she said with her mouth full of leaves. She started to move toward the direction of the camp.

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Dragonmoon257 Once Inkpaw and Sunkit had collected all the herbs, they raced back to Dapplemoon so that they could get to the river in time to see Frostpaw.

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Lightpaw bounced up and done. She turned to the other cats. "Thank you so much for heaping. We could drop these off at the Medicine Cat Den." she smiled, then raced to Dapplemoon's den.

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Cedarstrike stretched as he trotted out of the Warriors den. Deciding to go hunting, the handsome tom looked around, then set out at a fast pace to the border. Thrushclaw had said their had been a few mice and voles scurrying near their, so Cedarstrike had decided to go check it out.

He himself was a rather odd Riverclan cat, as he preferred hunting land animals than water. Cedarstrike, his eyes fixed on the camp enterence, darted out quickly, his tail tucked near his hind leg to keep it from slowing him down even a second.

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Cedarstrike trotted in, his eyes aglow and sweat beading on his glistening fur. The tom was carrying two pieces of prey, neither of which were any type of fish at all. I fast, they were voles. After carefully setting them on the fresh kill pile, whitch was pitifully low, after all, it was leafbare, Cedarstrike slid over to the edge of camp and peered around through the slightly hazy fog that had settled on the camp. The male let out a small, sneeze and shivered. He lapped at his pelt, trying to warm up. I can't wait for newleaf... He thought absentmindedly as he studied his clan that whom he had worked so hard to care for and protect.

His mind began to wander about what the future would hold for him. As any young cat, Cedarstrike as an apprenticed had wanted badly to be leader. Although this feeling may fade with others, it's tug only grew stronger as he got older, the calm ambition rising slowly but surely. He knew that Willowstar would only pick a deputy if her current one passed away or retired, but Cedarstrike could think of no way to dot his without harming Riverclan's loyal deputy. And to think of harming the kind cat brought another shiver to his thin body, but not from the cold...well, mayby a small part of it from the dense, cold air, but the usually cold caused shiver came mostly from the thought of the second-in-command fatally injured.

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Laceclaw moved around, his pelt shining, making it look golden and sleek and shiny. Sighing, he went and got a mouse from the fresh-kill pile. Sitting down, he saw Cedarstrike wandering around. "Hello, Cedarstrike." he said.

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Cedarstrike tugged a burr out of his fur with his sharp teeth. He was thinking about doing a patrol and was wondering if any cat was up for it. Then, hearing Laceclaw, the dark furred tom smiled back. "Oh, hullo Laceclaw. Would you like to run a quick border patrol?"

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Laceclaw looked at Cedarstrike. "I would love to! I've got nothing to do all day and I would love to stretch out my legs. They feel like bags of sand." Quickly gulping down the mouse, he got up.

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The Moon Rider (auroragerberyahoocom) | 36 comments Running as fast as she could Moonspirit caught up to Cedarstrike in the camp clearing.
"Cedarstrike!" Moonspirit said enthusiastically through gasps. "Hi! Finally... caught up to... you." She coughed through gasps. All of a sudden, Moonspirit collapsed on to the ground, struggling for breath. Her lungs felt dried and tightened. Moonspirit couldn't breathe. She needed help... and fast!

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Laceclaw bounded toward Moonspirit. She seemed as if she couldn't breath. Whirring, he told Cedarstrike "Quickly! Go get the medicine cat. We need help!" he said as he tried to Moonspirit.

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The Moon Rider (auroragerberyahoocom) | 36 comments Moonspirit gasped for air, starting to see spots in the sky.
'This is it,' Moonpirit thought sadly of how she would die. She had planned on dying of old age, not young body.

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Cedarstrike nodded. "Let's go-" he stopped mid sentence as he saw Moonspirit. "Ear, hi Moonspirit." He said, slightly startled at the she-cats sudden appearence. Then his orbs widens as she collapsed. Rushing to her side, he bent down, pressing his paw to her chest and began to stroke her side comfortingly. He heard Laceclaw tell him to get the medicine cat and he nodded. "I'll go get Dapplemoon!" The young tom hared away to the medicine cat den.

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Laceclaw quickly put his nose to Moonspirit's fur. "You'll be okay, Cedarstrike is going to get Dapplemoon! Stay in there!" He said frantically.

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The Moon Rider (auroragerberyahoocom) | 36 comments "O...kay," Moonspirit gasped in a raspy voice. Panic was overcoming her as she realized that she didn't have the slightest clue as to what type of sickness this was.
'You'll be okay,' Moonspirit kept telling herself, though she didn't quite believe herself.

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Laceclaw looked wildly around for Dapplemoon. He didn't want to lose another cat, not while there was snow coming and more deaths on hand. "Do you know where it hurts or what happened?" he asked Moonspirit.

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The Moon Rider (auroragerberyahoocom) | 36 comments Moonspirit weakly shook her head to indicate that she didn't know what had happened or where it should hurt. She was numb with lack of breath.

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Laceclaw sat down next to Moonspirit. "You know what? Just-stay alive." Where was Dapplemoon and Cedarstrike? He cursed in his head.

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The Moon Rider (auroragerberyahoocom) | 36 comments Moonspirit nodded as good as possible.
Suddenly, there was a bright light, brighter than the sun in fact.
" Moonspirit ," said a very light figure. 'StarClan!' Moonspirit thought, panic rising to her throat. 'Oh, no.
" Don't worry ," it said, though it sounded like a male. " I'm not here to take you, dear, only to give a message.
"You must seek out the golden young fellow and make a strong bond that will last forever. This is going to be the future you want, I promise, my daughter.
As he disappeared, Moonspirit recognized the voice from long ago. "Father," she said in a weak voice. "I promise to take on Cedarstrike and make him my mate."

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