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Myst | 734 comments Each book will have it's own section in numerical order for pages.

House of the Rising Sun (Dark Bites)
-July 20, 12,252BC, Caleb Malphas is already alive (pg 3)
-Cthonians got crossed up and have been going at each other’s throats for about a year (pg 7)
-Apollites already exist (pg 11)
-Aricles is 20 on the above date in july (pg 12)
-Caleb is older than Bathymaas (pg 18)
-April 4, 12,250BC - Bathymaas is centuries old (pg 46)
-Jan 25, 12,248BC - Bathymaas is tricked into killing Aricles when Leto turned him into a golden deer (pg 82)
-Jan 3, 12,247BC - Bathymaas is reborn with half a heart after she nearly destroyed the greek pantheon, the gods and Cthonians had to unite and laid a death sentence on her if she hadn’t been reborn without memory of who she’d been, Symfora’s her ‘mother’ (pg 84)

The Beginning
-7382 BCE
-Simi’s only 3k years old
-Ash’s been ignoring Artie for 2k years

The Dream Hunter
**Geary and family search for Atlantis, takes place over 6 days + 1 month**
-Starts in 1990 (pg 1)
-Megeara Saatsakis is 24 (pg 1)
-Geary changed her last name from Kafieri to Sattsakis 8 years previously (pg 4)
-Gearys dad found a komboloi on 9/1/87 (pg 6)
-Geary’s dad found coins on 7/10/85 (pg 7)
-The actual trip to search for Atlantis starts in 1996 (pg 11)
-Tory is 15 in 96 (pg 14)
-Arik is centuries old (pg 34), older than ZT (pg 212)
-Wink is one of the oldest gods (pg 31)
-Solin chased for centuries through dreams (pg 33)
-Kat worked for Geary’s dad from time to time, as well as Geary’s excursion (pg 75)
-Thousands of years ago Kat bound herself to Apollymi (pg 186)
-ZT is 27,542 years old (pg 212)
-M’Adoc goes into custody to help Zarek as punishment (pg 299)
-Kat leaves Geary to protect Cassandra (pg 339)
-Geary’s pregnant (pg 339)

Phantom Lover (Dark Bites)
-V’Aidan was a young child at the dawn of time (pg 105)
-2 years after V’Aidan becomes human pass (pg 155)
-V’Aidan & Erin have a 3 month old baby, Emma (pg 155)

Fantasy Lover
**Julian trapped in a book meets Grace, takes place over 1 month + 1 year**
-been 4 years since Grace last had sex (pg 5)
-august (pg 13)
-selena’s been married for 2 years to bill (pg 14)
-grace is 29 (pg 15)
-Julian is over 2k years old (pg 37)
-Julian was last summoned in 1895 (pg 40)
-Julian was cursed into being a sex slave in 149BC (pg 40)
-Currently 2002 (pg 49)
-Grace was 24 when her parents died (pg 52)
-Cupid and Priapus are older than Julian (pg 106, 119)
-Kyrian of Thrace died in 147BC (pg 199)
-Julian disappeared without a trace when he was 32 (pg 200)
-Julian was 23 when Kyrian was assigned to his command, Kyrian was barely 20 (pg 222)
-Grace has had her office in the current building for 4 years (pg 246)
-Aphrodite locked herself in her temple grieving after Zeus refused to give Julian ambrosia for 14 years (pg 287)
-Grace has the twins 1 year after the curse is broken

Night Pleasures
**Desiderius tries to kidnap Amanda, main part of the story set over 9 days + 7 months to epilogue**
-set during winter, starts on a cold Sunday afternoon (pg 3), November (pg 11)
-Grace & Julian’s second pregnancy/third child due March 1, Amanda’s 26 (pg 5)
-Tab set Amanda up on a blind date with Crocodile Mitch 4 years previously (pg 9)
-Kyrian is 2182 years old, bday in July (pg 58)
-Grace’s baby due in 9 weeks (pg 65)
-Kyrian was 22 when he met Theone (pg 76)
-Desiderius is about 250 years old (pg 90)
-Amanda dated Cliff for about a year (pg 101)
-Kyrian hadn’t spoken to his father in 7 years (pg 152)
-Nick is 24 (pg 186)
-Nick’s dad died in a prison riot in Angola 11 years ago (pg 187)
-Nick’s pre-law at Loyola (pg 188)
-Kyrian told nick what he was when nick graduated HS (pg 189)
-Amanda gets married to Kyrian 7 months after they got his soul back (pg 303), she's 6 weeks pregnant at the time of the wedding (pg 307)
-Grace’s twins are 3 years old (pg 304)

DH Xmas
-1901 Gallagher born
-at age 15 in 1916 Gallagher went to work for Ally Malone
-Feb 11, 1924 Gallagher met Rosalie
-June 17, 1925 Gallagher married Roaslie
-1934? Gallagher turned into a DH, days before his 33rd birthday
-2004? 70 years after Gallagher turned, he goes to Sanctuary for xmas
-occurs between when Kyrian retires, but before Talon meets Sunshine
-momma lo peltier close to 800 years old
-Gallagher is 100+ years old
-Amanda missed the gathering due to morning sickness

Night Embrace
**Bacchus and Camulus use Styxx to try and end the world, story set over 10 days**
-Talon was turned into a DH in 558AD (pg 1-5)
-Sunshine is 29 (pg 23)
-The threshold during NE is weak enough to breach & release the Atlantean Destroyer, it's been 600 years since the threshold had been weak enough, the next occurrence is in 800+ years (pg 30)
-NE takes place during Mardi Gras (which is typically held at the end of February)
-30 years before NE, Styxx hadn't had a hope of dying (pg 30)
-Sunshine was married to Jerry for 2 years, 4 months, 22 days (pg 162)
-Ash was born in 9548BC (11,551 years old) (pg 230)
-Centuries ago Hades had relegated Ash to Katoteros (pg 245)
-Katagaria were created about 9kyears ago (pg 295)
-Sunshine was married to Jerry 7 years before NE starts (pg 323)
-Marissa is 3 weeks old (pg 353)
-Amanda met Ash just over a year ago (pg 354)
-Kyrian knew Ash for 2100 years (pg 355)
-3 months after Mardi Gras, Talon & Sunshine move in together

Dance with the Devil
**Zarek being hunted by Thanatos, set over (approx) 7 days**
-Starts day after Mardi Gras (pg 1)
-Ash set himself up as the buffer between DH’s and Artie (pg 3)
-Zarek’s been in Alaska for 900 years (pg 18)
-About 10 years ago Zarek made a deal with Sharon for a friendly face (pg 28)
-Zarek was unconscious in Astrid’s “house” for 4 days (pg 38)
-is 2k years old (pg 65)
-Zarek was 26 when he died (pg 77)
-Astrid is centuries old (pg 88)
-Sasha is 400 years old (pg 90)
-Simi is 11k+ years old (pg 180)
-7000 years ago the first Thanatos was created (pg 312)
-Second Thanatos was created about 900 years ago (made from the husband of a victim of the 1st Thanatos) (pg 301)
-the first Thanatos was created about 7,000 years ago (pg 312)

Kiss of the Night
**Cassandra tries to survive being the last Apollite & finds Wulf, set over 1 month 2 days?**
-10,500BC Clieto was sent to Apollo, he fell in love with her and fathered 5 sets of twins (pg 3)
-Apollymi is preg with Archon's (uh huh?) child, with the help of her sister she births her son prematurely and hid him in the mortal world (pg 4)
-9548BC, Apollo switched his baby in the Atlantean queens womb, Artie helped take his real son home to Delphi to be raised with Apollo's priestesses (pg 6)
-21 years after Apollo's "son" was sacrificed, Ryssa and Apollo had a son and the Atlantean queen ordered them dead, Ryssa was 27 (pg 7)
-in 2003, there's only 1 Apollite child left who bears Apollo's blood (pg 7)
-KotN starts in Feb 2003 (pg 8)
-Cass is 26 years and 4 months old (pg 12)
-Chris is 21 (pg 29)
-same Feb as when NE is going on) (pg 41)
-Kat’s been Cass’s bodyguard for the past 5 years (pg 57)
-Stryker is 11k years old (pg 97)
-Ash was a DH for 2k years before the next was made (pg 119)
-Wulf is 1200 years old (pg 166)
---Apollites gestate babies in approx. 20 weeks
-Zarek and Talon both get their souls back (pg 200)
-Urian is over 11k years old (pg 240)
-Kat is over 11k years old (pg 272)
-Spring thaw had started (pg 321)
-Baby Marissa’s arrived (pg 323)
-3 years after KotN Cass is pregnant again

Night Play
**Bride and Talon meet during the 2003 Mardi Gras hijinks of NE, DwtD, KotN, takes place over 8 months + 3ish weeks**
-2003 Mardi Gras (pg 5)
-8 months after mardi gras is when story really starts up (pg 18)
-Bride dated Taylor for 5 years before he broke up with her (pg 19)
-Vane and Fang were laying low at Sanctuary for past 8 months (pg 21)
-Cherise’s bday is in oct? (pg 56)
-Nick is 26 years old (pg 58)
-Vane is 460 years old (pg 58)
-Kyle Peltier is nick’s age (pg 58)
-Vane has 3 weeks to convince Bride to be his mate (pg 60)
-Marissa’s an infant (pg 94), learning to stand (pg 98)
-Thanksgiving has arrived (pg 302) (thursday nov. 27, 2003)

Winter Born (Dark Bites)
-Dante is at least 200 years old (pg 163)
-Leo and Mike are 60 years old (pg 164)
-Pandora is 24 (pg 168)
-Lucas (panther from the future?) was almost 400 years old when Pandora was kidnapped to the past (pg 177)
-Dante’s had his club almost 30 years (pg 195)
-Dante left the twins home once and they time jumped themselves from 2002 to 1432 instead of 2065 where they wanted to go (pg 196)

Seize the Night
**Tabby & Valerius + Desiderius‘s ghost, takes place over approx 19 days**
-Is in October (pg 4)
-Selena's had her stand in the square since 1986 (pg 10)
-Tab's been going to see movies with Ash for the past 2 years (pg 12)
-Tabby knew Ash for 3 years before StN (pg 17)
-StN takes place 3 years after the events of NP (pg 23)
-Almost 3 years since Tab broke up with Eric (pg 53)
-Valerius is 2100+ years old (pg 59)
-Occurs after Zarek was made a god (pg 71)
-Occurs after Vane and Bride hook up (pg 109)
-Nick and Simi hook up (pg 139)
-Retta’s husband was turned into a DH around 1480 (pg 175)
-Spathi commander Allegra is 9k years old (pg 232)
-Amanda’s pregnant again (pg 242)
-Xedrix vanished from Kalosis when Dionysus & Camulus tried to realease Apollymi
-pg 285 Nick kills himself, pg 286 Artie worries what to do & worries about Lucifer taking Nick’s soul
-weeks pass before Tab learns what drains Vals powers, then months pass until Kyrian & co. kill Val to allow his soul to return to him; the main story ends during the summer (pg 315)
-4 months later (fall?) Val and Tab get married (pg 317)
-Astrid is pregnant, due in 2 weeks (pg 318)
-the book ends 1 year later (pg 324) {2006?}

Sins of the Night
**Alexion & Dangerous, takes place over 7 days**
-Alexion went to live with Ash & Simi 9k years ago (pg 11)
-Been years since NP (pg 33)
-A few months after StN (pg 37)
-Danger’s 200 years old (pg 181)
-Xirena is older than Simi (pg 198)
-Ash met Savitar about 300 years after he ‘saved’ Ias from shadedom (pg 275)
-Viper’s almost 500 years old (pg 285)
-pg 295 - everything in the universe is realigning & changing

Unleash the Night
**Wren & Maggie, takes place over 12 days + 1 month**
-more than 2k years before the sorcerer king made were-hunters, Apollo cursed the Apollites (pg 1)
-is 6 months to the day that Nick and Cherise died (pg 5) {So April-ish 2005}
-the study group Nick was part of was formed 3 years ago (pg 7)
-Wrens been at Sanctuary for almost 20 years (pg 47)
-Selena’s got her store in the quarter (pg 79)
-Wren caught Aimee & Fang about to kiss a week ago (pg 96)
-Fang went to Sanctuary about 1.5 years ago (pg 123)
-Fang came around during a thanksgiving celebration (pg 124)
-Dante’s married to Pandora & she‘s about to deliver a litter (pg 168)
-Leo (arc. bear) has sat on the Omegrion Council for 982 years (pg 176)
-Wren’s 45 (pg 180)
-Marguerite was born Aug 6, 1981 (pg 241)
-Bill Laurens 21 in 1981 (pg 242)
-is currently 2005 (pg 274)
-1 month after the main story ends Wren and Maggie get married (pg 325)
-Bride and Vane have an infant son (p 325)

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Myst | 734 comments Dark Side of the Moon
**Ravyn and Susan, takes place over 3 days + 2 weeks**
-in 1673 Ravyn Kontis turned into a DH (pg 2)
-main story starts in 2006 (pg 3)
-2.5 years ago in Nov. Susan almost died and lost credibility as a reporter (pg 6)
-june 3, 2006 Ravyn gets caught by Apollites (pg 7/11)
-a year ago Stryker was lying to DH’s & trying to get them to turn on Ash; Danger/Alexion’s book (pg 76)
-Ravyn might’ve been born in 304BC (pg 88)
-About 18 months ago Nick & his mom died (pg 90)
-Ravyn’s known Cael almost 300 years (pg 104)
-Amaranda turns 26 in a few weeks (pg 114)
-Cael & Amaranda have been married for 4 years (pg 115)
-Ash is spending a week with Artie for releasing Danger’s soul (pg 135)
-Susan is somewhere under 35 (pg 170)
-Been about 2 years since Nick disappeared (died) (pg 184)
-Currently June 3, 2006 (pg 185)
-New Orleans was hit dead on with a category 3 hurricane about 9 months ago (pg 228)
-Cael’s wife’s 27th death day is Aug 14, 2007 (pg 232)
-Dori & Terra mated for 75 years (pg 245)
-Cael met Ash first on Sept 15, 904 (pg 280)
-Ravyn is at least 600 years old (pg 315)
-Nick binds himself to Stryker (pg 333)

A Hard Day’s Night Searcher (Dark Bites)
-Jeff Brinks is 23 (pg 303)
-Rafael is 300+ years old (pg 306)
-Set after Nick turned DH (pg 307)
-Ephani is 3k+ years old (pg 307)
-Celena is 25 (pg 311)
-Danger’s dead (pg 318)
-2 months pass (pg 336)

Until Death do we Part (Dark Bites)
-in Romania in 1476 Esperetta is angry at Velkan for killing her father
-main part of the story starts in 2006

Fear the Darkness (Dark Bites)
-Starts in 2007 (pg 411)
-going on 2 years since Katrina (pg 411)
-Amanda has a baby boy (pg 420)
-3 weeks ago Satara seduced Kratos to turn from DrH to Skotos

Devil May Cry (HC)
**Sin and Kat, Gallu demon introduction, takes place over 10 days + 1 month**
-Sin was born a god in the time before mankind even recorded history (pg 1)
-Fought a bloody war with other gods for centuries (pg 1)
-Ash is spending 3 more days with Artie (pg 6)
-Wulf and Cassandra have a son and daughter (pg 11)
-The Kerir or Reckoning was coming at midnight on New Years Eve (pg 19)
-11k years ago there had been designated warriors sanctioned by the Sumerian gods who had been trained to fight the gallu (pg 20)
-new years is in 3 weeks (pg 20)
-3k years ago the greek gods disposed of almost every member of Sin’s family (pg 27)
-Kish is almost 3k years old (pg 28)
-3 years ago Stryker started to turn against Apollymi (pg 47)
-Artie remembers trying to tell Ash he had a daughter shortly after Kat was born (pg 120/121)
-Sin was banned from his wife’s bed for centuries (pg 151)
-Zakar’s been trapped with Gallus for centuries (pg 167)
-Kish has been with Sin for a few thousand years give or take a decade or 2 (pg 239)
-Story ends 1 month later (pg 307)
-Kat implies she may be pregnant (pg 308)

Upon the Midnight Clear
**Takes place over approx 4 days + 1 year**
-Donnie’s been in jail for 2 years (pg 4)
-Dolar and Leta have been asleep for centuries (pg 7)
-M’Adoc’s older than Leta (pg 14)
-Aidan’s been alone for Xmas for 3 years in a row (pg 49)
-Has been almost 2k years since Leta put Dolor in stasis (pg 160)
-Deimos is a billion or so years old (pg 184)
-Takes place days before Christmas (pg 238)
-1 year passes, Leta & Aidan got married on Valentine’s day (pg 246)
-July 23rd is when Aidan & Leta’s baby is due (pg 247)

Holiday Gathering (back of UaMC)
-set during Christmas 2007 (pg 251)
-Aimee & Fang have yet to be mated (pg 255)
-Alexion allows Styxx to join Ash for xmas (pg 275)
-Kat & Sin are expecting their baby (pg 281)

Dream Chaser
-Xypher’s been in a cell for centuries (pg 2)
-Starts in feb 2008 (pg 4)
-Julian & Grace have 4 kids, 1 of which is a toddler (pg 55)
-Xypher’s been sleeping on ice-cold dirt for 700 years (pg 159)
-there is a Charonte clan established in New Orleans run by demons who escaped Kalosis when Dion tried to let Apollymi escape several years earlier (pg 268)
-Kat is ‘obviously’ pregnant (pg 330)

Acheron (HC)
-May 9, 9548BC - Apollymi’s racing to save her baby from Archon’s wrath (pg 3)
-Apollymi had tried for centuries to conceive Archon’s child (pg 4)
-June 23, 9548BC - Ryssa’s 7 when Styxx & Ash are born (pg 14)
-Aug 30, 9541BC - Ash is taken to Atlantis by Estes (pg 18)
-Nov 3, 9532BC - 9 years since Ryssa last saw Ash, the first time she rescued him (pg 20)
-Nov 18, 9532BC - Ryssa got Ash to the summer palace (pg 55)
-June 23, 9530BC - Ryssa’s dad finds them at the summer palace (wrong year) (pg 90)
-June 23 9530BC - Been 1 year since Ash was sent back to Atlantis from summer palace (pg 95)
-Sept 19 9529BC - Estes died (pg 97)
-Sept 26 9529BC - Xerxes realizes what Estes has turned Ash into (pg 100)
-May 17 9529BC - Ash has been working in a stew for several months (pg 107)
-Aug 29, 9529BC - Ryssa has been declared to be a sacrifice to Apollo (pg 115)
-June 23, 9529BC - Ash was arrested several months ago (pg 119)
-Oct 22, 9529BC - Ash was in Xerxes’s basement for almost a year (pg 125)
-Dec 11, 9529BC - Ryssa is sold to Apollo (pg 142)
--Ash meets Artie (pg 148)
-Jan 12, 9528BC - Artie asks Ash for full penetration intercourse & he refuses (pg 199)
-Jan 26, 9528BC - Artie & Ash have sex (while Ash is drunk) & then she blamed him for taking her virginity (pg 205)
-Feb 13, 9528BC - Ryssa’s pregnant & Styxx has announced he’s marrying Nefertari (pg 228)
-Sept 14, 9528BC - Ryssa goes into labor (pg 269)
-June 22 9527BC - Styxx is due to marry his Princess of Thebes in 2 weeks (pg 320)
-June 23 9527BC - Xiamara delivers the sfora with Ash’s god powers (pg 330)
-Simi’s almost 3k years old (pg 332)
-June 24, 9527BC - Apollymi tries to get Jaden to help protect Ash (pg 347)
--Ash and Artie have sex (Kat’s conception?) (pg 351)
-Xiamara & Apollymi have been together since childhood (pg 356)
-June 25, 9527BC Artie drugs Ash & almost tries to kill him (pg 357/358)
--Ryssa & Apollodorus are murdered (pg 361)
-The Fates arrived on Olympus a decade ago (pg 379)
--Artie resurrects Ash (pg 383)
-June 30, 9527BC - Savitar introduces himself to Ash (pg 393)
--Takeshi trains Ash how to fight (pg 400)
-April 10, 9526BC - Artie bungles telling Ash he’s a dad (pg 407)
-Oct 21, 2008 - Modern part of the story begins (pg 431)
-Geary found Atlantis in 1995 (pg 437)
-2008, Styxx is able to visit Ash (pg 552)
-Urian has a niece and at least 2 nephews (pg 555)
-Tabitha is pregnant (pg 604)
-Ash first met Tory when she was 7 in 1988, Theo was playing chess with Ash (pg 623)
-3 months later Ash & Tory get married (pg 717)
-Kat’s had her daughter (pg 719)

Where Angels Fear to Tread (Dark Bites)
-Michael’s been the Seraphi for centuries (pg 439)

Shadow of the Moon
-Vane took Fury in during the summer of ‘04 (pg 343)
-Fury is 4 years younger than Angelia
-Bride and Vane’s boy is 2 years old (pg 371)
-Bride being kidnapped by Vane’s mom was 4 years ago (pg 372)

One Silent Night
-Takes place around Xmas, Ash is with Tory (pg 16)
-Ash is planning to marry Tory in a few weeks (pg 28)
-Zephyra took refuge in 1 of Artie’s sanctuaries before Apollo cursed the Apollites (pg 28), is 11k years old (pg 29)
-Jared is being held by Medea & Zephyra (pg 46)
-Apollo’s curse struck on Medea’s 6th birthday (pg 73)
-”He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been freed. From the sensation of his still muscles, it felt like centuries and it probably was.” (Jared) (pg 99)
-Zephyra was 14 when she had Medea (pg 104)
-Took Sav 2 decades to recover from the wounds War gave him (pg 113)
-Zephyra got ahold of Jared from a gallu demon, she traded her soul to allow Medea’s life force to be tied to her own (pg 150)

Dream Warrior
-prologue takes place approx. 6k years ago (pg 9)
-main story starts in 2009 (pg 9)
-Delphine is centuries old (pg 27)
-Azura is one of the original gods of the universe (pg 28)
-Phobos is 10k years old (pg 39)
-Rielle is a little over 2k years old (pg 45)
-M’Ordant dumped Jericho in a Spartan prison camp 100 years after he was stripped of his powers (pg 97)
-in the 15th century D’Alerian put Jericho into a Turkish prison (pg 97)
-centuries ago Adarian went into hiding (pg 159)
-the gallu were with Stryker until a few months ago (pg 162)
-Leta and Aidan have a toddler (pg 309)

Bad Moon Rising (HC)
-starts in Jan 2003 (pg 5)
-Nicolette is approaching 800 (pg 10)
-a few months pass from when Wren was on Jean-Luc’s boat & after Fang’s possession gets worse (pg 280)
-Sanctuary’s license is revoked for 6 months (pg 287)
-Bride’s pregnant again (pg 288)
-Sav revokes Sanctuary’s license for good (pg 314)
-a week after Sanctuary’s license is pulled Eli’s pack and the slug demons descent on Sanctuary; momma and papa peltier die (pg 318-331)
-1 week after the fight a daimon walks in the sunlight asking when Sanctuary will be open again (pg 335/336)
-3 weeks after the fight Aimee and Fang mate (pg 338)

No Mercy (HC)
-occurs after Nicolette’s death (pg 2)
-Dev is 200+ years old (pg 6)
-Samia is 5k ears old (pg 21)
-Tory is 3 months pregnant (pg 72)
-Artie’s tied Nick to her (pg 164)
-3 months pass (pg 341)
-Sanctuary’s license is reinstated (pg 342)

Retribution (HC)
-Sundown was 26 in 1873 (pg 1)
-Sundown meets Abagail 138 years later (2011) (pg 15)
-Sin’s kid is a toddler (pg 49)
-Tory’s in labor (pg 90)
-Zarek has a son and daughter (pg 94)
-Sin was a DH until about 4 years ago (pg 172)
-Snake and Coyote are centuries old (pg 175)
-Sunny’s pregnant (pg 266)
-Geary is about to have a baby too (pg 402)
-April 16, 2011 Tory has her baby boy, Sebastos Eudorus Parthenopaeus (pg 412)

The Guardian
-Lydia is over 1000 years old (pg 10)
-the key holds the only thing that can kill the Olympian gods & destroy their entire existence; it contains the blood of the 3 races Zeus, Apollo and the Fates had wrongfully condemned and punished. Blood that was mixed with that of an Atlantean goddess who had cursed them when they killed her son. The story of the key is over 11k years old (pg 72/73)
-Seth’s been locked away for 3k+ years (pg 128)
-Seth made a pact with Adarian to set Adarian free. Adarian was supposed to return and set Seth free and didn’t, Noir punished Seth for over 1k years for that (pg 168)
-it took a year of Noir torturing (name) to learn about only Solin knowing where the key is (pg 173)
-Fang and Aimee are running Sanctuary (pg 209)
-Carson’s been practicing medicine for about 100 years (pg 221)
-Seth hasn’t been in the human realm since the first Neferkare was pharoh around 2686BC making him 4500+ years old. (pg 237)

Redemption (Dark Bites)
-Asmodeus has been free of Noir’s service for a few years (pg 554)
-Lydia’s pregnant (pg 556)

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Myst | 734 comments Time Untime
-Ren fought the Grizzly spirit for a year + 1 day in the unrecorded past (pg 2)
-Ren sold his soul to Artie after battling the grizzly
-main story starts on Dec 10, 2012 (pg 7)
-on 12/21/12 at 11:11am is when the gates holding all the banished evil away can open if the Reset doesn’t happen (pg 7-11)
-Abby’s pregnant (pg 93)
-Sunny has an infant son - Declan (pg 110)
-before recorded time, the Mayan god of the underworld and time Ahau Kin came to this realm, he was the father of the Anikutani, the Anikutani were gatekeepers charged with holding the darkest evils back from the world, keep it locked in Ahau’s underworld realm, 11 gates - 4 in USA, 7 spread worldwide, warriors were the best until Apollymi came to lay the world to waste after Ash died, 1 gate was near Atlantis, Apollymi blamed this tribe because they didn’t help her, minutes after arriving on the American shore Apollymi destroyed the Keetoowah homeland, weeks later the survivors were attacked by the 70 tribes who blamed them for Apollymi’s destruction, the main city was under the Pleiades constellation, 1 of the 7 Pleiades (Sterope) fell in love with the chief’s son (this all happens before Ren is born) (pg 122-133)
-Sterope would save the Keetoowha people if the chiefs son spent a week with her, he impregnated her, Ren was born, basically abandoned once he was a year old (pg 138-146)
-Cabeza was turned into a DH 4k years ago (pg 152)
-Ash didn’t know about Ren until 4k years ago (pg 152)
-Ren has been celibate for 11k years (pg 175)
-Ash’s baby is a year old (pg 200)
-Abby had her baby - Mikayla Laura (pg 245)
-Cabeza and Chacu’s feud is centuries old (pg 253)
-July 28, 2061, Kateri, Ren, daughter Waleli, grandkids Parker and Teri watch Sterope’s comet pass overhead (pg 373)
-Kateri and Ren had 4 sons and 4 daughters who produced 20 (soon to be 21) grandkids (pg 373/374)

Styxx (HC)
-June 19, 9548 BC Archon killed the Atlantean queen’s baby (pg 1)
--Archon killed the Atlantean queen’s baby before Apollymi had Ash (pg 5)
-June 23, 9548 BC Ash & Styxx are born (pg 7)
-Mar 10, 9543 BC Ash & Styxx are playing with toy horses (pg 9)
-Aug 30, 9541 BC Estes takes Ash to Atlantis (pg 35)
-June 18, 9537 BC Styxx buys the hair combs for Ryssa’s bd (pg 40)
-Ryssa’s birthday is on June 23 (pg 54)
-June 21, 9535 BC Styxx is sent to the Dionysus temple to cure him of “madness” (pg 58)
-June 22, 9535 BC Dionysus brings Styxx to the attention of Apollo, Styxx rebuffs Apollo (pg 61-63)
-Jan 3, 9534 BC Styxx is home from being “cleansed” of demons (pg 73)
-May 9, 9533 BC Ryssa’s maid tries to seduce Styxx & Ryssa thinks he had her (pg 90-92)
-Aug 18, 9533 BC Estes takes Styxx “hunting” with some of his special friends (pg 97)
-Sept 8, 9533 BC Styxx tries to rescue Ash) (pg 116-123)
-Oct 22, 9533 BC Styxx has been in Estes’ “care” for 6 weeks (pg 125)
-June 21, 9532 BC Xerxes finds Ash at the summer palace (pg 158)
-June 24, 9532 BC Styxx meets Bethany (pg 176)
-Aug 18, 9532 BC Styxx and Bethany have sex (pg 212)
-Sept 19, 9532 BC Styxx murders Estes (pg 228)
-Sept 26, 9532 BC Ash is ‘rescued’ from Atlantis (pg 235)
-1200 years before Styxx went to war, Didymos belonged to Atlantis (pg 301)
-Dec 11, 9529 BC Ryssa is tied to Apollo (pg 377)
-Feb 14, 9528 BC Apollo starts a year long punishment for Styxx’s hubris (pg 424)
-Jan 12, 9527 BC Styxx is returned to Didymos after his “punishment” from Apollo (pg 452)
-Feb 19, 9527 BC Ash stabs Styx (pg 488)
-Mar 23, 9527 BC Bethany tells Styxx she’s pregnant (pg 504)
-April 6, 9527 BC Galen is killed & Bethany tells Styxx & his family who she really is (pg 514-522)
-June 19, 9527 BC Set meets Styxx (pg 542)
-June 24, 9527 BC Ryssa stabs Styxx (pg 557)
-June 25, 9527 BC Ryssa & Apollodorus are murdered in the night (pg 569)
--Ash and Styxx are dead as well (pg 574)
-Jan 3, 2004 Dionysus asks Styxx to kill Ash (pg 605)
-Feb 24, 2004 Styxx stabs Ash & Artie sends Styxx to Tartarus (pg 635-640)
-Dec 1, 2007 Ash releases Styxx from Tartarus (pg 645)
-May 4, 2008 Styxx crosses the river from where Ash dumped him to Beth’s temple (pg 654)
-Oct 1, 2008 Urian finds Styxs (pg 661)
-Nov 1, 2008 Danger finds Styxx (pg 670)
-Nov 4, 2008 Ash dumps Styxx in New York (pg 685)
-Nov 20, 2008 Styxx helps save Tory (pg 694)
-Jan 19, 2009 Savitar heals Styxx (pg 709)
-Jan 24, 2009 Urian finds Styxx left NY (pg 720)
-Jan 16, 2011 Styxx finally tells Urian where he’s been living (pg 722)
-Ash is expecting a baby in april (pg 725)
-May 14, 2012 Ash’s son is a year old (pg 728)
-June 23, 2012 Simi goes to visit Styxx (pg 737)
-June 25, 2012 Ash realizes Styxx moved out of the condo, Urian tells him a few hard truths & he goes to see if Urian was telling the truth (pg 741-748)
-Tory’s pregnant again (pg 774)
-over 4k years ago Apollo & his mother used Seth to trap Set in the desert, restrict his powers so the greeks could take over the Egyptian pantheon & hand Seth over to Noir (pg 786)
-Dec 23, 2012 the Atlantean gods started to wake up & Styxx had to help put them back down, Leta is punished for a multitude of sins, Apollo is now Apollymi’s personal project
-Dec 28, 2012 Azura tells Noir about Set returning and that some prophecy is true (pg 830)
-Feb 9, 2013 Arik is asking Ash about timeline fluctuations such as Geary’s dad being alive 4 years longer than before (pg 831)
-Sept 21, 2013 Beth gives birth to her son Aricles Galen (pg 833)
-Ash has a second son Theron born in May (pg 835)

Son of No One (HC)
-1045 AD Cadegan is put into a grey hell place (pg 1)
-Cadegan is centuries old in 1045 AD (pg 2)
-Cadegan was born in 720 AD (pg 52)
-Jo had been married to Barry for 5 years and dated 2 before that (pg 59)
-centuries ago katagaria dragons were used as weapons in war (pg 209)
-when Thorn banished Cadegan, he’d had a tenuous truce with the Arelim and Seraphim (pg 244)
-Kyrian and Val have 5 kids between the 2 of them (pg 251)
-Ari turned 1 yesterday (pg 301)
-Grace and Julian have 6 kids (pg 306)
-Jo’s pregnant (pg 325)
-Jaden has a child (or more?) (pg 331)
-June 23, 2015 Cadegan and Jo’s son is born, named Drystan Eurig Cadox (pg 335)
-sometime in the past 2 days Kessar released the Scythian Guard from their slumber, on the rise of the Blood Moon (Sept 28th) they will be able to free their queen Echidna (pg 340)

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Myst | 734 comments Dragonbane (HC)
-takes place in 2015, Aimee is pregnant (pg 12)
-been about 3k years since Max saw Sera last (pg 23)
-Blaise is centuries younger than Max (pg 46)
-Max lived with Sera for 3 years (pg 52)
-Bride and Vane have a daughter - Trinity (pg 87)
-Fury and Angelia have 2 kids - Asher & Ryan (pg 87)

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Myst | 734 comments (Reserved)

message 6: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments (Reserved)

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Myst | 734 comments Random FB info for DH's

Posts to Page, April 27

I just wondering how many kids Quinn and Becca Peltier have and what their names where? Also I was also wondering if Becca and the kids are either Arcadian or Katagaria and if they will be mentioned or have a role in Dragonbane. Thanks"
-"They are Arcadian and they have six. The one she was pregnant with was named after Papa Bear (Aubert), and I'm not sure about the others. Carl MB Staff"

Posts to Page April 20:
"I'm confused. Why in Styxx Ryssa went to Atlantis to free Ash 9533 BC but its 9532 BC in Acheron?"
-As is explained on the web site there was a snafu with Acheron. The first CE didn't realize that BCE dates go backwards and since Acheron wasn't written in a single file, but was handed in by individual dated files, the CE put them in what they thought was the correct ascending order (and tried to reverse them so that they went up and not down) and ended up botching the dates completely. If you'll notice in Acheron, some of the dates aren't in order at all. They're all over the place. Sherri and several others tried to straighten it out, but with over 100 chapters in that book, it was a snarled mess and not all dates were caught and corrected in spite of the valiant effort made by a number of people. The dates in Styxx are the correct dates. Sherri wrote that one in one single file and didn't break it up into chapters as she usually does because of the lesson learned while writing Acheron. Carl MB Staff

Posts to Page April 15
Some of the fans, and I have been wondering how old Savitar is. I am confused because I thought he was super old, but in Illusion in the alternate universe he tells Nick that the Malachai war was before he was born. So my question is, was that just in the alternate universe, and if not does that make Savitar younger than Thorn? Thanks.."
-1000 BRT: The Primus Bellum begins.

12,230 BC July 18: Savitar is born.

8666 BC, June 6: Leucious (Thorn) of the Brakadians is born to Tesiah and Veru

So yes, Sav is ancient, but the PB was long before his birth.

MB Staff
-Those events in SONO took place in the 11th and 12th century AD not BC. So they're all modern events. And while Thorn rode with his father at one time, that was a different war and Malachai.

MB Staff

Posts to Page Sept 18
"Hi Carl, Bethany was re-born to Set and Syforma how long after that was Seth born?"

January 3, 12,247 BC - Bethany is born to Set and Symfora
2735 BC: Seth is born
MB Staff

-I'm curious about Valerian Magnus.
Does he count as a demigod? Or no because his mother is human, and his father is only a half god?
Would he count as a quarter-god as opposed to a demi god?
How old is Valerian now? His profile page doesn't even have his date of birth.
And does Valerian have any special abilities that his parents don't have?
"Valerius isn't a god, he only has immortality so Valerian wouldn't be a demigod in any shape, form or fashion. """As for abilities, that is yet to be stated in the books and I'm only allowed to disclose what's in the books. DOB 1/5/09. Carl MB Staff” (April 7, 2016)

-Who is the eldest out of the Devereaux twins? And by how much older? 5 minutes, an hour?

"Tabitha is the older twin. It's not stipulated by how much. But they are born on the same day. As a weird note, Selena was born on Feb 29. Carl MB Staff” (April 6, 2016)

message 9: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments (Reserved)

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Myst | 734 comments Chronicles of Nick Timeline information

-Grim and Laguerre have been best friends for centuries (pg 3)
-Xevikan had been imprisoned in a realm without friends or family for thousands of years (pg 7)
-2 years ago Kyrian saved Nick‘s life & gave him a part time job
-Noir has spent countless centuries growing weaker (pg 89)
-Xev had been friends w/ Monakribos, during the first war of the gods he fought against the malachi & his army. Against his own mother & sister. Xev was the reason Monakribos was defeated, cursed & enslaved. (pg 95)
-Xev is the malachi blood general, who locked Azura and Noir in their prison, it’s his blood through the malachi’s hand and magic that’s needed to release them back into this realm (pg 96)
-Xev & Monakribos were born centuries apart (pg 120)
-Cthonians once upon a time had waged their own war against Xev’s breed (pg 120)
-Nekoda isn’t due to be born for a few hundred years (pg 212)
-Dagon’s been held since the reign of Etana (almost 5k years ago) (pg 222)
-Nick’s only known the supernatural’s exists for less than 2 years (pg 301)
-Livia’s thousands of years old (pg 307)
-Nashira was trapped in the malachi’s grimoir centuries ago (pg 320)

-CoN started 2.5 years ago (pg 71)
-Nick is almost 17 (pg 115)
-Styxx is still on the vanishing isle and Bethany is a statue (pg 149)
-Cherise is barely over 30 (pg 152)

FB Posts to Sherri's page April 31st:
"SK staff. Does any of you know how old Adarian from CON was? A lot of us are curious."
-"He's dead now. . . but he was born 5666 BC to Xarex Malachai and Teras. Carl MB Staff"

message 11: by Shari-amor, Doll Cake (new)

Shari-amor | 5275 comments This is really cool, Myst. And I can tell it's gonna be a lot of work. Thanks much for doing this. I'll erase my comment if ya need me to to not get in the way. I only wanted to compliment it

message 12: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments I *think* 10 posts should be enough spaces. I'll probably put about 5-10 books/short stories per post and I'm going to attempt to arrange them in chronological order.

I've decided my newsprint page is pretty much toast and moved it all to a word file. I'll update this thread every book I finish (and after I finish getting page #'s for what's up atm).

message 13: by Slick (new)

Slick | 453 comments Adarian (Nicks father) was born 5666 BC to Xarex Malachai and Teras.

message 14: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments Re-read/skimmed up to Dance with the Devil and added bits in that I initially missed.

Slick, where did you find the info on Adarian's birth?

message 15: by Slick (new)

Slick | 453 comments Sherrys assistant on FB

message 16: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments I just noticed something. On the GR page for the DH universe reading/order pages, DH Xmas is always listed AFTER Night Embrace...yet Amanda is pregnant with morning sickness in DHX and no mention of any other children, but Marissa is 3 weeks old in Night Embrace, so shouldn't DH Xmas be 1.5?

Although morning sickness is usually first trimester and DH Xmas is about a month before Marissa's born (if it's Marissa making Amanda sick) so could it be baby (NJ according to SK's site for name) 2 for Amanda? No other books that I've gotten through yet indicate baby 2 other than the discrepancy of Marissa's arrival and morning sickness.

message 17: by Charlotte, Cheesy Cakes (new)

Charlotte (charkro) | 1794 comments If it helps, Myst, the official site has Dark Hunter Christmas listed BEFORE Night Embrace. So that would jibe (somewhat) with Amanda's pregnancy. =)

message 18: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments Working on Dream Hunter and I'm now confused how M'Adoc is Nick's brother.

According to FB, (see message 10 above), Adarian was born in 5666BC. Making him approx 7600 years old.

According to DH (pg 121/122), M'Adoc, M'Ordant and D'Alerian were the first 3 DH's rounded up to be punished for the DH's ability to manipulate dreams for their own personal gain (after Zeus dreamed of lusting for a goat).

Also according to DH (pg 212) Arikos is older than ZT whose 27,542 and he's (Arikos) a baby of the family.

So while I don't have a birth date for M'Adoc, or when the no emotions curse started, it looks like he's likely older than Adarian (whose older than Cherise (not read Instinct yet so don't have knowledge of her heritage yet), so how are they brothers? Unless Cherise is being reincarnated time and time again?

message 19: by Charlotte, Cheesy Cakes (last edited May 06, 2015 11:35AM) (new)

Charlotte (charkro) | 1794 comments Madoc is Nick's half brother; if I remember correctly, his mother is an Oneroi.

Look to Dream Warrior for the approximate date that the "no emotions" curse began. =) (The truth of the curse is in that book.)

As for Arikos' age in comparison to ZT, and Arikos being a "baby" .... um, not sure. Unless time passes differently for the Oneroi? Or Arik was wrong about the dates ... >.>

message 20: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments ZT told Geary that her "boyfriend" was older than him and that he (ZT) was 27,542.

I put the page number in so anyone could go look it up to verify. Arik never actually said how old he was other than "centuries".

I know Madoc is a half brother, but unless he's under 8k years old, I don't see how Adarian fathered him. Cerise couldn't have birthed him since the curse was already set and M'Adoc (among others) was punished for whoever made Zeus lust for a goat.

message 21: by Slick (last edited May 06, 2015 11:47AM) (new)

Slick | 453 comments Don't know if it's canon but Apollo's date of birth on the SK website is 251,662 BC.

Madoc son of Adarian and a Female Oneroi. If Madoc is Adarians son his mother had to have been an Oneroi theres no other way he could be a God of Sleep

message 22: by Charlotte, Cheesy Cakes (new)

Charlotte (charkro) | 1794 comments Myst wrote: "ZT told Geary that her "boyfriend" was older than him and that he (ZT) was 27,542.

I put the page number in so anyone could go look it up to verify. Arik never actually said how old he was other t..."

Confusing as all get out, isn't it, Myst? I've been trying to reconcile the information in Dream Hunter too, with what we've learned recently. =)

You're right, ZT does say that about Arik. But ... we also know that there are Oneroi who are younger than Arik (I believe Delphine, for example, is only about 6000 years old). And now that I think on it, I don't think that Madoc's age was ever given anywhere. It's not even on his profile on the official site. So it's very, VERY possible that Madoc is less than 8000 years old. =)

Looking again at ZT's statement ("... he's a baby of his family"), we can interpret it like this: ZT may have simply been trying to say that there were Oneroi who were far older than Arik. In comparison to those Oneroi, Arik would have been considered a baby.

Now, if ZT had said that Arik was THE baby of his family ... that would be a different story. =)

Back to Madoc: I'll be honest, we actually don't know for sure that his mother was an Oneroi, but like Slick points out, it's the only explanation that fits. =)

message 23: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments Well until I find if/where more specific curse info is, all I know is DrH says M'Adoc was one of the first 3 punished. Since he's currently a 'leader' vs a regular oneroi that typically implies either A) older or B) more powerful.

DrH also never states if Arik ever actually had emotions. But he's been skotos for centuries since Solin turned him and Solin's been hunted for centuries.

Waiting on Night Play and Fantasy Lover from a different library. Then I'll get back to reading in a semblance of order (After I get a few stories out of Dark Bites done). I only own 10 or so DH series books and I just finished most of them. The rest of the series info will slow down exponentially as I wait on books.

message 24: by Slick (new)

Slick | 453 comments I always though dream gods were dream gods, until the curse of Zeus. Then the Oneroi were set up afterward to combat the Skoti? perhaps despite being rather young Madoc was a more prominent member or simply more powerful?

Despite not being the Malachai heir simply being of the blood line must have some power boosting perks!

message 25: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments Well I might've skipped over this as it didn't have a solid 'time stamp' on it, but pg 31 says Wink loves to prank and tease, 2 of the very things that had gotten Arik and his brethren cursed.

So the curse might be less than 27k years old...

As for the 'creation' of oneroi pg 32 says Arik had originally been one of the Oneroi, been assigned humans to watch over and protect against skoti...So I think the Oneroi based on this info had been around since before the curse.

When Arik went after Solin, he was still young by their years (pg 33).

It's frustrating how vague some of the info is.

message 26: by Slick (new)

Slick | 453 comments I think it must be easier for SK to keep it vague at this point. Considering she is writing these books, it's the little details that screw authors most of the time.

When was Jericho kicked out of Olympus? Wasn't he hunting DreamGod halfbreeds? Didn't Zeus order all their deaths right after the curse?

message 27: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments Dunno, haven't made it that far into the series yet on this re-read.

message 28: by Myst (last edited May 12, 2015 05:37PM) (new)

Myst | 734 comments Not quite done Fantasy Lover yet, but I think I've just found a timeline error. (Or a CON timeflux?)

Pg 13 of FL states it's August.
Pg 49 states it's currently 2002. Julian's been called and he stays for 1 month so the book takes place between Aug and Sept.

Night Pleasures takes place when Julian and Grace have 2 kids and 1 on the way.
-Grace is pregnant and about 9 weeks until delivery (pg 65)
-Grace's twins are 3 years old (pg 304)

Night Embrace has Marissa being 3 weeks old (pg 354)

Kiss of the Night takes place in feb 2003. (pg 8)
-Same Feb as Night Embrace (pg 41)
-baby Marissa has arrived. (pg 323)

There is no *way* Grace had twins and 3/4 through a second pregnancy in 6 months and have the twins being 3 years old. Grace and Julian can't even stick his spoon in her jelly jar (TY Eros lol) until Sept when they break the curse anyways.

About 50 pages left, but I had a serious what the heck moment when the date sunk in.

Edit: Fantasy Lover timeline added in.

message 29: by Charlotte, Cheesy Cakes (last edited May 13, 2015 08:23AM) (new)

Charlotte (charkro) | 1794 comments Myst wrote: "Not quite done Fantasy Lover yet, but I think I've just found a timeline error. (Or a CON timeflux?)

Pg 13 of FL states it's August.
Pg 49 states it's currently 2002. Julian's been called and he s..."

Ah, you found the big blooper, Myst. =)

According to the official site, Fantasy Lover actually takes place in the year 2000 (which was when it was supposed to be released). Basically, a copy editor mistakenly changed the date. You can read more about the blooper here . =)

Okay, it doesn't completely explain the ages of the twins in Night Pleasures, but we can chalk that up to faulty memories on the part of Kyrian and Amanda. ;)

Now, matching it up to Night Embrace .... okay, that's possibly a time flux there.

message 30: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments Gotta love copy editors who mess with your dates...apparently Acheron had a really bad copy editor who mucked the dates up so badly I need to put a note for that book up saying dates not necessarily correct. Styxx apparently has the correct dates so hopefully they can all be 'correct' in the actual timeline.

message 31: by Charlotte, Cheesy Cakes (new)

Charlotte (charkro) | 1794 comments Oh yeah, Acheron's book had a LOUSY copy editor, lol. Luckily, the Kindle edition has the corrected dates, and almost all of the dates in the past match up with Styxx's book. =)

So ... yeah, I'd say go with the dates in Styxx's book when you get there. XD

message 32: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments Night Play added in.

Next week I *hope* to get to Unleash the Night and Dark Side of the Moon.

message 33: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments Working on adding in some Dark Bites stories (to my word file which I copy here after).

Having trouble dating Phantom Lover as it doesn't have any events or characters I can connect elsewhere yet. There isn't even a hint to the season (or city). So timeline wise I'm guessing it happens between Dream Hunter (the prologue part of 1996 at least) and Fantasy Lover. I don't have a V'Aidan (or Aidan), Erin or Emma in the character list I'm making except from PL so far. The 2 other skoti I don't recall hearing about either.

Sherri's reading order indicates Phantom Lover would fall between Night Embrace and Dance with the Devil.

message 34: by Myst (last edited May 18, 2015 10:28AM) (new)

Myst | 734 comments Dark Bites (and reg DH universe) is done up to Devil May Cry according to SK's site.

I've got Shadow of the Moon, Where Angels Fear to Tread and Redemption left.

I'll also have Instinct tomorrow to start reading I hope.

19 books left to add in (not including new releases this year). So this week Instinct and UtMC (and at least 1 book off my reg tbr list). Next week I hope to get through DC and Acheron.

message 35: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments I'm going to get a headache from the dates in Ash's book...1 error has turned into 2 into I have no idea what date/s are correct. We go from Sept 9529 to May 9529, except the events from Sept have already occurred. Then we go to Aug, June and Nov.

I really hope Styxx's book helps clear some of this up.

message 36: by Charlotte, Cheesy Cakes (new)

Charlotte (charkro) | 1794 comments Myst, if you like, I can help you with correcting some of the dates. I know that the Kindle version of Acheron is correct, because I've compared the dates to those in Styxx's book before, and they correspond. =)

(I had a discussion elsewhere with another reader, that had issues with the dates as well.)

If you can provide a list of the dates that don't make sense (here or PM, makes no difference to me), I can provide the dates that are listed in my version. =)

message 37: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments I'm going to post the list once I finish the book. Good to hear the kindle version apparently was gone over with a fine(r) tooth comb.

I know there was a note that Acheron's dates were off, and best attempts to fix were done, but wow, how the heck do they edit books since it's clearly not from start to finish. I'm not even 200 pages in.

message 38: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments Everything up to Shadow of the Moon except for the story of how the were-hunters came to be is now up.

Instinct is in the Nick section as well.

I'm working on 1 Silent Night and hopefully will have it, Dream Warrior & Bad Moon Rising done soon.

message 39: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 10411 comments And no wonder my memory is shot half the time. I've likely had some great initial reactions to stuff. But do to timing of the reading or nobody to talk to about it at the time, I've totally forgotten so many critical points. Really loving this reference and timeline system. Again thanks so much Myst. :)

message 40: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments Well I haven't read some of the books in 6 years so my memory was probably worse than yours.

Note I didn't add *every* date from Ash's book in, just the ones with the most important events. Ash going to a play & being found & beaten isn't as important timeline wise as when Ash & Artie meet first.

message 41: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 10411 comments True that, as he was beaten often. I think the most relevant one I remembered though was when Artie had given him a ring and he was castrated and she didn't do anything to help him. That was far more significant than most others for me.

message 42: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments I could go back and add it in, but since Artie heals him later & his god powers being unlocked heal other surgeries forced on him, it's not entirely relevant in the long run.

Emotionally for Ash it's extremely relevant.

message 43: by Dhfan4life, Honey Bun (new)

Dhfan4life | 10411 comments Well yea that is what I was getting at. Cause that is the day Ash fell out of love with Artie. And I guess I thought it was kind of important too, cause it was truly his breaking point with her. And pretty much he became her "slave" of sorts doing things out of obligation with her instead of actually out of genuine affection.

message 44: by Charlotte, Cheesy Cakes (new)

Charlotte (charkro) | 1794 comments Myst wrote: "I'm going to post the list once I finish the book. Good to hear the kindle version apparently was gone over with a fine(r) tooth comb.

I know there was a note that Acheron's dates were off, and be..."

In case you're interested, Myst, I have a date-by-date comparison between your HC of Acheron and my Kindle edition. To streamline things, I'm only going to list the dates that don't match up, with the dates I have in bold:

-*Nov 3, 9532BC (Nov 3,9533BC) - 9 years since Ryssa last saw Ash, the first time she rescued him (pg 20)

-*Nov 18, 9532BC (Nov 18, 9533BC) - Ryssa got Ash to the summer palace (pg 55)

-*June 23, 9530BC (June 21, 9532BC) - Ryssa’s dad finds them at the summer palace (wrong year) (pg 90)

-June 23 9530BC - Been 1 year since Ash was sent back to Atlantis from summer palace (pg 95)
Hmmm ... I don't have any entry marked June 23, 9530, but I do have an entry marked Aug 15, 9532BC, where Ryssa notes that it has been months since she saw Acheron, about the same page place. 'Fraid this one gets a big shrug from me.

-*Sept 19 9529BC (Sept 19, 9532BC) - Estes died (pg 97)

-*Sept 26 9529BC (Sept 26. 9532BC) - Xerxes realizes what Estes has turned Ash into (pg 100)

-*May 17 9529BC (Nov. 17, 9532BC?) - Ash has been working in a stew for several months (pg 107)
I put a question mark by my date, because the date I have discusses Ash working in a stew ... but there's no May 17 entry.

-*Aug 29, 9529BC (Jan. 18, 9529BC) - Ryssa has been declared to be a sacrifice to Apollo (pg 115)
Again, there's no Aug 29, 9529BC entry, but the Jan 18 date matches up with Styxx's book.

All the other dates correspond. Hope this helps, feel free to use or ignore at your discretion. =)

message 45: by Charlotte, Cheesy Cakes (new)

Charlotte (charkro) | 1794 comments Myst wrote: "-Centuries ago Hades had relegated Ash to Katoteros (pg 245)"

Just a heads up, someone asked about that on the official site, on Ash's page:
Night Embrace Chapter 12 'Ash couldn't breathe as he flashed himself into Katoteros, a small nether region between dimensions. This was his private domain where no one but he was supposed to tread. Centuries ago, hades had relegated him to this non-place. Or more correctly, hades had incarcerated him here . . . ' Now Katoteros is the Atlantian heaven and there was never any mention of Hades incarcerating Ash in his book . . .

Here is the staff's response:
. . . Over 200 pages was taken out of NE by her previous editor. That book was originally 800 pages long. What it was supposed to say is that Acheron came to Katoteros AFTER Hades had him in the Underworld. That scene is well established in several books. . . . Authors are NOT the only people who edit the books that are published and those who aren't familiar with a series insert scenes and words into the books causing these kinds of problems instead of listening to the author.

message 46: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments Charlotte, that is scary how the months don't appear to line up. I understand the years not lining up due to ignorance of BC vs CE but months being different?!?

I'd give you chapter numbers except there aren't any. Give me time to go search for a new weather radio and I'll attempt to "count" the dates for chapters to see if that helps you find relevant sections.

message 47: by Charlotte, Cheesy Cakes (new)

Charlotte (charkro) | 1794 comments Sounds good, take all the time you need. =)

message 48: by Myst (new)

Myst | 734 comments 1. May 9, 9548
2. (Diary of Ryssa) June 23, 9548
3. Aug 3, 9541
4. Nov 3, 9532
5. Nov 4, 9532
6. Nov 8, 9532
7. Nov 15, 9532
8. Nov 18, 9532
9. Nov 19, 9532
10. Dec 15, 9532
11. Jan 20, 9531
12. Feb 15, 9531
13. Mar 18, 9531
14. Mar 19, 9531
15. May 9, 9531
16. June 23, 9530 (Queen of Kiza agreed to take Ash)
17. June 23, 9530 (Been 1 year since she last saw Ash)
18. Sept 21, 2529
19. Sept 26, 9529
20. May 17, 9529
21. May 18, 9529
22. Aug 23, 9529
23. June 23, 9529 (Ryssa knocks on Catera's stew door looking for Ash, hears he was arrested several months ago)
24. June 23, 9529 (Ryssa bribes palace guards to tell her where Ash is; goes to dungeon to talk to him)
25. Oct 22, 9529
26. Nov 1, 9529
27. Nov 20, 9529
28. Dec 1, 9529
29. Dec 10, 9529
30. Dec 11, 9529
31. (Acheron 9529-7382BC) Dec 11, 9529
32. Dec 13, 9529
33. Dec 14, 9529
34. Jan 12, 9528
35. Jan 26, 9528
36. Jan 28, 9528
37. Feb 13, 9528
38. April 3, 9528
39. June 23, 9528
40. Aug 25, 9528 (Beating for wearing Artie's ring)
41. Sept 2, 9528
42. Sept 14, 9528

message 49: by Charlotte, Cheesy Cakes (last edited May 29, 2015 01:19PM) (new)

Charlotte (charkro) | 1794 comments Sorry it took so long to get back to you, Myst, but here's a comparison list. Once again, I only listed the dates that didn't match up with my copy:

3. Aug 3, 9541 ----- Aug 30, 9541
4. Nov 3, 9532 ----- Nov 3, 9533
5. Nov 4, 9532 ----- Nov 4, 9533
6. Nov 8, 9532 ----- Nov 8, 9533
7. Nov 15, 9532 ----- Nov 15, 9533
8. Nov 18, 9532 ----- Nov 18, 9533
9. Nov 19, 9532 ----- Nov 19, 9533
10. Dec 15, 9532 ----- Dec 15, 9533
11. Jan 20, 9531 ----- Jan 20, 9532
12. Feb 15, 9531 ----- Feb 15, 9532
13. Mar 18, 9531 ----- March 18, 9532
14. Mar 19, 9531 ----- March 19, 9532
15. May 9, 9531 ----- May 9, 9532
16. June 23, 9530 -----June 21, 9532
(Queen of Kiza agreed to take Ash)

17. June 23, 9530 -----Aug 15, 9532
(Been 1 year since she last saw Ash)
My copy states that she hasn't seen Ash for months

18. Sept 21, 2529 -----Sept 21, 9532
19. Sept 26, 9529 -----Sept 26, 9532
20. May 17, 9529 ----- Nov 17, 9532
21. May 18, 9529 ----- Nov 18, 9532
22. Aug 23, 9529 ----- Jan 18, 9529
(Decision made to offer Ryssa to Apollo)
Starting with June 23, 9529 (when Ryssa goes looking for Ash at the stew), the rest of the dates match up.

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Myst | 734 comments What's the date in the ebook when they go to Atlantis to retrieve Ash after Estes dies?

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