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Supernatural Family (Book One): The Path Less Taken
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Greg | 21 comments Get this novel free tomorrow!!!

Since the demons lost the war they've been hiding, waiting for their chance to take over Heaven. Now, that moment has arrived. Demons and angels are recruiting supernatural creatures to aid them in the upcoming battle. The Nicks family seems like your ordinary family, but they're far from it. When Ethan goes to college, he learns that a nest of vampires are residing on campus, and he must fight them in order to save everyone. When Chelsea goes to Washington, D.C., she finds that supernatural creatures are prowling the capital. Chad learns that demons are trying to create chaos in order to possess students at his high school. In order to survive, they'll have to face their fears, and learn what being a family really means

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Greg | 21 comments Also, get my new novel Lucifer's Sword free as well!!! It's free from March 31st till June 4th.

When Jesse Knight, his family, and friends go to Intermediate Lake, they expect it to be their usual summer trip, but things aren't at all as they seem. His family encounters several supernatural creatures, and along the way Jesse gains his own abilities. Jesse learns about his family and heritage, discovering that everything he's been told his whole life was a lie. He must find a way to face his fears, while dealing with scuba divers and monsters who are all trying to find Lucifer's sword. If Lucifer's sword is unleashed, it threatens to destroy the entire world, and his group must do everything they can to stop it.

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Greg | 21 comments Please Review, and pass it along!

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Greg | 21 comments Sorry, I got the date wrong. It's now switched from May 2nd-May 6th.

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