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Hailee was just enjoying the warm south beach waters and laughed with her friends creating waves. She loved being able to swim like this because it made her feel free.

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Hailee could see a man swimming above her and decided to sneak up on him because he wouldn't be able to hear her. She was behind him when he finally stopped for a break. "Hi there." She said cheerfully happy to see that some one seemed to be enjoying the water just as much as she was.

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"You see I've been behind you for only a minute now because you were actually swimming above me." She said fixing her seashell bra a little. "I've never seen you here before. What is your name?"She asked looking at him.

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"Hailee." She said with a slight smile she wanted to see what he would do if she made a splash with her tail. He clearly didn't assume that she was a mermaid.

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She smiled back at him and decided to splash him with her tail.

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"Not necessarily I can shift so that I have human feet and legs but I prefer to be here in the ocean." She smiled at him and swam to where she was very close to him. "The water here is a lot cooler than it is everywhere else." She informed.

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"I really like music and singing." Hailee replied keeping herself close to him she could feel that her heart was pounding in her chest which is something that it normally didn't do.

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"Don't worry about how deep the waters are." She said noticing that he seemed nervous. She ended up kissing his cheek and diving into the water to pull him under with her.

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She then decided to plant a kiss on him before they surfaced once again. Hailee felt different around this guy and felt as if it would work.

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Hailee looked at him now that they had surfaced and blushed a little bit. She hadn't kissed a man in a very long time and was starting to forget what it felt. "I hope you liked that." She managed to say under her breath.

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"You can say that." she smiled up at him seeing that he was still going through the shock of her kiss on his lips. "There's more from where that came from." She added with a smirk as she swam with him back to the beach.

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"No I haven't." She answered him with a smile on her face because that kiss happened to be her first kiss. "Do you kiss girls like that all the time?" She ran her hand through her hair.

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"Your face,it's a little pink." She started to giggle feeling such joy of making the man blush.

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"Would you like me to go to shore with you?" she decided to ask him wondering if that was what he wanted.

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"of course I grow legs. " She said as she swam with him to shore

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She smiled and stepped onto shore."See it was simple."

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((he doesn't even ask if she would like to join him....that's a little self centered ))

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"I suppose it would be nice." She sighed and sat down."isn't the ocean so beautiful. "

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