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How to Love by Katie Cotugno > How to Love Part Five (Chapters 37-45)

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Helen (the_book_tree) | 62 comments Mod
This is where you can discuss chapters thirty-seven through forty-five of How to Love.

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Helen (the_book_tree) | 62 comments Mod
Things are really going down now. We are starting to see the end of Sawyer and Reena's relationship in BEFORE, and seeing things slowly come together in AFTER. Hearing Sawyer finally tell Reena about the night Allie died was a bit heart breaking. Knowing how much guilt he must have been carrying in himself because of that night. I can only imagine what that would be like. After this section, there is about 40 pages left of this book, and eight chapters. I can't wait to see how this is all going to end. I don't know how I want it to end to be honest. The longer things go on, the more I realize how unhealthy Sawyer and Reena's relationship really is, but at the same time I really like them together, at least in AFTER. They have both grown up quite a bit, and I think with that growing up came a level of maturity that they just didn't have during BEFORE. I guess I will have to keep reading and find out...

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Ashley Stroesser | 14 comments *Might be a spoiler alert?*

I KNOW RIGHT! Their relationship is so unhealthy but how can you not root for their relationship? Hollywood has taught me my whole life that this is how relationships are and the after part is warming my heart more and more! I finished reading this a couple days ago but my computer has broken down (I'm at a libray) so forgive me if I'm saying this in the wrong area but my heart dropped when Aaron (I have such bad memory that I'm questioning if that's even his name uhg) and Sawyer was there and it was SO awkward that I slumped down furth into my bed in embarrassment. So awkward! uhg
Anyways, by this point I was totally into this book and almost having a heart attack at every chapter.

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Ashley Jolly Vater | 20 comments I would have never guessed that that was Sawyer's secret and that he knew Reena loved him the whole time! It also then made sense why he wanted to hear so bad when he stayed with her when her dad was in the hospital.
And goodness I felt so bad for Aaron :( I think by the author leaving him out of the majority of the storyline and not letting us get to know him well early on helped readers, or me at least, be less attached to him. It made it much easier to root for Sawyer.

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