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How to Love by Katie Cotugno > How to Love Part Three (Chapters 19-27)

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Helen (the_book_tree) | 62 comments Mod
This is where you can discuss chapters nineteen through twenty-seven of How to Love.

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Helen (the_book_tree) | 62 comments Mod
Well, it finally happened in this section, we finally got to the sex that led us to having Hannah. I feel really bad for Reena at this point, having put her trust in Sawyer and arguing with her dad about how things would turn out with him, only to have Sawyer totally flake out. However, seeing as she still doesn't know that she is pregnant, I look forward to seeing how all of that is going to go down.

message 3: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Stroesser | 14 comments Okay, so now we get to baby making time. At the time of the said sex, I didn't realize that that was the time that hannah would be conceived. First time and you make a baby? That is pretty bad luck. It's very had not to feel bad for Reena, no one wants to not only be ditched after the first time with someone but also with a baby. That is awful. I'm also feeling pretty bad for Aaron at this point. I really want Reena to see a patient and kind male who clearly loves her daughter and wants to provide for them. It's a really tough situation because she obviously has someone standing in front of her willing to take her as she is with her baby and love her but she is blinded by the feelings she feels for someone who's been her #1 for so long. I'm definitely rooting for Aaron but sadly most ya novels never end with the smart choice :P

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Ashley Jolly Vater | 20 comments It really is bad luck that it happened the first time, but she knew from previous chapter he kept condoms in the Jeep, so she knew he had them. Which I guess they could have used it and it failed, it doesn't state it. I feel like in most books I would pull for a sawyer type character, but in this situation and story line I'm totally pulling for aaron. This is why I stated before it makes me nervous! I knew something would happen with sawyer and I just didn't want it to!

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