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The Catcher in the Rye
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Cherie | 117 comments No idea how I got out of this one for school - but it's been on my shelf, so I'll read it for this week! Looking forward to it!

Jean Cole (joc724) | 115 comments Like some others here, there was no book that I was supposed to read in school that I didn't read so I decided to read a book that was widely assigned for reading -- just not to me.

I think I benefited from reading this later in life because I recognized that the point of this book is not the story that Holden tells, but the context of the era in which the book was published. Holden is a pretty typical teenager who curses, who is obsessed with sex, and who is dissatisfied with his life even though he has plenty of money and apparently supportive parents. In 1951, when this book was published, there had been no main character displaying these characteristics. To some it was shocking, to others refreshing. This book was just one piece of the social revolution that was to come in the next two decades.

Cherie | 117 comments Finished this one over the weekend! Wasn't really into it for the first 1/2 - until I really saw Holden for what he was going through. It was really thought provoking and interesting. Would recommend!

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Cosmic Arcata | 5 comments Jean wrote: "Like some others here, there was no book that I was supposed to read in school that I didn't read so I decided to read a book that was widely assigned for reading -- just not to me.

I think I bene..."

I think you are right in saying that this book has to do with the time that it was written in. I propose that it is through the culture of the time, literature, architecture, school and movies, that Salinger has written an allegory.

Some things you may not have noticed on your first read through.
All the cars except one were made by GM.
GM made an amphibian vehicle known as the ducks.
Holden is an Australian car company bought by GM in 1930 that then turned it into making war machines....long before Hitler was in power.
The song on the carousel was "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" recorded by the Glenn Miller band at Abby Road right before his plane went down crossing the Atlantic.
The song was going to be played back to the Germans as a propaganda song.
That the hat that Holden is wearing is a "deer hunting hat" Holden says it is a "people hunting hat"....both reference the allegorical book Bambi. This book was then made into a film by Disney that completely obscured the meaning of the book because the themes of the book was considered too adult.
That the reference to Shirley Temple in Little Shirley Bean is also a reference to Roy Bean. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Bean

Shirley Temple's first movie was Stand Up And Cheer a propaganda film that promoted going to war to get us out of the depression.

A racket falls on Ackley head is a reference to the bookWar is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America's Most Decorated Soldier

Ackley's name is derived from the noise the priest makes in Romeo and Juliet....because it is religious institutions that drugged the people rather than waking them up to the truth.

Jane is the name of a magazine that cataloged all the war inventory. Dobermans were used by the army and in the Jane catalogue.

Stradlater is made up of two words Strad and later. Strad was name of a violin magazine. Remember Holden talking about playing a girl like a violin.

If you want to know more check out this group:

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