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Hm...It's completely up to you!

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Okay, that is great!

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Anyway you would like it! I seriously lack creativity in this area of roleplaying, so I sincerely apologize for not being to involved in the plot stuff. lol c:

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I'll be the prince! :P

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Name: Francis Royale

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Would you like to start? c:

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Francis finally finished his work. He had been in the study for at least five hours, and he wanted to spend the rest of his day admiring the beautiful kingdom. Francis had always loved taking strolls in the castle garden, it reminded him of his mother, who used to ask him to bring back the prettiest flower back for her. She was sick during most of his childhood, and so she was never able to admire all of the flowers with him. He saw a lovely lady walking through the garden, and he was intrigued by her.

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He lifted his gaze to meet hers. "Very well, miss. And how are you on this lovely day?" His icy-blue eyes sparkled as he gazed fondly at the lady. Her beauty astounded him.

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"May I ask where you are from?" He said, his words radiating happiness.

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"Pardon me, m'lady. I was unaware that I was in the presence of somebody from noble birth." He bowed graciously, taking her delicate hand and kissing it.

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"I am Francis. And what may your name be, miss?" He tried his best to smooth his hair down, but the wind was too strong. "Would you like to go sit somewhere and talk?"

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"What a pleasant name." He led her into a sheltered section of the castle that was held up by tall granite pillars, roses and ivy were woven up along them.

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"All of my life, in fact. Around twenty-two years." He chuckled quietly before bringing his attention to the beautiful, shiny pillars. "How long have you resided here?"

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"Yes, I agree. Well, it is getting late and I'm afraid that I have some work to do. It was a pleasure, miss Rose." He stood up and bowed formally.

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He looked at her, his face a rosy red. "Goodbye, miss." He walked to the entrance of the castle and went in.

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Francis's father was in his study going through a large stack of papers. He glanced up from his papers to see his son standing quietly in front of the door. "Yes, my son? What is it you wish to speak about?" Francis happily walked into the room and sat down in a chair next to his desk. "I've just found the most fascinating girl, father. We talked in the garden, and to my surprise, she is of royal descent." His father's gaze went back to the paper as he cleared his throat. "Ah, so you've met the lovely Miss Rosetta. She is a fine young lady."

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"Indeed she is, father. I just wanted to inform you about this fantastic news." His father chuckled and lowered the paper back down onto the desk, a smile adorned his face. "This truly is fantastic news, my boy! You must get some rest. Go on, we'll talk more about this another time." Francis nodded and strode out of the study, he knew he should get some rest.

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He looked around, puzzled at the voice he thought he heard. "Hello? Who's there?"

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"Hey!" He covered his mouth, surprised by the loudness of his voice. "What are you doing here?" He said happily as he walked up to her.

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"I would love to." He looked her in the eyes and blushed.

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With the torch in hand, he walked with Rose into the mysterious room. "This is so peculiar. I had no idea that none of this even existed."

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Francis looked around in amazement. The room was warm and comfortable, unlike his room, which was cold and formal.

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"It's amazing." He admired all of the detailed drawing on the wall. "These drawings are really good."

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He smiled and sat next to her. His eyes took in the surrounding atmosphere. "This is perfect."

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"I feel like that when I'm around you." He smiled and looked down thoughtfully.

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"There's going to be a banquet tomorrow, will you be there?"

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He gazed at her with admiration in his eyes.

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Francis moved closer to her.

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He kissed her gently on the lips.

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He cupped her face and kissed her with a little more passion. He pulled away and bit his lip.

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"I better go, before I get carried away." He stood up and took her hands in his. "Thank you, I had a fantastic evening."

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"Well, I don't want to go..." He smiled and sat down again.

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"I'd love that." He said, almost whispering.

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Francis leaned over her and kissed her passionately, his hands traveling up her side.

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((Sorry, I didn't see your messages.))

He caressed her face as he kissed her with everything he had.

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((It's alright. I'm not getting notifications, so I'm sorry for not replying sooner.))

He pulled away and looked at her lovingly.

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