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Yogya Hari Prakash Burra (hariprakash) | 40 comments Hi buddies!
Let me introduce myself before we start discussing. I'm Hari from Chennai, India. I am Engineering student and some of the things that I love are swimming, travelling and of course, Reading!

Yogya Hari Prakash Burra (hariprakash) | 40 comments Some of my favorite genres are Historical fiction, Classics, Thriller. And also, I'm currently reading: The Rosie Effect. This book and its prequel are highly rated and humorous (http://www.gatesnotes.com/Books/The-R... ). So, in case you guys are interested, we can even continue this book for buddy read.
I'd also like to suggest To Kill a Mockingbird. I've been wanting to read that book for quite some time now.

We can all go through each others to-read lists and find common books too.
More suggestions, please! Hope to discover many more interesting books with you guys!

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fureshiiness | 194 comments Hi Hari sorry it took me a long while to respond. I'm Freshy from the Philippines! What is your major in engineering? I happen to be a Civil Engineer. I love to read and watch tv dramas and movies. Although my fave genre is fantasy I also read books from almost every genre.

Uhm, I have already read To Kill a Mockingbird before...so can we choose from our to-read lists instead? Our common books are:

1. The Color of Magic
2. Flowers for Algernon
3. The Shadow of the Wind
4. Looking for Alaska

I'm particularly interested in Looking for Alaska since I haven't read any John Green book yet. How about you? For your information I'm currently reading Neverwhereby Neil Gaiman, if it interests you.

I just want to add that my English is very limited and I'm not good in giving book reviews. Likewise my reading time is usually around noon breaks and evenings so I may be a tad bit slow. Nevertheless I'll try my best to keep up with everyone!

Yogya Hari Prakash Burra (hariprakash) | 40 comments Hi Freshy! I study Engineering Design, (a mechanical related field with some electronics). Which year are you in?
I watch a lot of TV shows and movies too. By dramas, do you Korean and Japanese ones? Some of them are my favorites. I also noticed that you like Bollywood!

Yogya Hari Prakash Burra (hariprakash) | 40 comments Coming to the books, I am currently reading ' To Kill a Mockingbird' and 'The Rosie Effect'

Out of the common books, I would like to try either 'The Shadow of Wind' or 'Looking for Alaska' . One of my friends strongly recommended 'Shadow of the wind'
I haven't read any John Green book yet, and I sure would like to read one of his books. I'm okay with 'Fault in our Stars' too as it is his most famous book
I follow his channel 'Crash Course' on YouTube too, he also does a literature course where he reviews Classic books. Check it out, you may like it too!

But since the both of us are currently reading other books, I suggest we go very slow or maybe even wait for a week for so before starting a new one, what do you say? Even I'm currently doing my internship and not able to spare as much as I'd like for reading

Yogya Hari Prakash Burra (hariprakash) | 40 comments And Btw, Nurai said they she's busy with her finals currently, so it's just the two of us selecting a book right now

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fureshiiness | 194 comments I already graduated from college 3 years ago and I'm already a licensed civil engineer hehe. Engineering is a tough but very rewarding course. Good luck and God bless you on your studies!

Yup, I watch korean and jap dramas as well as american and british dramas. Likewise I love bollywood films! I have seen a lot of it than my own country's films hehe, ironic eh? I just love their take on romantic films; just the right of cheese, hilarity and action. The music is also addicting!

So let's settle on "Looking for Alaska" then? But like you said we might as well go slow and finish whatever we're reading first. Let's just buzz each other by PM or in this thread. But it's still okay with me whoever reads first, let's just refrain from spoiling each other by hiding our uhm...spoilers.

Y'know like these

(view spoiler)

Aww, too bad Nurai can't join us, I think the more readers the merrier! Maybe next time. ^_^

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