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Cheating in books

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I seriously enjoy reading and I am kind of OCD about finishing a book. But whenever either hero or heroine cheats I just cannot finish the book. This irks me cause sometimes the book is really interesting.

Cindy Even though there is cheating sometimes, this series is pretty good.

Susan Taylor I'm not a fan of cheating either but this series is to good to be missed and needs to be read. Secondly you need to finish the book to find out the cause of the cheating its not what you think and may be surprised.

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Dawn Definitely, Susan.
Too many people have bashed the book because because of what happened.
He was ordered to do it. One reviewer said he must've been willing because he could get it up. Uh...did they not read the part that explains how he did?
And of course, there's the whole psycho reason why he 'had' to do it.
If the other readers finished it, they would understand that too.
Yes, Keela's uncle changed his tune later, but that just shows the kind of person he is. Thinks about himself first. He had no regard for Keela's feelings, only that she was involved with a Slater. So, he set out to ruin it for her to 'save' her when he just made the whole thing worse.
A lot of people leave reviews without finishing books, and that frustrates the hell out of me, because the points they make could be cleared up had they read the next chapter.

Kristina I read this a while ago so have forgotten some of the detail (except that scene, that unfortunately stuck in my memory).

Alec was one of my favourites until I read his book. I did finish it but sorry that scene left a nasty taste in my mouth, regardless of the reason. I find it hard to believe that he and/or his brothers couldn't come up with any other way out of it and they were willing to put her through all of that. I still love the series but that scene rankled me. Can you see Dominic or one of the other brothers going through that scene once their women came into the picture because I can't. It seems like they didn't even bother to counter act with something else, just went along with it. Why?

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