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Penetrated on Ponetown (Back Roads, #1)
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message 1: by Moxie (new)

Moxie Darling Hi there! I'm seeking reviews for my recently published erotica novella Penetrated On Ponetown. It's about 30 pages. Anyone interested can comment or PM me. :) Here is the blurb:

On a mission to bring the love of literacy to impoverished rural children, Clover Willoughby finds herself stranded on a dry, dusty West Virginia back road. Out of gas, out of service, and out of patience, she starts walking. When she stumbles across a quaint cabin in the woods, she's relieved at her good fortune. Her relief turns to trepidation—and anticipation—when the rough, crude mountain man living there offers to assist her...for a price. And he's not interested in money.

(Disclaimer: this novella is for adults only. It contains explicit sex scenes, rough sex, ménage situations, sex with strangers, and taboo elements that some might find offensive.)

Joann(san diego shutterbug) | 38 comments Mod
Do you have any paper copies available I would luv to read it.

message 3: by Moxie (new)

Moxie Darling Hi Joann. :) No, I don't. I'm sorry! It's just a novella, so I only have e-copies.

Debbie Hughes | 138 comments I can read for mobi or pdf

message 5: by Moxie (new)

Moxie Darling Great! Thanks, Debbie! I'll send it right now. :)

Tammy Cox | 5 comments I would love to read his for you. My email is The device is use is a kindle

message 7: by Moxie (new)

Moxie Darling Awesome! I'll send it right away. :) Thank you!

message 8: by Yuki (new) - added it

Yuki (l00p_sac) Sounds interesting. My email address is epub/pdf

message 9: by Moxie (new)

Moxie Darling Great! I'll send it to you soon! Thanks! :)

message 10: by Yuki (new) - added it

Yuki (l00p_sac) Moxie wrote: "Great! I'll send it to you soon! Thanks! :)"

I received the book. Thank you.

message 11: by Moxie (new)

Moxie Darling Wonderful. :)

Debbie Hughes | 138 comments Love it Moxie! Great job...

message 13: by Moxie (new)

Moxie Darling Oh, thank you Debbie!!!! :)

message 14: by Lou (new)

Lou LaJeunesse | 33 comments I would be willing

message 15: by Moxie (new)

Moxie Darling I just sent you an email! :)

Yuuki Nakashima (yuukin) | 24 comments I'd like to read and review it, but I'm currently reading several books plus I have some family issue, so I can't start reading it immediately. If you don't mind and I can read it after finishing a book or two and settled my life (maybe in the middle or end of June,) I'll send you a message to tell you my e-mail address!!

message 17: by Moxie (new)

Moxie Darling Okay! Sure! That's no problem. :) I'll look forward to your message!

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