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Otter Bend Book Club meeting 4/28/15

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Colleen Winter We held our second meeting of the Otter Bend Book Club on Tuesday evening, April 28, 2015, at 3940 Otter Bend Circle, the home of member Colleen Winter. Other members that attended were Carey Mitchell, Arleen Fiore, Billie Maloney, and Terri Gerlach. Maribeth Durham contributed to the discussion through email. What a great night we had!
Carey opened the discussion by reading an extremely important and thought-provoking quote by Claire Fallon from the Huffingtonton Post: "'The Girl on the Train' wants us to think about why we hasten to dismiss women who seem broken and confused, when these qualities are often signs of a more painful backstory."
This quote immediately evoked a response from the group indicating an understanding of the abuse that Rachel had suffered, being married to a man whose skillful manipulation had caused Rachel to question her own perception of herself, as well as the events in her life. The critique by Fallon supported this concept, saying that Rachel was an example of "...women (who) have been deeply socialized to question themselves and to trust male authority...."
Other questions that we discussed were the following:
1. How did the book make you feel as you were reading it?
2. What accounts for voyeuristic curiosity?...(actively watching life around us....)
(Book Club member Terri spent time in a town outside of London and often rode the train into London, seeing rows of houses at each stop. She set the vivid scene for us at the beginning of the discussion which made the book seem even more real....)
3. Did Rachel's character develop/change by the end of the story?
4. What exactly is Tom? (See Billie for diagnosis...)
5. Is Scott the only sane person in this whole mess? (a fairly resounding "No"...)
6. Did anyone see the end coming? (Billie again...)
7. Arleen offered her kind view of people whose behavior is inappropriate or harmful...there is a reason in their backstory.

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Carey Colleen, this is great! I'm wondering why it's not showing up on the OBBC page. Could you copy and paste it on the club page under the discussion April 2015 - Discussion? Maybe you did, and I'm not seeing it....we'll get all the kinks worked out eventually.

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Colleen Winter Yes I did that....check and see if you see it now on the OBBC page?
Thanks for your warm and supportive comments, Carey!

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