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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Name: Liliana Delacroix
Age: 22

sensual, magnetic, charming, intense, curious, weak willed.
History: Liliana has always been drawn to the dark occult. When she was seventeen, she was enticed by the call of a demon, who convinces her to become his anchor to the world. She welcomes it at first but then decides she no longer wants him in her, and tries to get rid of him. Every time she tries though, horrible things happen and he continues to seduce her into keeping him so he can use her as his vessel.
Powers: When the demon is inside her, Liliana is capable of supernatural capabilities, such as levitating, superhuman strength, or telekinesis.


Name: Tatius
Age: Unknown

controlling; cunning; manipulative; patient; narcissistic; possessive

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Deanna | 477 comments Name: Kreios (demon name)
--Alem Terryn Page (human name)
Age: 637

Personality: seductive, arrogant, bitter, manipulative, lustful, hot-tempered, impulsive
History: Kreios is rather young for a demon. Born in the late 1300s to a blacksmith, he was seduced by a young princess looking for a distraction. He was hurtled over the edge, madly in love with her, so when she began asking him to bring her small tokens of his affection--stones, feathers of rare birds, ampoules of blood from her servant girl, etc.--he went out of his way to retreive them. She was, after all, preparing for a ritual that would allow them to be together. On the day the princess was accused of witchcraft, he snuck to her cell. She'd trembled and cried and stroked his face, telling him that if he loved her, he would take her place. She promised to place a spell of protection over him so that they could be together. He burned that day. Through the blaze, he could see the face of his beloved princess in the crowd, her eyes alight with cruel mirth as she rejoiced his death along with her subjects.

When he finally died, Alem was offered a place in heaven, but a demon named Tatius offered him a deal. Give himself over to hell for one hundred years, and Tatius would personally make the rest of the princess's life as torturous as hell itself. Broken, bitter, and angry, Alem took the deal. At the end of his torturous century, Kreios emerged, a rage-filled fledgling demon.

Kreios prefers to possess young women who remind him of his princess. Though he typically tires of his hosts after a few months, he has grown fond of Liliana, and her continuous attempts to escape him make her all the more alluring. The harder she fights, the more he enjoys her inevitable submission.

Powers: Along with the simple abilities he uses through his host--telekinesis, levitation, inhuman strength--Kreios has mastered the more difficult task of manifesting his own corporeal form. This form is volatile and painful, and he cannot stay on earth without a host for long. Remaining with one host for such an extended stretch has allowed him to grow stronger, and with that strength, other powers are beginning to appear.

Name: Katarina Delacroix
--Alias: Kitty
Age: 18
Last time Liliana saw her:

(view spoiler)
Personality: innocent, malleable, shy, modest, naive, easily-swayed
History: Growing up in the shadow of her beautiful sister has given Katarina mixed emotions toward the woman. Though she loves, admires, and respects Liliana, Kitty has always struggled to hide the envy she feels for her alluring and confident sister. Her crippling shyness makes it difficult to make friends, and Kitty has grown tired of remaining in the background.

When an exquisite woman approached her, claiming to be an angel, Kitty was enraptured. The angel, Leira, was a fugitive of heaven, on the run for the treasonous act of loving a human man. Leira begged her to provide her with shelter and promised to bring the girl's deepest desires to fruition in return. Never questioning the story, Kitty enthusiastically agreed to become the lovely angel's vessel, and she is already beginning to see the changes.
(view spoiler)
Powers: Since providing the angel shelter, Kitty has been graced with telekinesis and increased strength.

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) As a child she had listened to the story of Adam and Eve repeatedly in Sunday school, and she had always understood why Eve had been tempted with the forbidden fruit. The biblical woman’s thirst for knowledge had demanded that she disobey her God, her husband and her conscience, for it was only when she had tasted of the fruit that she understood: innocence was bliss.

How often had she wished she too had not accepted the fruit so willingly? He had come to her when tragedy struck her young life—the inevitable loss of her best friend—and he had wooed her and tempted her with desires that had been hidden deep within her heart. She had accepted—there had never been a moment in all of her previous seventeen years where a version of her would have said no, and now that she was older (and arguably wiser), Liliana knew that she, like Eve, could never have said “no.”

Sitting in a large armchair in her bedroom, Liliana gazed out of her window, the shimmering moon in the clear, dark blue sky hanging heavily within her unfocused vision. She held a cup of tea in her hand, an off-white silk robe covering her supple figure and her dark brown hair cascading down her face and neck. It had been months since she’d tried to fight him, and the last time she did attempt to exorcise him, it had not been very successful—not for her anyway. She vaguely remembered being bedridden with what the doctor would only describe as a terrible fever, and when she could no longer eat, they had an IV drip set up for her. The minute she succumbed to his will yet again, Liliana awoke with renewed vigor, baffling all medical experts and practitioners.

And now she wanted to do it again. He had always said he could read her mind, but she wasn’t certain how true that was. Most of what he said seemed to simply be him reading her—he knew her so intimately after all, in more ways than one. It was entirely possible he could simply guess correctly with each attempt. Did he know what she was thinking now? Can you hear me, demon? Liliana called out, goading and waking the beast within her.

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Deanna | 477 comments Kreios stirred, annoyed at being awoken. It had been such a lovely nap. He could feel her calling out to him, testing his power yet again. She seemed to guess that he could not yet access the privacy of her thoughts, and this dug at him. He was on the cusp, but could not seem to unlock that door.

However, he was a part of her and experienced her feelings and emotions as if they were his own. He knew Liliana was close. He could sense her boldness growing, could taste the bitterness of fear and resentment and anticipation on her tongue.

Her last attempt at escape had made her deathly ill, and he had ensured she grew no stronger, possessing the doctor who administered her IV--a simple solution created to keep her alive but in excruciating pain--and welcomed her anguished mind back into his warm embrace as she lay on the brink.

Reunited, he filled every ailing crevice of her body with his own energy, healing her from the inside, and now she wanted to leave him again. After all he had done for her, she still wouldn't learn.

Suddenly furious, Kreios forced himself into Liliana's brain, taking control. He gripped the arms of the chair with her graceful fingers and threw her head backwards, her teacup crashing to the floor. Her neck strained and her back arched as he took a breathe with her lungs and spoke, making her voice lower and raspier. "Why do you insist on interrupting my naps, stupid girl?" He curled her lips into a cold smile as he continued. "I'm beginning to think you enjoy my rage."

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Liliana gasped as her back arched away from the velvet chair she was seated on, the liquid of her drink smearing the floor with his anger. She heard her own voice speak, but she knew very well that it was not her who directed her own lips, nor her muscles. What little control she had over her form was slipping from her grasp, and in a desperate attempt to regain it, she slammed her skull back against the seat to dislodge him, though she knew from experience such an act would have no effect.

“I don’t know when you nap,” Liliana whispered, feeling her lips moving with her words. “I am done, Kreios,” she said his name. “Please. Release me. We can learn no more from each other,” she reasoned. “You would be happier with a new vessel.” It was strange how her vocabulary changed when conversing with the demon inside her, her speech aging as if his very presence brought her back in time. The more she fought it—fought him—the stronger it became. Like all things involving the wretched creature who abided inside her being.

In an attempt to wrestle her motor skills back from him, Liliana slowly raised her head, her eyes gazing up at the ceiling as they blinked rapidly, her irises turning an opaque white with possession. “Leave me,” she pleaded.

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Deanna | 477 comments Kreios reveled in the delerious high her fighting loosed in him, his temper evaporating as quickly as it had flared. He forced her body to relax. Becoming fluid and gentle, he pushed himself into her veins, warming her, soothing her.

"This is where you are mistaken, my pet." His voice was silk, cool and smooth. "I have grown quite fond of my current host. Do you not appreciate the power I so generously share with you?" He raised her hand and the teacup righted itself, drifting lazily to rest on the window sill. "The strength?" He flooded her soft body with the euphoria of strength and vitality. "Have you not wondered why you fall so ill in my abscense?" Her hand smoothed over her hair and slipped to her throat, stroking a thumb over her delicate skin. "You are dependant on me, addicted to me."

As if to prove his point, Kreios silently slipped from her body, silvery smoke pouring from her mouth, and manifested in front of her, dark jeans slung low on his hips, his chest bare. Ignoring the excruciating pain manifestation caused, he watched the elegant woman before him, waiting for her body to weaken, as he knew it quickly would. Over the years, her body had grown dependant on his presence. With him, she was strong and healthy. Without him, she would quickly wither. Forcing the pain from his voice, he spoke to her, his deep voice molten and smooth. "Do you feel your strength leaving, Liliana?"

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) The softest whimper escaped her full lips as he changed his tactics, and without the will to stop him, Liliana watched as her own arm extended and acted with Kreios's power within her corporeal form. She knew his touch through her own body intimately, and when her thumb brushed against her throat, the vessel's eyelids fluttered, lips parting lightly as she immersed herself in temptation. Her torso rose as he left her, chest thrust forward in elevation and when she focused her now green eyes on the figure that manifested in front of her, she saw the demon who knew her every weakness, every desire, every need.

Whether his physical form was his real one, or whether Kreios only ever used the appearance he had now to entice her, Liliana would never know. All she knew was that even as her strength dimmed with his absence, her body reacted strongly to the way he looked. She clenched her fist by her side, her breathing become slightly ragged as she shook her head. "You grow weak as well," she reminded him, daring him to object to the fact that he needed her too.

Why did she always attempt to disengage at night? When she was wearing next to nothing? Was this her way of subconsciously ensuring he'd win and she'd remain his? You are weak, she told herself, her eyes drinking in his form, her desire for him clear in her intense green eyes.

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Deanna | 477 comments Kreios basked in the effect he had on his vessel, his senses detecting cues no human could. The slender vein in her neck thrummed a harsh staccato against her throat, and her pupils grew as her eyes took in his corporeal form. He could hear her blood rushing through her veins, rising to the surface as her skin flushed.

He felt his form begin to waver, skin prickling, then burning as it became more difficult to hold. All it would take was her touch and he could keep his form, just a brush of a hand, but he would not show that weakness. In truth, he had tried to leave Liliana once before, but the effect had been unbearable. He couldn't hold one host for more than a few hours before experiencing blinding pain. Exhausted from his efforts, he had slunk back to her. Her body was a balm and a haven, but she could never know of his dependence. "I do not deny that our lengthy bond has made my power grow stronger, but I am never weak," he lied. "You, on the other hand, grow fainter as we speak."

He stepped forward, ignoring his growing pain, and leaned over the faint woman. His eyes traced every curve, barely covered by the sheer fabric, watched her chest rise and fall in rapid succession as her breaths became short, fragmented gasps. She truly was an exquisite human.

Kreios placed a hand on either side of Liliana's head, careful not to touch her, not yet. Fire lanced through him as he clutched at his form, but he would not give in. She would come to him. "I know what you feel. You crave me, need me. You cannot exist without me, and I will not make you." He dipped his head closer, lips inches from hers. "I can make everything as it should be," he breathed. "All you must do is ask, my pet."

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) He was Satan reincarnate, the way he tempted her with something she had never been able to deny since their amalgamation. Liliana watched as the demon in front of her stalked forward, his eyes making her respond physically in a way that no real man had ever been able to. Her breathing deepened, though desire played a larger part in her heady reaction, and for a moment, she forgot about how weak she was growing... until he mentioned it. Liliana suddenly felt feverish, and when Kreios came within touching distance--so close that she could smell his skin and almost taste his breath--she shifted her head slightly so that her temple rested on his forefinger for a brief second. Squeezing her eyes shut as she turned away, she whispered in a barely audible voice, "You've already left me. All I must do is remain strong." There was no real indication that she was speaking to Kreios, or to herself, but oftentimes, she spoke aloud simply because it was easier to hear herself think, rather than second guessing if her thoughts were her own internal monologue or a conversation with the demon inside her. "Of course I desire you--you make it impossible not to--but you are bad for me," she insisted, opening her eyes again to find herself staring down his bare chest. Unable to pull her gaze away, Liliana continued to speak in a raspy voice. "You must leave," she insisted, swallowing as her heartbeat quickened with anxiety. She would win this time--she had to.

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Deanna | 477 comments At the contact, an audible sigh was pulled from the demon's lips. The fire ebbed. Momentarily weak with relief, his forehead dropped into the graceful curve of her exposed neck. "You won't be rid of me that easily," he growled thickly, mind heavy from the touch of her skin. Her essence called to Kreios, a siren song reaching deep within him. How did this worthless human bind him so?

The moment ended as she pulled away from him, her words forcing him from his reverie. Panic curled within him as her resolution grew. Bad for her? He had saved this woman, given her a reason to exist. Humans lived to be dependent. It was she who was bad for him. Since the day his soul descended, Kreios had never relied on another creature, alive or dead. He had thrived this way for over six hundred years until suddenly, this weak, tantalizing, infuriating mortal had inexplicably become necessary to his survival.

Fury flared in his chest and he slammed a fist into the chair, his other hand winding around her slender throat. He considered eliminating this drug, this weakness, and tightened his fingers, ever so slowly. "Perhaps I should give you the freedom you so desire, girl," he spat.

As her eyes widened, however, he paused. The prospect of watching the light leave his vessel's green orbs, rather than offering him a thrill, repulsed him. He shoved away from the chair and his host with a snarl and stood back, chest heaving. "If you wish to be free of me, it will be so. But be careful, Liliana Are you prepared to pay the price?"

With his question hanging heavily in the air, the demon's form dematerialized into the familiar silver fog, swirling across the floor and licking at Liliana's bare legs before disappearing through the window.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) His sudden change of mood and the anger that manifested at her insistence frightened her, and it showed in her widened eyes. Clutching the armchair with her slender fingers, Liliana's heartbeat quickened as she felt Kreios tighten his grip around her delicate throat, and for a moment, she thought that he would actually finish her off. Had she been a fool to assume he'd let her walk away free? This was not a movie; demons were much more powerful than many believed, and she knew for a fact that his manifestation in front of her was real--she could tell the difference between this and what she imagined at other times. Or could she? It had been so long for her living as his vessel that she sometimes blurred reality with imagination. What did he mean by his threat? "You will harm no one," Liliana demanded as he morphed into mist, bringing a shudder to her body when she felt him brush against her skin and disappear.

He was gone.

He'd really left.

Liliana sat as still as the dead for several minutes, and when she was sure he was gone, she rushed to the window and slammed it shut, bolting it before closing her curtains. He was gone.

Making her way to her vanity desk, she retrieved a set of rosary beads and clutching them, she said a Hail Mary beneath her breath as she made her way over to her bed.

He was gone.

And she was feeling extremely weak.

But it would pass.... It would pass.


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Deanna | 477 comments Katarina pushed her newly shortened hair away from her face, distracted. She was agitated today, and when Leira was in a mood, her host's delicate mind bore the brunt of the turbulence.

Ever since Katarina had expressed wishes to visit her sister, the angel had become a tempest of emotions, leaving her host a bundle of raw nerves. One day, the girl would be incapable of holding back tears, the next everything she encountered threw her into a debilitating fit of hysterical laughter. Today, as she stomped down the street towards her sisters home, Katarina was on edge, exhausted and irritable from the weight of her angel's intensity.

What the hell is wrong with you, Leira? she demanded within her mind You've been freaking out all week. It's exhausting.

For an instant, her body tensed, and she couldn't move, chest swelling with an unfamiliar, terrifying rage, before she relaxed again, stumbled forward. It was over so quickly she might have imagined it, but traces of the fury remained, itching at the back of her skull.

There's nothing the matter, the angel murmured quietly into her tender host's mind. Your distress is ungrounded. Be still, child.Katarina's hand lifted to her throat and brushed a comforting thumb along her skin. At the soothing touch she knew was not her own, the girl's fear and confusion ebbed. Of course, it must have been her, not her sweet angel who had been so agitated lately. Leira would never put her through that; she was too kind, too good.

Forgive me, angel, she sighed reverently I shouldn't have blamed you. Feeling her chest fill with warmth, Katarina knew she had been forgiven, and she smiled weakly, relieved.

Arriving at her sister's familiar door, she rapped on the wood and tugged absentmindedly at her new revealing clothes.

((Kitty's Outfit: (view spoiler)))

Kreios held back a growl, forcing away his frustration. He had quickly grown tired of this sniveling, dimwitted host. Though she was beautiful, as her sister was, this girl was a far cry from the maddening, alluring seductress she so envied.

Possessing Katarina had been easy enough. Unlike with Liliana, he had effortlessly entered the younger sister's mind, quickly comprehending the girls shyness, her thirst to become desirable, her deep jealousy of her sister. He had appeared to her in a form resembling what the girl wished to be, fed her a story about unrequited love, and swiftly found himself nestled in his new host's lovely body.

She was infuriatingly weak, however. Her hypersensitivity to his moods had transformed her into a volatile basket case which grated on his quickly unraveling calm.

Though it was becoming more difficult to keep his temper at bay, the demon comforted himself with the knowledge that this blow would hit his Liliana the hardest. He could feel her presence close by, drawing him to the surface, but he pulled back, settling into the back his new host's mind to wait.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) The night that Kreios left her, Liliana had awoken in the middle of the night with a raging fever; she knew why she had one, and although it wracked her delicate body with an inner fire that scorched her organs, she could tell that it was not the same as when she was attempting to rid herself of the demon that had resided in her for years. Knowing that she would have to suffer such a consequence, Liliana forced herself to be strong and ride out the pain. During her delirium, she did call out to the demon who had been her savior on more than one occasion; however, she focused her energies on praying to God--the rosary beads clutched in her hand--and in the morning, she was free.

The first few days were spent with looking over her shoulder, and every mysterious shadow that Liliana saw made her jump in surprise, heart racing over the edge of her jittery emotions. She was sure that Kreios would appear and claim her again, or seduce her into being his vessel, or worse: cause some kind of catastrophe so that she would be forced to accept him back.

But nothing happened.

Life resumed like it had when she was seventeen, before she'd met the demon, and for the first time in years, she was free. Now, a week later, and she was readying herself for her sister's visit. Kitty rarely texted her, and so when she did, Liliana was more than willing to drop everything to hang out with her baby sister. She knew that Katarina was painfully shy, and she had tried more than once to break the sweet child out of her shell, but it was easier said than done. What came naturally to Liliana was a struggle for Kitty, although sometimes, the older Delacroix wished that she were as sweet, innocent and pure as her sister.

It was her day off work, and she had been reading a book of poems by John Donne by the window. Upon hearing the knock, Liliana's face broke out into a beautiful smile, and hurrying to her front door, she swung it open. "Kitty--!"

The greeting died on her full lips as her large, green eyes widened in surprise. Realizing that she was gaping, Liliana laughed and shook her head, her dark tresses shifting along her shoulders. "Kitty?" she repeated, the shock clearly lacing the name. "Oh, my gosh, you... I wasn't expecting to see you like this. Wow! You look so beautiful!" she complimented her sister, reaching out to hug Katarina and pull her in.

She noticed the hostility almost immediately, the feeling that overcame her shocking her. Liliana released her sister with a frightful gasp, and stumbled back. She blinked, unable to process what had just happened. "Kitty?" she asked again, a sense of dread creeping up her spine, the emotions that broiled within her both familiar and foreign. What had happened to her sister?!

((Liliana's dress: (view spoiler)))

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Deanna | 477 comments At the contact, Katarina's angel swelled in her chest, hot and intense. She wasn't sure what Leira was feeling, but the sudden burn left little doubt that, for some reason, the angel felt very strongly about her sister. As soon as the feeling appeared, however, it was gone.

Lily's embrace stirred that familiar admiration tinged with jealousy from deep within Kitty's gut. The passionate response from the angel within had left her feeling irritable again, and her sister's surprise at her appearance goaded her. Her spine stiff, she snapped "you didn't think you were the only one allowed to be beautiful, did you sister?"

As soon as the words crossed her lips, she wished she could take them back. Reaching for her sister's hand, contrite, Lily murmured, "forgive me, Lily. I don't know what came over me." The contact with Liliana's skin caused a deep burning sensation, and Kitty quickly withdrew her hand. A smile danced on her lips but remained conspicuously absent within her eyes as she skirted around Liliana into the entrance. Oblivious to her sister's sudden shift in mood, she continued down the hall. "Do you have any more of that imported earl grey? I've been positively dying for a cup--yes?" she turned at the sound of her name, eyeing the woman in front of her curiously. Suddenly, Lily looked appalled. "Lily, what's wrong? You look like you just witnessed a murder," Kitty joked uncertainly.


Upon his first look at her, the demon felt his control slip and quickly had to reign in the fire he felt as she embraced his current host. He'd visited her every night, hoping to see her strength fading, not returning, but was sorely disappointed. As he grew more and more desperate to find a host with which he could stay, she began to thrive without him. Exhausted and furious, he had gone to the one person he knew could sway the woman. Her sister had always been a source of vexation for Liliana. She worried about her vulnerability, her naivety, and her willingness to be taken in by a pretty face and a kind smile.

Kreios had warned his beautiful vessel of the price she would pay. Today was the day she would realize just how steep that price was. Unless she took him back, he had no plans to leave. Unsurprisingly, the girl's blood-relation to her sister had made it possible for him to reside in Kitty with relative comfort, and though she was impossibly weak and naive, she did have a luxurious body, which he planned to take advantage of as soon as he'd regained enough strength to manifest.

At the Kreios quietly took control of his sweet host, just long enough to stretch her face into a predatory smile and drop one lid in a wink, her irises white for the space of one blink before returning to their natural icy blue.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Her sister's hostile retort caused Liliana to flinch inwardly, but she kept the sensual smile on her lips, not wanting to add fuel to Kitty's insecurities. "You look lovely," she reiterated to Katarina as she closed the door once her sibling had stepped inside. Which she did and always had; Kitty had just never realized how very pretty she was.

Her insinuated question drained the blood from her already pale face, and for a moment, Liliana remained frozen to the ground as she watched in what seemed like slow motion as her sister's visage shimmered with supernatural light.

No. It couldn't be. She was imagining things. She was having one of her episodes where she felt like he was still here. It was her mind playing with her. That was all.

Shaking her head, Liliana smiled, and said in a somewhat shaky voice, her husky tones accentuated by her uncertainty, "I-I'm sorry, I thought... never mind. Bad dream coming back to me," she assured Kitty. "Of course I have that tea. Come to the kitchen," she said, reaching out a hand to take her sister's. There it was again: those emotions that had reeled her the first time.

Without realizing it, Liliana began to silently mutter a Hail Mary beneath her breath, wishing she had her rosary beads on her. Always sensitive to the otherworld, she could feel her sixth sense alarm sounding, but she adamantly refused to believe that that demon... that he... no, he wouldn't dare.

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Deanna | 477 comments Kitty let her sister's sincere words soothe her roiling emotions momentarily. Though she'd never taken her seriously before, maybe the angel really had been true to her word. Maybe Katarina finally was lovely. "Thanks, Lily," she said quietly, daring to hope that it was true.

She watched uncertainly as the woman before her became even more pale. Was she ill? Kitty knew her sister had dealt with bouts of poor health fairly regularly for the past few years, and she worried that another was coming on. Liliana shook herself, insisting she was fine, and Kitty put it from her mind, snatching her hand away from her sister's as the fire returned. Why won't you let me touch her? she though quietly to her angel, and was rewarded with nothing more than a low, primal growl resounding in her head. It chilled her to the bone. This wasn't like the Leira she knew, and she dropped the subject quickly.

As they walked, Liliana began to move her lips in a quick, silent chant. Though Kitty couldn't hear the words, her angel suddenly became horribly agitated, filling her mind and pushing to the surface of her skin. The delicate host stopped, clutching her head and doubling over in agony. She forced herself to stand and glared at her sister, eyes blinking rapidly from white to blue and back. "STOP, Liliana!" she moaned, unsure if it was a demand or a plea.


Kreios couldn't contain the feral growl he loosed in the girl's mind at the continued contact. He wasn't ready to fully reveal himself to Liliana, but every time his current host touched her sister's tantalizing skin, his resolve slipped further away.

The unexpected Hail Mary hit the demon like a blow to the ribs, and he snapped. Desperately trying to retain his vessel, he pushed himself into her mind, the hardest place from which to dislodge him, and writhed as Katarina was overcome with his presence. She would suffer for this, his beautiful pet. He would be sure of that.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) A chill as cold as an artic wind traveled down Liliana's tender spine as she saw her sister's reaction, knowing full well what it was (having experienced it so often herself, though she'd never been the witness in such a scenario), and still desperately refusing to believe it was true. Her lips continued to move robotically--the words as familiar to her as a favorite song--and even as Katarina begged her to stop, she knew she could not.

Blinking rapidly to keep her resolve in check, Liliana clenched her fist at her side, wanting to reach out to help her sister, but afraid of what the contact would do. "Why," she whispered in a voice that was barely audible once she'd finished her Hail Mary. "Why!" she demanded in a harsher voice, though it was unclear who she was speaking to, demon or sister.

He had told her that she would pay for this, and to make her suffer, he had taken what was dearest to her. Whatever Kitty suffered would be all her fault--was all her fault, and Liliana knew it.

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Deanna | 477 comments Katarina shuddered, lashing out at her sister with delicate hands. "Stop, Lily! You're hurting her!" she shrieked, shoving at the older woman's chest with the little strength she had left. As her vision dimmed, Kitty staggered to a halt, fisting her hands in her hair. "Don't worry, Angel," she breathed, rocking unsteadily on her feet, "I'll protect you."

As the last word left her mouth, the girl blacked out, her legs collapsed, and she crumpled to the floor. Her knees never reached the carpet however, as her body suddenly jerked to life. Head lolling to the side, Katarina's body straightened. Once standing, her eyes opened, and her head slowly rolled forward, lifting to face her sister, an eery, lifeless grin on her face.

"Now, now, is that any way to greet an old friend, Pet?" the white-eyed girl drawled in a familiar, husky tone.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Angel? Liliana’s mind questioned just before her sister’s body gave way under her in a faint, stumbling slightly on her bare feet from her prior impact. Rushing immediately to her sibling’s side, Liliana recoiled in horror as Kitty’s body animated with a will that was not her own. The voice that sounded from her sister’s innocent lips filled Liliana with white hot rage. “How dare you!” she shouted, not thinking about her choice of words, and to whom. “Leave her be at once!” she said in a voice that quivered with indignation. Though she had always known what Kreios was capable of, she had never expected the demon to go so far—considering how deceptively welcoming and soothing he could be when he wanted something from her. She had never met anyone as seductive, and the thought of him taking advantage of Katarina was enough to make Liliana want to rake her skin off her own flesh.

Her large green eyes flashed with fury, and she hissed in a brave voice that she was not aware she possessed, “Leave her now, or I will exorcise you myself, and it. Will. Hurt,” she promised. Making sure that Kreios was out of arm’s reach, Liliana began to move towards her bedroom very slowly. She needed her rosary beads.

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Deanna | 477 comments The horror and hatred in his favored host's eyes excited the demon as no other seduction could, and the manic grin on Katarina's face spread. "Leave her be?" he asked. "I think not. I'm quite comfortable where I am, sweet."

As the girl's lips purred the word comfortable, her hands lifted to brush her collarbones and began a painfully slow descent down her front. Kreios watched hungrily through Kitty's half-lidded eyes for the disgust he would soon see burning on Liliana's lovely face, the flush of rage that would color her creamy skin.

"Why would you want me to abandon her, Liliana?" He asked in a guttural tone. "Do you envy your kin?" her fingers brushed the top of her breasts. "Miss my presence within your own body?" they ghosted down her stomach.

Katarina's soft hands came to rest on her hips, and the demon tilted her lips into a seductive smirk as he watched the woman suffer.

At the threat, Kreios let a tinkling, icy laugh escape his hosts dainty mouth. "Can't you see how I've helped her?" he asked, smoothing the girls hands down her legs before returning them to her waist. "I gave her what she wanted: confidence. She's as desirable as you now, Liliana. If you exorcise me, she'll lose that," Kitty's body sauntered forward and smoothed a hand down her sister's cheek. "And it will be all your fault," he finished softly, relaxing her vocal cords to make them higher and sweeter.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) As the demon corrupted his way down her little sister's body, Liliana found herself unable to turn away her gaze; instead, it remained frozen to Kitty’s corporeal form, her pale green eyes following every unwilling movement. There was no denying that Kreios knew her well—too well, she would argue—for he had used her greatest weaknesses against her. Yes, of course she remembered his touch, his presence within her and the strength he gave to her while he was inside her, but the bad far outweighed the good, she knew that. Yet, at this moment, it was hard to remember why.

And then there was Katarina.

Innocent and insecure Kitty who Liliana knew had always been somewhat jealous of her. Could she not see how much better her own life could have been had she remained innocent? Corruption was not desirable—Liliana knew that. It was why she had tried to rid herself of Kreios for so long.

Her head dipped forward as she shook it, her dark brown hair shifting along her face. She shuddered slightly from the demon’s touch, and clenching her hand into a small fist by her side, Liliana whispered softly, “Please leave her, I—“ she paused, feeling her skin pebble with gooseflesh at his close proximity, “I will pay the price,” she told him, her voice so low she wasn’t sure he would hear her. But he was supernatural—he could have heard her inner thoughts.

She would accept him back, and Katarina would hate her. He had warned her of this a week ago, and now she understood why no one who made a deal with the devil came out on top.

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Deanna | 477 comments Kreios looked on greedily as his tormented pet fought with herself. Her defenses were falling, and he knew it would be only a matter of time before the weak human's will failed her again.

The giddy arousal he gained from watching her surrender rose, and he had to clamp down on the primal instinct to take what was rightfully his. She would submit to him; she always did, and the reward would be that much sweeter.

As her head fell into her sister's hand, he felt her resistance slip away, the inevitable brought to life with her verbal consent.

But Liliana couldn't be allowed to get off that easy. No, she would beg to receive him.

"What gives you the idea that I want your payment?" he purred through Katarina's lips, willing her free hand to rest at the base of her stomach. "There is so much more to . . . explore with this new host. Why should I return to such an unwilling vessel?" he asked simply, indifference coloring the question.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Was she hearing him right? Of course he wanted her back--this was why he was tormenting her by choosing her sister as his vessel when she had turned him away.


They were all the fucking same. He wanted his ego stroked, his pride soothed, and his honor regained--or his version of it in any event. And she would have to swallow hers by tricking him into believing that she desired him more than she did.

Forcing herself not to lunge at Kreios, and thereby inadvertently damaging her sister's body unintentionally, Liliana slowly raised her eyelids so that her large eyes were now staring directly into the milky depths of the demon's as she whispered back, "You said yourself that you have never been more comfortable then when you resided within me. Kreios," she spoke his name, raising one of her hands to take her sister's as she brought it to her beating heart. An alluring smile crept up her full lips, as she then parted them, her breath soft on Kitty's face. "I am willing."

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Deanna | 477 comments The prideful demon's resolve waned as Liliana's green orbs looked into not her sister's, but his eyes. His usual keen perception--now clouded with lust at their close proximity--failed to notice the anger brimming over, only finding in her eyes the emotions he wanted to see.

The familiar beat of her heart, a cadence he associated with himself as much as his vessel, caused the final threads of control Kreios possessed to snap. He brought Kitty's free hand to Liliana's hair, stroking at first, before fisting the small fingers into her thick, soft locks and dragging her face violently forward. A mere breath apart, his smoky form sprang from the younger girls lips, curling around Liliana's neck and face before filling her mouth with the wispy tendrils. Katarina's limp form crumpled, but before she could hit the floor, Kreios caught her, taking her further into Liliana's home and depositing her gently on a chair. He was pleased with his success, and his true vessel would be rewarded for this.

As he disappeared within his host, the demon's strength had returned near instantaneously, and once Kitty had been made comfortable, he returned his thoughts to Liliana. He stretched, filling every part of the sumptuous body with heat and power. He ran her hands over her skin, reacquainting himself with his vessel, and her soft lips whispered silky, "don't you see, pet? There is no escaping me, and deep down, you know you don't want to."

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) It was hard for her to describe how she felt when he entered her; the first time it happened, Liliana had been in a state of euphoria upon his invasion for several hours, and now, as he seeped inside her, her body was overwhelmed with a myriad of sensations that tingled along her body all the way to her fingertips and toes. Her eyelids fluttered as her lips remained parted, and were it not for Kreios’s strength, his regained vessel would have crumpled to the floor. She was only semi aware of carrying Kitty to a chair and she didn’t even remember walking into her bedroom, but when her own hands trailed along her supple form--her own flesh so easily accessible thanks to the loose gown she wore--Liliana moaned softly in response.

No, she did not want to escape from him—had never wanted to. She had been so foolish in trying to do so, and he was so kind and generous to accept her back. Deliriously, Liliana replied within her mind, unable to speak aloud for fear of breaking the spell, I am your willing servant, my lord, and your humble vessel. Do with me as you will, I beg of you.

Yes, she had been foolish, very foolish indeed to think that she did not want him, did not need him, or desire him.

She belonged to him.


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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Utterly exhausted from the energy that it took to fully welcome back her demon prince, Liliana could do nothing more but allow herself to drift off into a deep sleep. Her sister forgotten downstairs, her clothes abandoned and her door unlocked was the state of the apartment left in the wake of her weak will.

He had been watching them—his protégé and the vessel. Carefully hidden deep within the realms of the damned, and now that Kreios had had his fill of his pet, it was time for the Prince of Darkness of make his own appearance into the mortal realm. His child was learning quickly—the ability to manifest in the flesh was no easy task—and Tatius was curious to know how far his spawn would be willing to go to keep his vessel (the boy was becoming too attached to weak, mortal flesh).

Liliana’s window blew open as a deathlike chill crept through the air, reaching the nude forms that were spooning on the bed. It continued to creep down the stairs to where the second human rested, and passing through their lungs, the frost kept them asleep in a catatonic state.

”Wake up, child,” the words whispered through the air, only audible for the Kreios’s ears.

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Deanna | 477 comments Kreios lay physically spent, yet filled with a renewed vigor, on the bed, Liliana's sleeping form clutched possessively to his chest. He would reclaim his rightful place within her breast soon, but for the time, he would remain where he was. It would please his host to wake up in his arms, and though much could be said about the demon, it could never be denied that he knew how to please a woman.

Defenses down, his dozing mind never had a chance to sense the approach of another demon before he was upon them. Kreios felt the other presence before he saw him, that bone-chilling cold that sucked the warmth from the room.

Tatius. Of course.

Dread followed quickly by annoyance filled the younger demon. Every time Kreios began to make himself comfortable, the bastard seemed to appear and fuck with his plans.

"Tatius," he greeted his sire coolly from his reclining position. "Had I known you would be coming to call, I might have freshened up."

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) At the sound of his true name, Tatius manifested in his corporeal form, taking little to no effort to do so, his mastery of his powers far more potent than his protégé's. He was naked from the waist up, his bottom half covered with a pair of tight, leather bottoms that hugged his narrow waist, just below his jutting hipbones, chiseled, and in no way emaciated. His feet were bare, as was the rest of his body, and he wore his luscious, raven black hair straight past his shoulders.

"You know I am not one for such formalities, my child," the demon murmured as he made his way towards Kreios, a small smile of amusement gracing his lips. "Just the sight of you is enough to ease my mind of your wellbeing," he taunted, knowing his protégé knew full well that his master was merely toying with him. "You have been keeping well," he mused, taking in the bronzed form of his child. "Very well, from what I can see...." His mint green eyes held Kreios's for a few intense seconds before he allowed his gaze to drift over to Liliana, watching the way her full bosom rose and fell with each deep breath. She was lovely; he couldn't deny her that.

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Deanna | 477 comments He resisted looking at his creator as long as he could, until, as if by magnetic force, the demon's head angled to the side, eyes locking on to the pale green orbs above him.

He had that way about him, Tatius, bending the will of those around him, and though Kreios knew every time that, eventually, he would fail, he never ceased to try. Every second of resistance a small victory.

Not bothering to dignify his taunts with a response, held his sire's gaze until it slithered away and alighted on the sleeping form of his vessel. A predatory snarl clawed at the back of his throat as his arm tightened around the slender waist it held, but he suppressed his ire. The demons had shared women before, so Tatius' interest in Liliana came as no surprise, but this was different.

She was his. Kreios had no interest in making her communal property. And he feared the stronger demon knew that.

"I assume your visit had a purpose?" he asked, keeping his tone unaffected.

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) “Do I need a reason to see my child?” Tatius asked, as he smirked slightly, reading Kreios’s reaction to his lingering gaze on the human. So, it was like that, was it? Interesting.... Without waiting for a response to his own question, the demon sat himself down on Liliana’s large king-size, his weight causing the mattress to dip slightly. As it did so, the human’s pale, lithe leg shifted slightly so that her foot was now within Tatius’s personal space. “As a matter of fact, however, this time I do have a reason,” he said to his protégé as one hand came up to gently encircle the delectable ankle of the sleeping woman. So delicate. So fragile….

“There are those who say you have been far from home for far too long,” Tatius began as he stroked the smooth skin beneath his hand, watching Kreios’s expression, having noted the way the younger demon had tightened his hold on his vessel. “This makes me look weak,” he pointed out. “Like I do not have control of my offspring,” he continued. “And I do not like appearing as such,” he finished, his hand tightening somewhat roughly around Liliana’s ankle, who gasped in reaction to the pain though she remained asleep thanks to Tatius’s powers.

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Deanna | 477 comments Eyeing his sire icily, Kreios waited in silence for him to make his point, fighting to remain stoic as the demon perched on the bed and wrapped his powerful, slender fingers around Liliana's milky ankle.

"I come when I'm needed," he ground out through gritted teeth. "I didn't know a powerful demon such as yourself was so dependent on one of your lowly creations."

As she squirmed in her sleep, discomfort evident, the younger demon found his rage boiling hotter. He would have liked nothing more than to rip away the demon's head. How dare he molest Kreios's property in such a way? Calm facade slipping away, he bit out, "you have the power to harvest innumerable souls to do your bidding, Tatius, and yet, you always come slithering back to me. I am beginning to suspect you need me more than you let on, father."

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) There was the spark he had been waiting for. Kreios, dear Kreios, always so temperamental, the older demon whispered into his protégé’s mind. “And why would I not need you?” Tatius countered out loud as he began to run his hand up the length of the human’s ankle, her skin so soft beneath his own immortal touch. “You who I have nurtured since your rebirth to become the creature that you are now.” He pulled his hand away as he paused in his speech to hold Kreios’s gaze. “You know the game, my son, and therefore you cannot assume you would be exempt from playing, now would you?” he asked, his words ambiguous. “Now, I will let you keep your pet since you seem so attached to her, but do not think for a second that I would not take her away if I find you displeasing me,” he warned, his voice having lowered to a deathly whisper.

The icy breeze that had crawled through the window earlier could be felt once again in the room, this time its power crawling up the other demon’s body, as if forcing Kreios to give up his corporeal manifestation lest it be encased in the cold’s sharp pain. Beside him, Liliana’s breath became shallow as her heartrate slowed, the air escaping her lungs visible in the rapidly dropping temperature. “You remember what happens to those who displease me,” he threatened in calmly, his own physical body unaffected by his power. Most demons controlled fire, but Tatius had discovered centuries ago that the sharpest burn came from temperatures of the coldest depths.

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Deanna | 477 comments The mental taunt in combination with his wandering hand had Kreios nearly ready to break, but still, he held on. If the younger demon snapped, it would be he who paid the price, not Tatius--and likely in the form of a dead or stolen vessel.

If there was one thing Kreios consistently felt for his sire, it was respect. He rarely liked the demon, didn't trust him, and felt no filial duty. No, the sentiment that kept him in line was a healthy fear of the older, stronger being. His power coupled with the cool, unshakeable calm--even when enraged--kept Kreios always on his toes, and despite his small acts of rebellion, he knew he would never be rid of the creature who created him.

And suddenly, pain. Skin-searing, unendurable, maddening cold. For a moment, the demon forgot where he was, who he was. All he could think about was finding some way to melt the ice crystals forming in his veins and threatening to burst through his skin. From through the haze, the demon heard a voice, the voice. The one who could stop it. And he forced himself to speak. "You know . . . I always come back to you . . . Tatius." He managed a glance at his host. Her chest had ceased moving, and panic mixed with his pain. His voice was fading now, his own form shimmering, trying to become vapor, to escape the pain, but he continued in a beg, "you know I'm loyal."

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) “You must show me more often, my child,” Tatius replied, the growing smirk on his face evident in his voice without looking at the demon. “I want you back… tomorrow night,” he said to Kreios as he released his protégé from his icy spell. Beside him, the mortal was still breathing with some difficulty, but she would live. She had not been exposed to the element for it to affect her permanently. Of course the Underworld did not keep time in the same way that the mortal realm did, but the demon knew that Kreios would remain on this plane until he was summoned, if only to keep clear of his sire.

He rose then from where he had been sitting on the bed, and keeping his spawn’s gaze, he began to fade from his corporeal form, but not before giving his parting words: “Do not forget who you belong to first and foremost.”

His green eyes were the last thing to disappear.

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Deanna | 477 comments As Tatius disappeared, the younger demon found himself released from the blood-chilling spell that held him, and he came to his feet, furious with himself, with his sire, with the disgraceful human beside him for ensnaring his attentions thus far. He wanted to hurt the her, punish her for causing him such trouble. It was not for Tatius to decide what happened to his pets. The part of his essence still within in his host suddenly boiled painfully beneath her skin, scorching away the invading cold of his sire, cleansing her of the vile beast who created him. Her whimpers as she lay unconscious only spurned on his rage. If not for this human, his guard would not have been down. Tatius, would not have found him so easily manipulated. Finger-like tendrils formed around her heart and lungs, squeezing until no air or blood could escape.

And suddenly, as his pet emitted shallow gasps, her milky skin turning a pale grey-blue, he let go, his anger having finally fizzled out. The whimpers, however, continued from the woman on the bed, and he crawled back to his place beside her and curled his human form around her soft body, soothing her from within and without. He would decide when his host was punished or rewarded.

Tomorrow, he would visit his sire. Tonight, he would rest and replenish the strength the other demon stripped from him.

He didn't know when, but one day, Kreios would make Tatius suffer.


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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Every single cell in her body hurt. It was difficult to move, painful to walk, and almost impossible to breathe. And yet, Liliana had never felt more alive, more in tune with her body, and more aware of her senses than she did this morning.

Seated at the dining room table with her sister (who she had found asleep on the couch), the older woman had roused her with a sweet smile and a loving kiss on the forehead, feigning ignorance of what had occurred last night. With any luck, Kitty’s blackout would have erased some of her memories, and if not, well, Lily wasn’t going to be the first one to bring it up. She had set the table with a fine bone china tea set, boiled eggs in little cup holders and some whole wheat toast with soft butter. Her large green eyes were lowered as she busied herself with spreading jam on her sister’s toast, and when she glanced up to see Kitty looking a little lost, she said to her in her sultry, contralto voice, “Kitty, sweetheart. Have some tea, please.” Her voice was too loud in her own ears, and the pressure from the butter knife in her hand was hurting her skin. Everything hurt. What had Kreios done? Fucking him had never brought so much pain and pleasure in the past.

((Liliana's clothes: (view spoiler)))

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Deanna | 477 comments After the eventful night before, Kreios could not be bothered to stir in his hosts breast the next morning. He was acutely aware of what went on around her, and inside of her, for that matter (her mixed aching satisfaction attracted his attention like a beast to blood; it made him want to materialize and ravish her all over again), but rather than interacting, the demon rested, collecting his strength. He would need it to visit his sire that evening.


Kitty felt hollow.

She had been awake, aware of her surroundings when Liliana woke her that morning. She was able to stand when her sister undressed her, wiped her clammy skin with cool cloth, combed her wild hair, and slipped a loose, silky robe around her. She watched through unseeing eyes while the woman lead her to the dining room and sat her down. The breakfast she prepared looked as about as appetizing as gravel, and so she stared.

For some reason, the younger woman felt as if she should be sad. Something terrible had happened the night before, but she was too numb to care about remembering.

Her glassy blue orbs drifted lazily from the egg cup she had been looking through to her sister when she heard her name. Tea. With a slow hand, the girl brought the cup to her mouth, letting the hot liquid thaw some of the chill in her bones, eyes becoming more clear.

"What--" she cleared her throat daintily "what happened last night, Lily? Am . . . I sick?"

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๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Sick was one way to put it, but she wasn’t sure that it could full explain what had happened, and so Lilianna shook her head, and replied, “Not exactly, hun. You slipped and fell when you came inside, do you remember?” she asked, bringing her own teacup to her lips as she made a small O to blow on the piping hot liquid. “When you passed out, I was really worried so I called 911,” she continued, the lies coming so easily. Deception had always been so… comfortable when Kreios resided inside her, and she had forgotten how… powerful she felt when the demon was with her. How could she have ever given him up? She was so fortunate to have his forgiveness. She craved him. She needed him. “Someone came, but they said that you just needed to sleep it off, and that you might feel a little off for a bit, but you don’t have anything to worry about,” she assured her sister. Rising then to her feet, Liliana circled the table until she was behind Kitty and placing her warm hands on the other girl’s shoulders, she began to massage them. “You can stay here as long as you need to,” she cooed. “I’ve already called Mom.” The movements she was making made Liliana wince inwardly, though, there it was again: every time she felt red, hot pain, a cold, almost soothing cool would ease the feeling. It felt like she was at war within herself. What had happened?

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