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Kathleen Ruddy Kathleen Apr 30, 2015 05:45AM
I'd heard the book was good. It took me about 20 pages to be held in its grip. Then I couldn't put it down and read it to the end. (Very late night, well worth it.)

Here's the thing: I've ridden that train, so to speak. I was involved for three years with a man just like Tom. I bet I'm not the only woman who identifies with the characters in the plot and the story line.

I'd love to hear from other readers whose lives resonate with the story in this book.

I don't quite think she's literally talking about
'riding a train'.

I loved that this character was such a wreck. You wanted to root for her but she just kept making the same mistakes.

I commute every day on the train. I go past people's houses and streets and wonder about the lives that are going on as the train speeds by them. I know some of the people on the train as well as anybody else.

I used to live in the NY tri-state area and it was convenient to just hop on the train to get to/from college on weekends/holidays, or just hanging out in the city. My friends and I used to make up our own stories about the other commuters complete with dialogue from our twisted imagination... Fun way to pass the time while on the subway!

i'm a commuter and there are defnitely people that i see on each of my trains on respective days, and if i take the LIRR - then i see the same houses as well that i'm always thinking about what their stories are.

I commuted to work on a train for a while. I did prefer to look out the window at the sites along the way rather than looking at my fellow riders. Often I brought a book along with me to read just in case I got bored.

But it was relaxing to look out the windows and just chill out until your stop came up.

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