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Jul-Aug 2015 You > Chapters 24-34 (SPOILERS)

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Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
Put your comments about this section here.

Sarah I don't like Peach, how she treats Joe (she doesn't know he's a psycho like we do) or how she is a friend (or not) to Beck. Very judgemental, passive aggressive and manipulative.

Sarah Oops, that comment was meant for the one marked chapter 12 -? How did that happen?

Michelle Holden | 115 comments I am starting to wonder who is the real sociopath here. Beck is a mess and a bit of a hooker if I'm honest. Wonder whether it's a twist that she turns out worse than joe!

Did I misread or did joe admit to drowning the first stalkee Candace? I'm sure it was a one liner in there somewhere but can't find it now

Sarah Yes I was going to mention Candace. He says "I see Candace's musical tucking brother on TV sometimes and I want to smash the screen and tell him that his sister did not drown while body surfing."

I agree that Becks is quite obsessions, self absorbed, craves attention and is an exhibitionist. Definitely has Daddy issues.

Joe mentions that it's lucky his "book of Becks" wasn't on displacement she turns up at his flat. Do you think he was joking or for real?

I couldn't believe the shopping dressing room incident.

I'm getting bored now and want to know what happens already. He's whining she's gone cold and she's whining she misses him. Boring! I'm 60% in now and kind of wanting there to be less pages to wade through.

Sarah I'm zooming through as I want to finish it now.

Joe has just been attacked in his shop. At first I thought it was something to do with Peach. But no. Curtis. He doesn't have much luck what with this then the car accident. I thought the police run in was a little unbelievable. The cop would have ran his plates and given him a notice to provide ID within a set time frame surely.

I'm finding parts of the way No speaks annoying. Here is an example "Officer Nico - cool name - didn't leave his lights on - cool dude - and his cop car is a hybrid - only in LC - and we are driving, relief".

An interesting coincidence that Benji's boat has been found abandoned and now is presumed dead. Joe is lucky there.

The whole Peach and Beck thing was surprising. Peach Took advantage, ignored Beck's dismissals until her first all one when all of a sudden Peach turns everything around as if it were Beck's fault. Nasty piece of work. I'm surprised Beck let it happen for as long as it did and she didn't seem shocked by it all.

So Joe recalls killing Candace so now that's confirmed. And he kills Peach. But I wonder whether she'll show up again - she is tough and might survive the ordeal. That would be bad news for Joe as she saw his face.

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Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
Yes, throughout it seems like Joe is easily getting away with a lot... several murders for instance!

Larissa | 270 comments Wow, this just goes in unexpected places. Curtis's attack, Joe's wreck and insane bit of luck getting past police and a hospital with a fake identity, Peach makes a move and is dealt with (YAY!), and Joe goes to therapy. More and more, I'm angry with Beck for just abandoning him. Will Dr. Nicky see past his affable persona? Will a cup of pee come back to haunt him? Still unpredictable!

Sarah I still can't get over the police incident part. Surely any car wreck would be investigated, i.e, insurance documents and driving license requested?! I don't think Joe would have been able to get away with using a fake name. Too convenient.

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Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
I agree, Sarah. Some parts of the book seem unbelievable. Joe should have been caught by now. But, hey, it's only fiction, right? Well... not when it happens in real life!

Kerri I agree with you Sarah, I am getting bored and just want to finish it now.
Too much is happening that is too unbelievable. Joe getting beat up then the car accident he can barely walk away from, but a day later, after sleeping out in the cold, he can run after Peach who runs everyday and overpower her? The whole police/hospital part was ridiculous, he never would have gotten away with that.
I'm tired of Joe too now, he has become whiny as someone else said, I don't like any of the characters.
I'm not sure how all of it is going to end but I hope I get to it soon

Sarah Yes I got a bit frustrated with it all. But I had read that far and didn't want to abandon. I'm pleased I finished it but I don't think I've ever been so relieved to finish a book before.

Linda Boyd (boydlinda95gmailcom) | 598 comments The Officer Nico part was so unbelievable, cops don't act like that!

I also thought the part when Joe kills Peach and then sends that email to Beck telling her that she has gone away to think and Beck is fine with it - would Peach really do that? I know Beck mentions that she has done something like this before, but has she ever made a move on Beck before and then just leave like that????

I was surprised by the Curtis incident also - did he really care about that job enough to jump Joe?

And how is Dr. Nicky calling himself a therapist if he is not a doctor - can you do that???

Lots of strange things happening, but I'm still into this book and anxious to see what is going to happen next.

Kerri The Curtis incident did come out of left field didn't it. I'll be interested to hear about your final thoughts Linda.

Kelly Hull (kellyvan) | 7 comments The Curtis incident is one of the reasons I like this book. Joe behaves so abnormally that he's fun to watch. Him saying something like "he got one one me" instead of trying to seek revenge of some sort is refreshing and new to read, even if Joe's a psycho.

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