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Jul-Aug 2015 You > Chapters 12-23 (SPOILERS)

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Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
Put your comments about this section here.

Sarah Just finished chapter 14. I'm almost wanting Joe and Becks to get together. is that wrong?

Peach's party was painful. I don't like her one bit. Becks is very different around her.

I feel for Becks. she seems unlucky in love and she seems to be falling for Joe. And he does seem like a nice guy (when he's not being a psycho stalker, looking people in cages and wielding a machete). He is very considerate towards her. But that is bound to change. I see jealous, controling and smothering behaviour to come if their "relationship " moves on to the next level.

Michelle Holden | 115 comments I agree Becks seems a little unlucky in love but I think that is self inflicted as she is after a rich man whether they treat her well or not.

Have just got to the Charles Dickens festival and now have an inkling what her Daddy fetish is. I hope I'm not right as that would be too yucky for words.

Wondering how joe is going to get out of the fact that beck saw him there. Sure he will though - he is such a great stalker lol

Sarah Despite having locked Benji up, Joe does generally look after him well - a £20 salad?!

Leaching piece of work. The whole making of the IKEA bed evening was tense and disastrous. Peach reminds me of someone I used to know. I hate how she treats Beck and has her wrapped around her little finger - it is anger inspiring.

I said generally earlier about HowIe treats Benji because now he is dead. I can't believe he was able to remove the body and cremated it so easily. I had to laugh when he stores a box of Benji in Benji's box.

I know Joe is an unreliable narrator so it's difficult to know whether the characters are truly as they are appearing to us.
I bet Beck's was over the moon with her carriage ride date. I wonder whether he gleaned info from her social media profiles to make it so perfect. Well, I say it was perfect - Peach struck again. I have to agree with Joe about the appropriateness of Beck's mid date tweet. I find it deeply annoying when people spend time on their phones when they should be enjoying what's happening in front of their face. There does seem to be a theme throughout the book highlighting the negative aspects of social media, phones and technology generally.

So Peach is in love with Beck's it would seem. I didn't see that coming. I was almost pleased when Joe ran in to her and pushed her down. But she survived so I guess we'll have to endure her for a bit longer. I don't think it will be that much longer though.

Another surprise is Beck's father is alive. I wonder why she's been lying to everyone.

Sarah I'm mid way through the Charles Dickens festival.

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Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
The IKEA trip was laughable. I hate IKEA because it seems so phony and it's just too big and impersonal for me.

Joe did good with the carriage ride surprise. Too bad he's a psychopath.

I just KNEW Peach was in love with Beck. She is so manipulative and mean. I was hoping Joe killed her. That must really reflect on my personality! lol

I see your point, Sarah, about social media. We have our noses stuck in our phones too much these days. Have a conversation without one for Pete's Sake!

I'm still rooting for Joe and I know that's bad!

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Janice (jamasc) | 801 comments Debra, you scare me! LOL! Just kidding. You're hilarious.

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Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
Janice wrote: "Debra, you scare me! LOL! Just kidding. You're hilarious."

I know! I scare myself! lol

Larissa | 270 comments It's terribly funny how long Beck keeps him hanging. He's such a "good boyfriend!" And after the date at Bemelmans Bar and Peach's fake stalker shenanigans, I too was ready for Peach to have an accident. And maybe Beck too.

How weird that now I'm cheering Joe on, siding with one stalker over another. I mean, dude killed Benji! I was disappointed to see Benji go so quickly. I'd have loved to see more tests or something. Their interactions were so funny. And ch 16 just gives us that Benji died "educated" about Crane and died with "an opening heart, an improving mind." His death gets ONE PARAGRAPH?? And then he somehow cremates Benji?? Hmm... I wonder if there's some author trick at play with this, and nothing is as it seems.

The Charles Dickens trip was just ludicrous. I wanna say that is more believable in real life than it is in fiction. And now, is Joe busted? What a cliffhanger--knock knock knock!!!

Larissa | 270 comments Sarah, I agree. I want to see them get together! Would Joe be different, or would he still be the "good guy" like he's been so far? I thin, like in real life, he'll let the monster out once he has her.

Sarah Larissa wrote: "Sarah, I agree. I want to see them get together! "

Did I really say that? God I should have kept my mouth shut! You'll see my contradicting thoughts on that in the next section. lol.

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Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
Larissa, I think many of us were taking Joe's side in things as he DOES seem like he'd make a good boyfriend... IF he was only stalking Beck. But deep down we know Joe's not as good as he seems.

Kerri I am really enjoying reading this now and am laughing at so much of it.
I loved Joe's description of IKEA, I hate going there too. You can never really get a good look at anything, and let's be honest there is way too much of it, because there are people everywhere that you have to push past and always screaming kids so you can't think straight.
I love how upset Joe got over the reaction he got from sending Peach the smiley face balloon, I literally laughed out loud.
I really like all the rants Joe goes on and the way he describes people, like the Quarterwits on the boat,I've never heard that expression before.
I can't stand Peach, or Beck for that matter, I hope Joe locks them both up in the cage together! Not really, but Peach's neediness and Beck's pandering to her are doing my head in.
I love the Sinead O'connor being thrown in and find myself singing the lines, 'it's been 7 hours and 6 whole days'
It's a bit sad when you find yourself cheering on the psycho, but I am.

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Debra (debra_t) | 2574 comments Mod
Kerri, no worries, Kerri. Most of us felt the same. And, I agree with you and Joe about IKEA... hate it!

Sarah I'm with you on the IKEA thing too! Now, I'll choose online what I want and then go straight to the aisles where stuff is stored and pick it off the shelf so I don't have to be herded like a sheep around the rest of the place.

Linda Boyd (boydlinda95gmailcom) | 598 comments I think I'm at chapter 14 and OMG!!! Joe has killed Benji!!! The weird thing is that I want to blame Beck & Peach but really it is not their fault, Joe is the one who kidnapped him and it was Joe's own crazy mind that caused Joe to kill Benji.

Linda Boyd (boydlinda95gmailcom) | 598 comments So, Peach, now she is a psycho! I can't believe that she has Beck wrapper around her finger like that - and Peach is so mean to Joe - and now we know why, and when Beck is with Peach - she is a little mean to Joe also. The smiley face balloon, I loved that scene, I thought it was a nice thing for Joe to do - he just wanted to give Peach something special - even though he tried to kill her.

And how can Beck go to Joe's apartment and not see all of her stuff there! This girl is so clueless!!! Clearly she does not realize that Peach is obsessed with her and that Joe - no matter how sweet he is - is a psycho stalker!

Another part of this section that I love is Joe's obsession with old typewriters! I simply love that and I love that he names them and calls them by their names - that is so very cool.

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