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message 1: by Nina (new)

Nina Wallem | 2 comments Hi, i need help for new books to read

message 2: by Ivan (new)

Ivan Amberlake you should probably look here:

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Ashwood (sarahashwood) | 27 comments Hi Nina,
What genres do you like to read?

message 4: by Nina (new)

Nina Wallem | 2 comments I like historical romance, and paranormal:)

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Ashwood (sarahashwood) | 27 comments Kate Quinn has some amazing historical fiction/historical romance novels.

message 6: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Chanticleer (rachelchanticleer) | 39 comments Nina wrote: "I like historical romance, and paranormal:)"

I just recommended this trilogy in a different group earlier today, but it fits this request too!

Have you read the MacLauchlan Berserker series by Kerrigan Byrne? It's PNR, but also historical romance, set in the 15th century Scottish Highlands. Sexy and action packed.

Unspoken (The MacLauchlans, #1) by Kerrigan Byrne , Unwilling (The MacLauchlans, #2) by Kerrigan Byrne , Unwilling (The MacLauchlans, #2) by Kerrigan Byrne

message 7: by Shelby (new)

Shelby | 6 comments Veronica Blades Shapes of Autumn is a paranormal romance series and one of the books in the series is a historical romance.

Heres some more paranormal books,

Captured (The Captive, #1) by Erica Stevens Obsidian (Lux, #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout Bound (The Crystor, #1) by C.K. Bryant Tall, Dark & Lonely (Pyte/Sentinel, #1) by R.L. Mathewson Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) by Susan Ee Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves, #1) by Quinn Loftis White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements, #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout Something Witchy This Way Comes (Something Witchy, #1) by Veronica Blade

message 10: by M.A. (new)

M.A. Nichols (manichols) For paranormal, try the Mercy Thompson or Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs. They're fantastic! And Samantha Young has a bunch of wonderful paranormal YA series that are great.

message 11: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Britt (samanthabritt) | 19 comments Will of Fate: Dual Court Kiss I is currently free with Kindle Unlimited!

Twenty three year old Gwen Longe has her life all planned out. She’s overcome obstacles most people cannot even fathom, let alone conquer and find themselves successfully completing their first year of medical school. Home to visit her foster brother and best friends for the summer, Gwen is eager for what she views as a stress-free vacation from her wonderful, but hectic, life.
All notions of relaxation are swept away when a handsome stranger walks into her life; revealing a world she never knew existed. Kalan exposes certain truths about herself, and brings Gwen to a world so magical she could not have created it in her wildest dreams.

Prince Kalan of Winter Court agreed to a trip in the Human Realm with his friend in order to escape the never ending parade of potential lifemates his mother throws his way. The prince did not expect to encounter Gwen, a Winter Fae of incomparable beauty. He certainly did not expect the fascination he develops for her once he learns her story, and he is not likely to let it go anytime soon.

A story of love and tragedy through two generations, intertwined with Fate, Will of Fate is a fantasy romance sure to cause elation and despair, hope and disappointment; all the while revealing a magical world where the Fate of many rest on the shoulders of Two.

Work of Fate: Dual Court Kiss II will be available Winter 2015!

Will of Fate Dual Court Kiss I by Samantha Britt

Some reader's words about Will of Fate

I've read several court of the Fae books before, and this one has them all beat with an imaginative plot and good character building. The story built quickly and moved forward at a fun pace. The book elicits a couple of WHAT? type reactions that keep you reading to find out why and how!
-Alicia L.

I dare you to figure out the twist before page 270... There was simply no way I could have expected the plot twist by the end of the book. It was quite a rush.
-S. Nileson

Will keep you guessing... This is a gripping fantasy/romance. Looking forward to reading more.
-Lenita Sheridan

Amazing! Love, love, love this book! I absolutely loved this book. The writing is impeccable, the story is intriguing and the characters are entertaining and likable.

Wow! This book had me hooked right from the start. I am a huge fantasy fan, and I especially love stories involving the Fae. I've read many books about the Winter and Summer Fae courts, but this one was unique and creative in its own right.

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