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Jaguar Princess: The Last Maya Shaman
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message 1: by Chess (last edited Apr 29, 2015 09:42PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Chess Desalls (chessdesalls) SBW TalkBooks selected Jaguar Princess: The Last Maya Shaman by Marjorie Bicknell Johnson as its first group read!

Feel free to add comments here as you read along. You're invited to cite your favorite quotes too! As with any SBW event or meeting, please keep thoughts constructive and professional.

We hope you can also make it to our next in-person meeting on May 27! Marjorie will be available for a live Q&A and book signings. For more details, please message me here on Goodreads or email me at

Jaguar Princess The Last Maya Shaman by Marjorie Bicknell Johnson

SBW Goodreads Moderator | 3 comments Mod
Great selection!

Chess Desalls (chessdesalls) Any thoughts so far on this month's group read? I'll be posting favorite quotes as we read along. :o)

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Chess Desalls (chessdesalls) A note about spoilers:

Reading is a personal experience, and some folks read faster than others. We don't want to give away key moments or the end of the story before other readers get there.

Please use spoiler tags to hide comments that would ruin the story. A spoiler tag hides text behind a link, so that those who don't want to see spoilers can skip over them, and those who wish to see the comments can click to read.

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Patrick McQueen (Droidpat) | 1 comments Quote from ch.10: (view spoiler)

Chess Desalls (chessdesalls) Patrick wrote: "Quote from ch.10..."

Nice one! Look at you being all spoiler tag savvy. :o)

Chess Desalls (chessdesalls) I like this a lot: "A grandfather has sent me a letter across time." ~ Jaguar Princess: The Last Maya Shaman

Chess Desalls (chessdesalls) "I will never think of corn in the same way again."

Marjorie Johnson (mbicknelljohnson) | 4 comments Jaguar Princess was a story that needed to be told.
Prior to the Spanish Conquest, the Maya had libraries of hand-painted book manuscripts. In 1562, the Spaniards burned more than a thousand books in one bonfire. In the PBS documentary, “Breaking the Mayan Code,” an eleven-year-old boy made major contributions to reading the inscriptions on Mayan stone monuments. I thought, “A girl could do that!” and then, “Who would want to read Mayan writing?”
Chanla Pex, called Pesh, is a direct descendant of a Mayan king and carries the blood of a shaman. She has a passion for reading the monument stones at the ruin where she grows up with her grandmother, who follows the old ways. The history and geography of Yucatán have provided the foundation of her life.
I studied Mayan life, religion, and customs prior to Columbus and visited modern Maya to observe how they live. I visited ruins, studied their history, and learned to read Mayan numbers. I read a translation of the Popol Vuh, a story of Mayan gods and history, somewhat like the Bible. The Maya had developed the only complete writing system in Mesoamerica, but it remained unreadable for centuries after the book burning.

Chess Desalls (chessdesalls) Hi Marjorie! Thanks for stopping by. That's fascinating! The story definitely feels well-researched. I'm enjoying it.

message 11: by Chess (last edited May 26, 2015 01:46PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Chess Desalls (chessdesalls) I have my questions ready for Marjorie! If you have questions for the live Q&A and can't make it to tomorrow's meeting, please add them here.

I'll be posting a recap of the Q&A in the form of a written interview on my blog.

Chess Desalls (chessdesalls) TalkBooks' interview of Marjorie is up on my blog.

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