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message 1: by Nora aka Diva, The Diva Mod (new)

Nora aka Diva (DuctTapeDiva) | 391 comments Mod
I am curious if anyone is still around here somewhere on Goodreads. It's a shame this group has gone defunct. Wonder if it can be revived?

message 2: by Katt_goddess (new)

Katt_goddess | 267 comments My default on GoodReads is to go immediately to my recent updates page rather than here so I don't see any new posts here unless I physically check in. -.-; I'm still around but mainly just adding books and reading them to beat my yearly goal. I've seen others pop up on my feed from here but they are probably doing the same thing or have joined more active groups that cater specifically to their particular favorite author[s] / genre[s] rather than something more free-floating.

message 3: by Jamie (JK), Houdini Mod (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) | 703 comments Mod
Fell out of reading this year due to working two jobs... hut ive been reading more lately.

Seems anything [asmb] is past its time though...

message 4: by Andra (new)

Andra | 75 comments sorry I just don't post here at all cuz I just update book status. I stopped after we stopped picking a book of the month to read and discuss :\

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