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message 1: by Rissa (new)

Rissa Brahm | 4 comments Hello All,
_Her Tryst of Fate_ by Rissa Brahm is hungry for betas...the link to my book blurb's below...

So, I'm in NEED of betas (but am in no major rush for feedback, a month timeframe for return response is fine) but I am having a heck of a time wrangling them up, especially experienced, effective romance readers.

I also only need light summary, reader-experience, developmental feedback (check out the brief beta form on my site: ) I am giving a FREE COPY after publishing so you can see the finished product with your much appreciated and valued feedback taken into account.

Here is the blurb for _Her Tryst of Fate_...

Book's genre: Hot Contemporary Romance
Word count: @80K
Kinds of sex scenes (if applicable): 2 sensual and descriptive sex scenes plus foreplay
# of Betas Wanted: 50-75
MS has been Professionally Dev. Edited by veteran Harlequin freelancer.

I have five books planned for my first Series: 2 manuscripts are completed, the three others are still in synopsis form but have been vetted by my freelance editor.

If you would like to take this on–again, no proofing or line editing, grammar isn't in horrible shape (my editor will hit that again after I get and apply the beta feedback for the story–then you can be on my list for the next four books in line for the same deal if that interests you, and if my writing style hits your spot :-)

Anyway, looking forward to hearing back either way, because maybe life is too busy now, but you'd like to hear when the other books are ready for beta... and Thanks fro reading this email!
Thanks so much!! Rissa

message 2: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Champion I'd love to beta for you. I'm not sure what you classify as a experienced romance reader, but I read approximately 100+ books a year and 95% of that is romance. I have a small amount of beta experience; however all have told me my feedback was very helpful and exactly what they needed.

If you are interested in using me as a beta you can pm on here.

Thanks Tif :)

message 3: by Rissa (new)

Rissa Brahm | 4 comments Fabulous Tiffany (or Tif is pref., like it)
I would love your help!
Shoot me an email at (I used "at" instead of @ because of bots, oh the digital age) and I'll shoot you the link to the ms and the beta feedback form.
Thanks a ton, your experience is exactly what I'm looking for. And any friends? Send'em on ;-)
Best, Rissa

message 4: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 7 comments I would love to beta read for you!

message 5: by Rissa (new)

Rissa Brahm | 4 comments Hey there Ashley! Thanks for the help... Will email you the link to the MS. Muchas Gracias ;-) Rissa

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