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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) A nice, large pizzaria with a large seating area.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) ((LOL! So did I. I call him Brandon when his name's Braedan))

Braedan smiled at Renee. "I know it looks kind of corny," he joked, "but the food is delicious." He walked up to the register and ordered a small macaroni pizza.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) ((I thought I responded. Oops. : P))

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) "You can't judge," Braedan laughed. "It's delicious. Try some!" He grabbed a table near the window. "I occasionally wish I could just be neutral, but I can't afford it." He looked out at the city.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) "I don't have a high paying job," he admitted. "I'm a student, which sucks up the few funds I have. A single rent here cost as much as a year in school."

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) "Lucky...," he said, looking into her eyes. "You know, the Neutral real estate is great. I'd love to move here. I just enjoy sitting here, worry free."

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) ((fixed))

"I'm thinking of transferring to a University here," he admitted. "Then I could visit either side of the conflict."

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) "But I don't want to be away from my friends," he said. "Or you." He scratched his head. "What I'm trying to say is, I want to be with you."

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) "Well, let's make it official," he said. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He was so nervous but it came out of his mouth so easily.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) He smiled and kissed her back. He saw the restaurant staff looking at them, but he continued to kiss her anyway.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) "Oh darn it!" he exclaimed. "I have some major assignment due tomorrow. Is there anyway we can meet another time?"

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) Braedan followed her out with a smile.

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☢Bionic☢ (incredibleadia) "So, I'll message you soon!" he called out. "I miss you already." He began to head home.

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