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Demonfire Rollis (klrdemonfire) | 1 comments I found this book D4 By Sherrie Cronin on smashwords & it was free

A clairvoyant young woman finds her visions of the future to be a nuisance, until she discovers that she is hardly unique. An entire group of seers has learned how to profit from their knowledge in ways that Ariel has never considered. Another group is obsessed with using their talents to understand a dark future they cannot ignore.
An alliance with either crowd looks dangerous, given that they both seem a little crazy. There is no possible way to help them both. Worse yet, each group is convinced that Ariel is more than a potential asset; she’s the one thing that they must have in order to succeed.

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Cindy Matthews (celinechatillon_cynthianna) | 74 comments For lovers of fantasy-romantic-comedy and Doctor Who: You can download my free ebook at Mojocastle Press.

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