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Title of Power "Great Novel Dragon Slayer"
LEVEL: 14 | EXP: 5524 | HP: 1232/36

Level 14 Sword (+9 AP + Bauble)
Level 2 Magic Staff (+6 AP)

Notice Board
The Local Tavern
Jack and Jill's Caravan Hill
Jack and Jill's Open Market
Merek's Mercenaries

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210 Bat Wing
000 Book Glue
001 Book of Magik
254 Drop Bear Meat
000 Flake of Pixie Dust *
001 Fish (double Sheeba's attack power for a week)
216 Goblin Bone
000 Herb
002 Kelpie Skin
060 Kindlecorn Meat
048 Kindlecorn Pelt
000 Life Wisp *
002 Magik Book
001 Magik Shard (increases base spell damage by 1 on any spell)
023 Merely Kat Pelt
032 Nook Squirrel Carcass
167 Rat Tail
001 Record
000 Salt
003 Santa Coupons (substitute for any one book, one at a time)
006 Snowflake Arm
001 Steak (fully restores Hero HP. Use at rest.)

1223 Gold

Sunday Things (next available 09/01/22)
254 Ball of Wool *
258 Bird Feather *
005 Carrot *
006 Clump of Dirt *
068 Mouse Meat
155 Nuts
244 Phoenix Feather *
005 Snap Pea *
227 Zest of Lemon

01 Damage Potion
20 Duplication Potion
01 Enhanced Weapon Potion
00 Find Items Potion
14 Greater Poison Potion (-10 HP for Monster at the beginning of the turn)
00 Growing Strength Potion
35 Heal Potion
09 HP Bounce Potion
27 Major/Greater Heal Potion
20 Minor Heal Potion
04 Minor Poison Potion
00 Pet Plus Potion
00 Shield Potion
22 Stoneskin Potion (blocks all damage taken for a single turn)
00 Time Walking Potion
02 Transmogrification Potion
04 Weakening Potion

05 Mercenary Token
69 Potion Token

01 Red Gem of Power
01 Blue Gem of Power
01 Green Gem of Power
01 White Gem of Power
01 Purple Gem of Power

* Spell material

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Ho un castello nel cuore by Dodie Smith Il vagabondo delle stelle by Jack London L'isola dell'infanzia (La mia lotta, #3) by Karl Ove Knausgård Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke

Il mercante d'arte di Hitler la storia vera e sconvolgente del collezionista che trafugò innumerevoli capolavori per conto del Führer by Meike Hoffmann Le relazioni pericolose by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos Fiabe lapponi by Various Il ritorno di Casanova by Arthur Schnitzler La domatrice by Agatha Christie La morte nel villaggio by Agatha Christie Poirot e la strage degli innocenti by Agatha Christie Maigret e l'uomo della panchina by Georges Simenon Maigret, Lognon e i gangster by Georges Simenon Lifefulness La pienezza della vita attraverso il Buddismo by Giuseppe Cloza

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Sara Ⓥ | 1266 comments WEAPONS ※ - Next Levels

Gain levels by reading taller pyramids of page numbers

Attack = Level of Sword +2 +1 (Horse) +3 (Orb of Earth) +1 (Combat Hat) +2 (Puppy) = 23 + Growth Weapon Enhancement Bauble (+1 first turn, +2 second turn, +3 third turn, etc.)

Level 15

◻︎ 100+ pages book:
◻︎ 200+ pages book:
◻︎ 300+ pages book:
◻︎ 400+ pages book:
✔ 500+ pages book:
Ritratto di signora, Henry James (01/02/21) ★★★★ - 537 p.
✔ 600+ pages book:
Un uomo innamorato, Karl Ove Knausgård (25/07/21) ★★★★★ - 650 p.
◻︎ 700+ pages book:
✔ 800+ pages book:
Il cardellino, Donna Tartt (20/03/21) ★★★★★ - 893 p.
◻︎ 900+ pages book:
✔ 1000+ pages book:
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Susanna Clarke (26/11/21) ★★★★★ - 1,006 p. mpe
✔ 1100+ pages book:
Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts (19/11/19) ★★★ - 1,177 p.
◻︎ 1200+ pages book:
◻︎ 1300+ pages book:
◻︎ 1400+ pages book:
◻︎ 1500+ pages book:

Gain levels by creating taller pyramids of series read

Attack = Level of Magic Staff +2 +1 (Horse) +3 (Orb of Fire) = 8

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Storm attacks for 2 HP at the beginning of each battle ...
Miss Maple Sir Eddie Falala
Mabel Vhagar RockyArya

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Kitchen (view spoiler)
+ Potion Sink - resets on Sunday
1 week = +1 Minor Heal Potion (5 HP) - 2/1 *next*
2 weeks = +1 Heal Potion (10 HP) - 9/1
3 weeks = +1 Major Heal Potion (15 HP) - 16/1

Bed - heals 1 HP every Sunday
+ High Quality Sheets - restores 3 HP every Sunday
+ Merely Kat Comforter - +1 HP every Sunday

Veggie Garden : +1 carrot, +1 snap pea, +1 dirt every week

Lemon Tree - drops 1 lemon weekly on Sunday

Pot O' Gold - gives +1 gold every Sunday

Magic Pumpkin - duplicates any 1 consumable item once every 2 weeks. Includes items such as potion tokens, potions, acorns, cooking ingredients, spell ingredients, etc. Does not duplicate one-of-a-kind items used in quests.)


Combat Hat - gives +1 AP to sword

Horse Rug - allows a horse to make one of your attacks an area of effect attack

Orb of Air - reduces the amount of items needed for a quest by 1
Orb of Earth - adds 3 AP to sword
Orb of Fire - adds 3 AP to magic staff
Orb of Water - heals 1 HP at the end of every fight

Shield - negates 1 AP from physical enemy attacks.
Gems activated:
Blue - halves damage of one turn per week (Sun to Sat)
◻︎ Green - adds 1 max HP
◻︎ Purple - restore HP to the HP Hero had before a fight once a month
◻︎ White - purify Hero once each calendar month
Red - double AP for one turn once a calendar month. (Includes weapon enhancements, does not include pets attack, only includes one strike during the turn so either slingshot or sword or staff may be doubled.)
Last used: 5/12/2021

Slingshot - uses 1 nut to reduce a monsters health by 1

"Stunning" Collar - allows Sheeba to stun an enemy once every 2 weeks. A stunned enemy will skip all actions on their part for 1 turn including damage increases or debuffs on the hero.
Last used: 2/01/2022


• Ability to Fish

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Magic Pumpkin Log
Aquired: 17/12/2017

Next harvest: 9/1/2022 HP Bounce Potion

Harvest Log: (view spoiler)

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Sara Ⓥ | 1266 comments Spells
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Sara Ⓥ | 1266 comments Monsters Log

Common Monsters

- Brown Bats
- Goblins
- Greater Sewer Rats
- Logophilic Lemurs
- Sewer Rats (39, last killed 27/03/16)

Timed Monsters

⁃ Drop Bears
⁃ Merely Kats (Hidden) *monthly*
⁃ Nook Squirrels
⁃ Kindlecorn
Kelpie *every 2 weeks*

Uncommon Monsters

✔ A Pain Giant (10/10)
✔ Baby Book (2/2)
✔ Big Heart (2/2)
✔ Lexicon Ness Monster (2/2)
✔ Omnibus Troll (3/3)
✔ Rock (10/10)
✔ Woollymark (3/3)
✔ Snowflake Heart (6/6)

Rare Monsters

✔ Great Blue Dragon
✔ Great Green Dragon
✔ Great Red Dragon
✔ Great Yellow Dragon
✔ Great Novel Dragon
✔ Great Emerald Dragon
✔ The Jabberwocky
✔ The Hydra (view spoiler)
✔ The Swarm
✔ The Thesaurus
✔ The Queens
✔ Plague Bringer
✔ Correction Fluid
✔ Rare Binding
✔ The Cliffhanger
✔ Zombies (view spoiler)

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in progress
Halloween Exchange

Tim Burton charged his prop master to procure some scary props for his new horror movie. Upon hearing in the tavern that you're drowning in goblin bones, bat wings and such the prop master makes a really interesting offer to you.

If you can convince him that you're a movie fan, he's willing to exchange items for rewards (the exchange rates are listed below.)

☐ Read either a book that inspired a movie or a movie novelization & list the movie, year of its release and name of the director to convince the prop master that you're indeed a movie fan.
The Collector (
Frankenstein, Or, the Modern Prometheus

The Graveyard Book
Il castello di Otranto

You can exchange one or several articles in one visit. (e.g. 52 bones and 17 Kindlecorn Pelts).
You can't exceed the stated amount per visit (e.g. you can't exchange 156 bones at once).
You can come back if you have more goods to exchange but you have to read a new book every visit.

Bulk Exchange
52 goblin bones = 20 gold
52 bat wing = 2 Minor Poison Potions
52 rat tails = 2 Major Heal Potions
17 kindlekorn pelts = 2 Weapon Enhance Potions
12 merely kat pelts = 2 Damage Potions

If your book has horror genre or features a character/creature that one of the favorite Halloween costumes is based on (e.g. ghost, zombie, vampire, superhero, supervillain etc.) you will get a -5 items bonus (i.e. you would only need 12 kindlekorn pelts, not 17)

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Stress relief

A Hero's job in Novel Kingdom is hard. There's books to read, monsters to kill, quests to track, ale to drink....

A Hero deserves some stress relief to take his or her mind off of the troubles of the world. That's where your pets come in. Why else have them? Their ability to combat monsters, find hidden treasures and seek hidden creatures is nothing on their ability to calm the troubled soul.

Play with your pets for some much needed stress relief. You must have each pet to be able to play with it.

Note for find items: Each type of item must have it's own potion and can be acted on individually by an item requirement reducing item.

Make a tug toy with 2 rat tails and 1 bat wing. (Find Items Potion works for the rat tails.)
☐ Read a book where someone goes on vacation or a trip.
Read a book where there is a party or celebration.
Gli elefanti hanno buona memoria, Agatha Christie (02/09/20) ★★★
Read a book with a canine in the book or on the cover to find your inner canine.
Le fatiche di Hercule, Agatha Christie (06/04/21) ★★★★ - Pekingese dog Augustus in The Nemean Lion

Make a cat teaser with 1 goblin bone, 3 rat tails, and 3 nuts. (Find Items Potion works for the rat tails and nuts.)
Read a book with catnip in the text.
La straniera, Diana Gabaldon (11/09/20) ★★★ *duplication potion* — “Febrifuges such as coneflower, goldenseal, catnip, and hyssop had been tried, without effect.”
Read a book with a chase (car chase for example).
Storia di una balena bianca raccontata da lei stessa, Luis Sepúlveda (16/09/20) ★★★★
☐ Read a book with a feline in it to find your inner kitty.

Falcon: Must have slingshot to shoot treats.
Exercise your falcon by flinging 3 bear meat and 3 mouse meat. (Find Items Potion works for the meats.)
☐ Read a book with some sort of eyesight improving item on cover (glasses, monocle, telescope, etc) so you can be ready to aim.
Read a book with a large open space on the cover so you will have somewhere to play.
La casa sull'argine, Daniela Raimondi (21/06/21) ★★★★

La casa sull'argine by Daniela Raimondi

Read a book with a bird in it to find your inner falcon.
Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie (13/01/20) ★★★ - "I have seen a wonderfuller thing," he cried, as they gathered round him eagerly. "A great white bird. It is flying this way."

Pet Rock: Rock must be full trained to pet status.
Give 5 nuts to your rock for company. (Find Items Potion works for the nuts.)
Read a book with a silver or grey cover to use to paint your nuts the color of the rock (this will totally work because the phrase is "dumb as a box of rocks" for a reason).
I beati anni del castigo, Fleur Jaeggy (05/11/21) ★★
☐ Read a book with a character that is a painter so you can learn the skill.
☐ A book with a box on the cover to give the "rocks" somewhere to play.

Give your rabbit 5 herbs to munch on. (Find Items Potion works for the herbs.)
☐ Read a book with grass on the cover to give your rabbit somewhere to play.
Read a book with carrot in the text to give your rabbit some motivation.
La donna di Gilles, Madeleine Bourdouxhe (03/02/21) ★★★★★ - "Che cosa sta spuntando qui, Gilles? Carote o ravanelli?" (p.70)
Read a book with something really tall (skyscraper, castle, etc.) on the cover to provide jumping space.
E non disse nemmeno una parola, Heinrich Böll (16/01/22) ★★★★

E non disse nemmeno una parola by Heinrich Böll

Give your horse 5 salts to lick. (Find Items Potion works for the salts.)
Read a book with the word apple in the text to give your horse a treat.
La serie infernale, Agatha Christie (29/09/20) ★★★★ - “A banana—some apples—even a cabbage—but strawberries—”
Read a book with someone who rides a horse to get your horse some exercise.
Il ritorno, Diana Gabaldon (01/12/20) ★★★
☐ Read a book set in a place with wide open spaces to let your horse run free.

Give our squirrel 5 nuts to go run and hide them. (Find Items Potion works for the nuts.)
Read a book with an unusual pet to have someone for your squirrel to play with.
The Sandman, Dirk Maggs (30/11/20) ★★★★★ - Goldie, Abel's pet gargoyle
☐ Read a book with a tree on the cover to give your squirrel something to climb.
Read a book with a difficult predicament as part of the plot to give your squirrel a hard problem it needs to solve.
La parola alla difesa, Agatha Christie (13/12/20) ★★★

For each pet played with receive 5 experience, 1 Heal Potion and 1 Pet Plus Potion.

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Sara Ⓥ | 1266 comments SHIELD Quests

in progress
The Power of Green

The green gem represents growth. When activated it helps you grow into a better healthier hero!

Activate all the natural elements. Find each item on the cover of a book.

Regina del sole, E.J. Michael (02/12/20) ★

Il filo del rasoio, W. Somerset Maugham (05/04/20) ★★★★★

☐ Trees

☐ River

L'amuleto d'ambra, Diana Gabaldon (24/10/20) ★★★

☐ Lake

☐ Grass

Fiabe svedesi, Bruno Berni (06/01/21) ★★★★

Regina del sole by E.J. Michael Il filo del rasoio by W. Somerset Maugham L'amuleto d'ambra (La straniera, #2) by Diana Gabaldon Fiabe svedesi by Bruno Berni

Activates the green gem in the shield - adds 1 max HP.


in progress
The Power of White

The white gem represents purity. When activated it helps you purify your hero when tainted.

Activate all the pure elements. Read a book with each of these words in the title or series.

☐ Pure - Il puro e l'impuro, Colette
☐ Golden

Light - Tarot and the Archetypal Journey: The Jungian Path from Darkness to Light, Sallie Nichols (10/02/21) ★★★★

☐ White - Oleandro bianco, Janet Fitch
☐ Silver - L'asinello d'argento, Sonya Hartnett
☐ Angel - Angeli e insetti, A.S. Byatt
☐ Heal - Curarsi con i libri: Rimedi letterari per ogni malanno, Ella Berthoud

Magic - Il magico potere del riordino, Marie Kondō (08/05/19) ★★

Activates the white gem in the shield - allows you to purify your hero once each calendar month. Purifying your hero will remove any lasting effects from monsters (e.g. disease).


in progress
The Power of Purple

The purple gem represents royalty. When activated it restores your hero to former health.

Gather all the parts of history so time can be rewound.
Read one book from each of the following time periods: (At least half the book should take place in the time period.)

☐ Future (10+ years)

☐ Present (within 3 years each direction)

☐ Recent Past (4-10 years ago)

☐ Past (70s-90s)

Early Years (1700s to 1960s)
Billy Budd, Herman Melville (02/10/20) ★★

Distant Past (1000s to 1600s)
La regina ribelle: Il romanzo di Eleonora d'Aquitania, Elizabeth Chadwick (27/10/20) ★★★★

☐ Ancient Past (0 - 1000s)
Memorie di Adriano: seguite dai Taccuini di appunti, Marguerite Yourcenar

☐ BC (Any time in BC)

Activates the purple gem in the shield - allows you to restore your hp to the hp you had before a fight once a month.

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in progress
A Nap is Always a Good Idea

You've been questing for months, in fact it might be almost a whole year now. You're tired. The rats are cutting into your Sunday rest day. The goblins are gobbling up your weeknights. The bats are battering your psyche. Even the rocks are causing your day to get a bit rocky. You need a nap. But first, the perfect nap spot!

☐ First you find 2 trees near each other with a book with at least 2 trees on the cover.
Vergogna, J.M. Coetzee

Vergogna by J.M. Coetzee

Then construct a rope ladder with 5 goblin bones and 12 rat tails to bind them together.

Finally, weave together 10 bat wings to form the perfect hammock.

Afterwards take a wonderful nap for a full heal and 10 experience.

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in progress
Taste the Rainbow

Queen Skye has been moping around the castle. It's gloomy outside and dark and drab and grey. She'd like a bit of color in her life. It's always good to be on the Queen's good side.

Read a book that is either primarily (75%+) the color or has an object that is commonly that color in the book's title.

☐ Red:

Le affinità elettive, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (22/08/19) ★★

Don't make me think, Steve Krug (16/04/21) ★★★★

Le persiane verdi, Georges Simenon (26/01/21) ★★★★

Sfida a Poirot, Agatha Christie (24/08/20) ★★

Un messaggio dagli spiriti, Agatha Christie (21/12/20) ★★

Il sogno della macchina da cucire, Bianca Pitzorno (18/01/21) ★★

Le affinità elettive by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Don't make me think Un approccio di buon senso all'usabilità web e mobile by Steve Krug Le persiane verdi by Georges Simenon Sfida a Poirot by Agatha Christie Un messaggio dagli spiriti by Agatha Christie Il sogno della macchina da cucire by Bianca Pitzorno

+1 experience for each color, +2 additional experience for all colors.

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Willy Wilder and the Vegetable Factory

It's 2017 now and you can't just give kids chocolate all the time. There are vitamins and fat content and all sorts of things to consider. Therefore, Willy Wilder has chosen to close down his factory and open the first ever Vegetable Factory to the delight of modern children everywhere.

He's giving tours to 5 lucky children! Can you get your own ticket to visit?

Open loads of Dizzy Carrot Crunches - Read a book with a vegetable on the cover.
Wide Sargasso Sea, Jean Rhys (25/05/21) ★★

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

☐ Open tons of Crazy Cucumber Surprises - Read a book with a vegetable in the title.
Flavia de Luce e il delitto nel campo dei cetrioli, Alan Bradley
Wild Chicory

Hire a factory to open millions of Lettuce Lights - Read a book with a vegetarian.
Due mesi dopo, Agatha Christie (14/08/20) ★★★ - Julia and Isabel Tripp

Eat as many Enormous Eggplants as you can - Read a book where someone cooks.
Cécile è morta, Georges Simenon (14/08/20) ★★★★

Open the only Zany Zucchini that you can find - Read a book where someone doesn't have enough food.
Lord Jim, Joseph Conrad (27/07/20) ★★ - Captain Brown

Receive 10 experience and 2 Major Heal Potions.

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in progress
What ate the sun?

(view spoiler)

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in progress
Secrets Below the Ground

Little Jimmy has hidden his parent's prized rutabaga somewhere. His parents are frantic with worry. The kingdom faire is only 2 days away! They were counting on the prize money to invest heavily in the wheat germ market. They ask you to please help find their ginormous root vegetable.

Little Jimmy speaks only in riddles. Decode the secret message to find the rutabaga.

09 14 - 20 08 05 - 02 01 18 14

To decode each letter, read a book where the page numbers add together to that letter's cipher equivalent.

Example: 342 pages = 3 + 4 + 2 = 9 = Decodes to I.

09 =
14 =

20 =
08 =
05 =

02 =
01 =
18 =
14 =

Reward: 12 experience, 1 Shield potion.

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Collect them All - starting July 1, 2015

They're everywhere! Bugs here! Bugs there! Bugs everywhere! Capture them all before the whole kingdom is overrun with the creepy crawlies.

Collect 100 bugs. Each instance of a bug found in a book may count, multiple instances may be found in each book however books with insects found may not be used for other tasks. (Find Items Potion may be stacked for this quest). Bugs include Ants, Beetles, Flies, Mosquitoes, Spiders, and anything else you would denote as a creepy crawly.

Lifeblood: How to Change the World One Dead Mosquito at a Time, Alex Perry

Mosquitoes = 35 times
Mosquito = 30 times
Flies = 1 time
Bugs = 3 times
Insects = 33 times
Fly = 1 time
Parasite = 20 times
Flies = 1 time

For capturing all the bugs earn +10 Experience and 1 Time Walking Potion.

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in progress
Spring Forth from Randomness

Queen Skye is enjoying the lovely April weather. Spring flowers and fall leaves all flowing around like a crazy whirlwind of unknown hemispheric origin. She asks her most trusted adviser Fred the Magician what the meaning of such randomness in life is. Her adviser is very upset with such a question. He tells you that "Randomness is the lack of pattern or predictability in events." But how can such randomness have meaning!

Help out poor Fred by finding meaning in the randomness.
Generate a random book. Record that book, it will be your reference for the rest of the quest. (You may generate up to two random books to choose between but have to use one of them to complete all the tasks.)

Random book: Igaviku lõpp by Isaac Asimov (Italian edition: La fine dell'eternità)

☐ Read a book with the same first or last name as the author of the random book.
La famiglia Moskat, Isaac Bashevis Singer

Read a book with the same top genre as the random book. (If no genre, guess the main genre and read from there.)
Science Fiction: Rogue Moon, Algis Budrys 11/26/20 (bought from Zuzana)

☐ Read a book that has the same star rating as the random book. (e.g. 3.45 rating would require a book between 3-4 stars).
Rating 4.21:

☐ Read a book that has the same word in the title as one of the words in the random books title. (It is acceptable to translate titles to other languages if your random book is not in your native language.)
Fine / eternità:

Read a book that is the same number in the series as the random book. (If not in a series, then read a non series book.)
Stand alone book: Dora Bruder, Patrick Modiano (18/11/20) ★★★★

For helping out Fred receive a bundle of potions containing a Major Heal Potion, a Transmogrification Potion and a Shield Potion.

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in progress
When Two Become One - Repeatable

(view spoiler)

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The Academy - Geography

Novel Kingdom is having some problems with geographical dissenters. The rogue group is calling themselves Novelarian Flat Page Society. They believe that all of Novel Kingdom exists on a single sheet of paper in a single book in the Great Reader's library. The head of the geography department is beside himself. Help him map out the world and prove that Novel Kingdom actually rests on the cover of a book laying on the Great Reader's coffee table.

☐ Read a book set in country where you live or come from.
☐ Read a book set in a foreign country.
☐ Read a book set in imaginary country.
☐ Read a book set on the continent you live on.
☐ Read a book set on another continent except North America and Europe
☐ Read a book with mountains on the cover
☐ Read a book with river/sea on the cover
☐ Read a book with valley on the cover
☐ Read a book with forest on the cover

Receive +12 Experience and 1 Major Heal Potion after helping the geography department.

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Hello, my name is... (+3 EXP)

Valentines Day Feast (+6 EXP)

A Toy for Hadley (+9 EXP)

The Kindness of Strangers (+1 EXP, +1 Enhanced Weapon Potion)

Lady Shanna and the Case of the Blueberries (+10 gold)

Lady Tea in Wonderland (+10 gold)

The Many Voices of Lady Zuzana (+10 gold)

Ser Amanda's Cryptic Caper (+10 gold)

Lady Dani Lost and Found (+10 gold)

The Academy - History (+10 EXP, +1 Major Heal Potion)

The Sandwich is always Greener on the Other Side (+12 EXP)

A Tavern Delicacy (+6 EXP)

Time for The Dead (+12 EXP, +1 Damage Potion)

Lady Eni's Cinnamon Sticks (+10 gold)

Tavern Games (+9 EXP)

Questanomics (+8 EXP)

Robbing Robin Hood (+5 EXP)

Lady Rachel's Debut (+10 gold)

New Gang in Town (+12 EXP, +1 Heal Potion)

Sticks and Stones may Build a House (+7 EXP, + HOUSE)

Two Empty Halves of Coconuts (+ HORSE)

Everybody Lies (+8 EXP)

Kitchen (+ KITCHEN)

Relay Race (+38 EXP, +1 Heal Potion, +1 Find Items Potion, +1 Damage Potion)

The Easter Bilby (+ BUNNY)

The Leprechaun Role-Playing Game (+25 EXP, + POT OF GOLD)

Gather More Bones! (+8 EXP)

Captain Morgan and the Tower of Books (+10 gold)

5,000 Leagues Under the Sea (+2 Major Heal Potions, +5 EXP)

You Can't Close the Doors if They're Not Built (+ BARN, +5 EXP, + SHEEP)

From Ashes Comes My Bird (+ FALALA PHOENIX, +5 EXP)

Birds of a Feather Probably Can't Fly Well (+ Bird Friend, +4 EXP)

The Academy (+3 EXP, +1 Heal Potion)

Cheaters Sometimes Prosper (+12 EXP, +3 Potion Tokens, +3 Major Heal Potions)

One Shield to Rule Them All (+ SHIELD)

Lemons are a Girls Best Friend (+8 EXP, + LEMON TREE)

Rocky the Rock (+ ROCKY)

Drop Bear Feast (+Drop Bear Steak recipe)

The First Puppy of Novel Kingdom (+ PUPPY)

The Kitchen That Cleans Itself (+5 EXP, + POTION SINK for Kitchen)

1600 Count Rat-Tail Sheets (+ HQ sheets for Bed)

Practice Makes Perfect (+5 EXP, + Growth Weapon Enhancement Bauble)

In the beginning zombies ate brains and more brains (+3 EXP, + Basic Shotgun)

King of the Goblins (+10 EXP, +2 Potion Tokens)

Teach a Knight to Fish (+10 EXP, + Ability to Fish, +1 Fish)

Assault and Batteries (+10 EXP, + Machine Gun, + Battery)

Pipsqueak (+5 EXP, + Magik Shard)

Alchemy That! (+1 Weakening Potion, +1 Transmogrification Potion, +1 Pet Plus Potion)

Step it Up (+10 EXP, + Marshmallow Gun)

The Power of Red (+ Red Gem for Shield)

Slingshot: The Art of Manliness (+ Slingshot)

The White Rabbit (+10 EXP, + Spirit Form)

The Thrilling Conclusion (+10 EXP, + Thrilling Earmuffs)

If it Sounds like a Horse... (+ warm Horse Rug)

The Power of Blue (+ Blue Gem for Shield)

Merely The Softest (+ Merely Kat Comforter)

Here Birdy Birdy (+ FALCON)

The Future Present is Now (+5 EXP, +1 Potion Token)

The Blackest Eye (+5 EXP, +3 Potion Tokens)

The Addict in Me (+1 Potion Token, +3 EXP)

How Does Your Garden Grow? (vegetable garden: 1 carrot, +1 snap pea, +1 dirt a week)

Santa's Little Helper (+3 EXP, +3 Santa Coupons)

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Sara Ⓥ | 1266 comments Adventure Log #10: January, 2016
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Sara Ⓥ | 1266 comments Adventure Log #14 (part 2): May 2016
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