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Mario Vargas Llosa
This topic is about Mario Vargas Llosa
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Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel García Márquez

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message 1: by Holly (new)

Holly (moonshiner) | 9 comments Currently, Mario Vargas Llosa sorts as "Llosa, Mario Vargas" and Gabriel García Márquez as "Márquez, Gabriel García." These should be changed to "Vargas Llosa, Mario" and "García Márquez, Gabriel." In Peru and Colombia, respectively, people often have a double-surname; the beginning of the surname is not a middle name. Public libraries list them my suggested way as well. The current sorting creates trouble for me because I keep looking in the wrong alphabetical place in my bookshelves to find these authors. Thanks!

message 2: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments This is not a librarians issue but a limitation of the database. It has been brought up a number of times in the GR feedback group

message 3: by Marisa (last edited Apr 29, 2015 01:25PM) (new)

Marisa (moretta) | 122 comments Please, do you know any thread about it? Because I would like to know how it's a database problem and not a bad algorithm.

message 4: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42060 comments Mod
This is not a Librarians Group issue, but one for the Feedback Group. Librarians can help with issues pertaining to specific book records or most related issues, but have no control over general site functionality or related issues. Closing thread.

Here's one existing thread:

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