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Book vs. Movie

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Lauryn I am quite annoyed at how different the movie is from the book. Hollywood pretty much changed all the characters and the story line. I was quite upset when I watched the first few minutes of this movie because of how different it is. I understand that it's this different probably because how sexual the book is but still I'm quite upset about this movie. I was really hoping to enjoy this movie but I have to say like always the book it 100% better.

Adriana I agree with you, but the film was okay(no so bad). How ever the things that I liked of the book doesn't appear, I was really upset because of it.

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Gayatri Yeah the movie was okay but the book was much better. I think they wanted the movie to have more of a "love and accept who you are" message whereas the book covered more themes overall.

Lauryn I agree that the movie was good and I might watch it again but I don't need too. I just wish there were more things from the book in it. Like where did Madison even come from???? I really didn't like that addition.

Danique I was also dissapointed with the movie. They changed so much of what was a perfect story. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it, but I just think it could have been better.

Nekaris The book is always better than the movie. But honestly, the movie was completely different from the book. It was almost two different story lines. The only thing that was similar was the fact was that she was called the duff lol. I was really disappointed

Robyn I haven't even seen the movie but i don't want it to ruin the book for me.

Elin I haven't seen the Movie yet, but where does this girl Madison come from?? It feels like the Movie is going to be sooooo much different from the book. Like a whole new story.

Lauryn It basically is a whole new story to be honest.

Lauryn It basically is a whole new story to be honest.

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Elin Well thats pretty sad since the book had such a great story line.

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Meri The thing is that the book approaches the reader to two different characters that actually aren't as different. In the film, Wesley is just a ppretty face that tries to change Bianca. While in the book he is presented as some kind of boy that anybody want as boyfriend. And knowing that he is a player and a mess, well, the reader starts to know him and like him. Bianca in the book is a very powerful girl, with her own ideas and personality, whereas in the film (even though that I love the actress) she is just a girl who wants to be like her friends. (Friends who are so simple and only pretty faces...) Well, and then it is the thing with the other guy, that in the film pretends to like Bianca...
Horrible! It was a good sotry line, kind of different... Why have they changed everything to turn it into another stupid movie about Ugly Betty???

Thaïs I knew since the trailer release that would be completely different, so I prepared myself to watch it. But, being completely honest, thinking as two different stories made both work for me just fine. The movie had its moments, and I've enjoyed soooooooooo much. Still, the book had the best approaching and as soon as finish my reading goals to this first semester, I'll re-read it.

Ps: The ball scene made me cry.

Susie Wang Gosh I hated the movie. The casting for Bianca is quite good, but they totally ruined all the nice stuff about this book. I loved most of the main characters because they actually cared about each other. But the movie just made them turn on each other like ten minutes after opening credits. Also, I'm pretty sure this movie is more like Lola and the Boy Next Door than the DUFF. Like, living next to each other? See the other person from your window? Making a dress at the end of the story? Totally Lola and not the DUFF.

Isabelle omg and saw the movie first and loved it and i am half way through the book and can't believe how different they are and do they ever stop having sex in the book?

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Mia I just finished the movie, and I am very disappointed. You can find hundred movie just like it where I thought the book offered a new story, and I absolutely loved it. I understand in the movies they can't include all the details of the book but it seems to me they just used the book's name and characters. I am so not happy with how they made the movie.

Mikaela I absolutely loved the book and really enjoyed the movie. There were a few things that I didn't particularly like ie. the addition of Bella Thorne's character. In the end I just treat them as separate.

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lily I was SUPER mad about the movie. I swear they just kept the names and the title.
If I had seen the movie without reading the book, I would have liked it. Cliche teenage movie about mean girls and boyfriends and high school. Fun and simple.
But, because I had read the book, I kept on making comparisons to the book vs the movie. It was annoying for me. I whish they had stuck to the book more.
Done with rant!

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lily Miad wrote: "I just finished the movie, and I am very disappointed. You can find hundred movie just like it where I thought the book offered a new story, and I absolutely loved it. I understand in the movies th..."

I agree 100%!

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Quiana Taylor The movie is great. ... it's just nothing like the book. It should have said loosely based

Delaney Well to begin with I was doubting how they would do an adaption on this book…and when they did I was like OH. The story itself should have been kept in book only, I didn't see how it would translate to movie. They just took the word DUFF and spun off everything from there. I wish they would have not made the movie at all with the title stuck to it, they barely used any of it.

The Book Crusader Book Bianca is without a doubt one of the most poorly-written and unrealistic characters in young adult fiction. And while the frumpy, self absorbed, judgemental, bitchy character who gets the perfect guy may sell in print (thanks to the wish-fulfillment factor, no doubt) that character would not translate well onto the big screen, and likely would have thinned a theatre faster than Rob Schneider doing yellow-face.

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Madi Bendeck I like both the book and the movie for different reasons. The book showed you in-depth character growth and presented problems that people can relate to and understand. The movie forced me to see things in a new light. For example, I saw myself in (movie) Bianca in that I push the people closest to me away during hard times. Both the movie and the book are amazing just for different reasons.The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Natalie Rowe oh my gosh. I was MORTIFIED when I watched the film!!!!

I wanted to watch the film but found and read the book first. I know that the films are never as good as the books but they changed freaking everything!!!! I know why they did it, it was a little more mature of content for their target market but Garrrgh!!!!

I still own the film on DVD because I enjoyed it as a chick flick movie but I refuse to make any connection between the book and film and god help anyone who sits and watches it with me for the first time because all they get throughout the film are comments of how it was different.

Phoenix2 I actually loved the movie, but it had nothing to do with the book. I read the book because I liked the film, and I liked it, but it's not my fab genre so I can't really say... Honestly, they are both good, but surely way too different.

Aceily Ascedine Loved the movie, disliked the book.

Amalie Christensen I really didn't enjoy the movie, but I didn't mind the book. It was okay.

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Olivia Cooley I hated the movie, it was so boring, I think the book was 100 times better. Honestly I don't understand why they changed it so much, I understand that the movie would not have been appropriate for kids but whats wrong with that, the people who read the book and enjoyed would have enjoyed the movie if they had followed the story line. Disappointed.

Regina Noreen Can i pick both, I loved both book and movie.

Gabriela Hated the movie, loved the book. It's just that simple. There was nothing the same about them. In the book, her crush actually liked her, she just didn't like him. But that part especially made me mad in the movie that her crush was just using her to get to her friends.

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