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message 1: by P.L. (last edited Apr 29, 2015 10:06AM) (new)

P.L. Crompton (Pam-C) | 18 comments After unsuccessfully approaching several beta readers, I posted asking for betas on two sites -- here and another site.

Two beta readers responded immediately and their feedback was excellent. My book was ready to be released but I did a final read through.

While doing the read through, a week or so later, I received a request via email from someone who would like to beta read my book. Okay, I checked out the name and the site. All looked fine so I sent a PDF of my novel. Normally, beta readers respond immediately to let me know the PDF had arrived. This person didn't. After a week, I tried to contact him or her via email and it bounced. I went in search of the site only to find it didn't exist.

I panicked. Feedback from two betas was positive and I was happy with the state of the novel so I rushed to self-publish. My fear was that this unknown person would publish my book before I could, and I'd be accused of plagiarism. It would be easy for the person to change the name and location of my book and still publish it. The only proof I have that I am the original author is by emails with two beta readers, my posts on Goodreads and the other site, and the artist who made my cover.

I don't want another author to go through what I went through, hence my post.

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Carney I've had this happen to me with several betas. As far as I know, they haven't tried to steal my work, but they, too, just never responded after I sent my manuscript. It's a scary feeling, as well as a major letdown.

message 3: by BR (new)

BR Kingsolver (brkingsolver) | 43 comments If you're that worried about it, copyright the book. For the most part, I think there are a lot of people who are just into scamming free books, though with the number of freebies available, I don't know why.

message 4: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Dee (ljdee) | 26 comments Hi, if you publish on Amazon, you can also upload your original manuscript under the draft 'format'. It stores the work until you are ready to publish and if changes are needed, you can then just upload the correct file prior to publishing. It's another level of 'proof' that the work is your own should the worst happen. I am truly grateful and inspired by the beta's I have, but sending your work to unknown people is a risk we have to live with. I've yet to find a friend who can be sufficiently brutal! My two pennies for what its worth!

message 5: by Gillian (new)

Gillian | 18 comments This recently happened to me too. Fortunately I had only sent about 2,000 words. Otherwise, I have had 3 excellent and one good beta reader.

message 6: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 24 comments I'm very sorry this happened to you and I'm so appalled at people who do rotten things like that. Sites like these are so wonderful because they allow us to connect with so many others but then a few bad eggs have to go and abuse its purpose by being shady. I received a questionable beta email last week prompting me to click on their link to contact them without giving me any information about their name or book. I deleted it and didn't respond just to be on the safe side. Thank you for posting this so we are all aware of some of the things happening in our virtual world. Hold on to those good relationships you have formed and the honest people you've met through this process, those certainly outnumber the bad ones:)

message 7: by P.L. (new)

P.L. Crompton (Pam-C) | 18 comments Good for you, Amanda. You were far wiser than I was.

Once bitten, twice shy.

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