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Allison Williford (chellisam) | 3 comments I'm looking for a beta reader for my finished manuscript, Two Beat Adagio. It is a contemporary romance, 66k words long.

I'm looking for feedback on plot and characterization, mostly...but any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Possible trigger warnings: death scene, cancer

I can send it as a Microsoft Word file, also can send a .mobi or .epub file if you'd like to read it on an e-reader (thanks, Scrivener...). I'd prefer not to use Google docs, but if required, I can.

To tell you a bit about my novel, Two Beat Adagio (working title), it tells the story of Kylie, a young advice columnist, and Adam, an aspiring musician. Kylie reluctantly agrees to go to a concert after being coerced by her best friend, and meets Adam there.
In the midst of coping with her mother's breast cancer, Kylie has to learn to deal with her emotions: grief from watching her mother waste away from cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy, uncertainty of her budding relationship with Adam, frustration of dealing with harassment from her coworkers.

Still currently working on a synopsis, forgive me... :)

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Sharon Umbaugh | 382 comments Allison,

I just sent you a PM message.


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