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No matter what species or class, if your character is a teacher post them here.

Full Name -
NickName -
Gender -
Appearance Age-
Class Taught-

Look -
Face Claim-

Personality- (4+ sentences/points)




History- (4+ sentences/points)

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Accepted both :)

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▐ ❝When I do something odd, it's dismissed as, "Oh, that's just her." So if that's me, then why should I try to change it? I'm not trying to be sarcastic here, I want to know and understand.❞

||•| Name |•|| Jessenia Aster Muse
|• Meaning •| Jessenia; Arabian for Flower
|• Nickname •| Jess, Miss Jess, Miss Muse
||•| Gender |•|| Female
||•| Age |•|| Ancient
|• Appearance Age •| 21
||•| Order |•|| Angel
|• Species •| Dryad (Wisteria)
||•| Class |•|| Nature Studies; Advanced History

▐ ❝Some people are called 'perfect by nature'. That's not me. Perfected by nature, maybe? Or maybe just is nature? Because I am.❞

||•| Look |•||

(view spoiler)
|• Hair •| Long, black. Sometimes it seems almost purple
|• Eyes •| Dark green
|• Build •| Slender
|• Style •|
(view spoiler)
|• Face Claim •| Amy Lee
|• Markings •|

▐ ❝I'd like to think I've come a long way in understanding you humans. Then I pick up a newspaper and realize I haven't. Because I just don't understand how you can preach about equality when there are people suffering for their gender, sexuality, race, or anything else. That is not equality.❞

||•| Personality |•||
Jessenia is always overtly concerned about the outcome and possible implications of her action, not only to herself but others as well. She is aware of the fact that a lot of people around her are dependent on her in some way or the other and she is really concerned about their well being and is careful not to let them down in any way. This makes her a perfect teacher, and she is a role model that all the students look up to. This is basically a mark of her protective nature. She's a kind person, always looking out for other people. She makes jokes and tends to put people at ease, making people want to find out more about what she's saying instead of just shoving the information on them. She's not just smart or clever, she's also incredibly wise. Jess has always been drawn to nature, and has the ability to sit still for hours to get a deer to come over to her or a hawk to eat from her hand.
Not that she has to wait. Being a tree, Jess has incredible patience for any species. Though being a dryad has some consequences. She's very aware that if her tree dies, she dies. This makes her untrusting about details about it, and she gets paranoid if someone pushes her for information about it.
She's not shy, exactly, she just is quiet. She doesn't like to go out of her way to talk to people. But from being a teacher, she takes no shit, from a student or someone else. With her patience and generally gentle nature, it doesn't make much for her to get her way usually. But if someone keeps pushing, usually about her tree or something.... Granted, it takes a lot to really get her to snap. She's not cliche enough to completely fly into a rage, but she will dig in her heels and out-wait the person.
|• Likes •|
★ Magic
★ Animals
★ Outside
|• Dislikes •|
☆ People who disrespect nature
☆ Littering
☆ Violence
||•| Powers |•||
Plant Manipulation
↳Users can create, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers. The user can cause plants to grow, and revive withered or dead plants.
↳The user is able to understand the speech or emotions of animal life forms. This ability is quite uncommon and multifaceted. Some variations are magic-based while others are natural talents or mental powers, similar to Telepathy (but limited to animals). The use of Zoolingualism is sometimes imagined as imitating animal sounds, like the barking of a dog. Zoolinguists are normally shown using their abilities in their native language, in an animal-language (like Parseltongue or Mangani), or even mentally without any spoken words.
↳Users possess an infinite life span, and can shrug off virtually any kind of physical damage. Some users are the defensive type, simply preventing such damage from appearing (invulnerability/protection), while others are the regenerative type, surviving and quickly recovering from anything you throw at them.
||•| Weakness |•||
⇢Her tree
⇢Being away from nature too long
||•| History |•||
For a long time, Jessenia didn't want to come out of her tree. There was never really a point. She just watched. She watched humans become sentient, saw them evolve from cavemen. And that's all she did. She patiently watched, learning new things all the time.
The first time she came out was of necessity. Someone was about to chop down her tree. Time feels different to her, so she has no idea when this was. But she stepped out of her tree to stop him. Instead of just stopping him though, she accidentally gave him a heart attack. A really attractive girl stepping out of a tree, and without clothes (there aren't cotton factories in wisteria trees).
She had no wish to harm anyone, so she put on his coat and carried him to his home and wife. She didn't understand why the wife started crying when she saw a random girl carrying her husband. It just didn't click with her because of her lack of knowledge about human society. But she dropped him off, explained he'd just fallen over without explanation, and went back to her tree. Once the man was better again he went back to the tree, but as there was no reason to come out, Jess didn't. He came every day to talk to her, which was nice. She liked listening to him, but had nothing to say in return. So she didn't come out. When he died she felt a certain degree of sadness for her companion.
Someone heard about her companions babblings to a tree, and was curious. He came to visit Jess's tree when he was young, and talked to the tree for hours. But instead of the cajoling to come out her original friend had done, William simply talked about the stories and great plays he wanted to write. She was coaxed out gradually, and soon it became common for her to wait for him to arrive, and the two would talk over plays and writing and anything they wanted. Eventually he left on his journey to fame, but paid tribute in one of his plays.

Under the greenwood tree,
Who loves to lie with me
And tune his merry note,
Unto the sweet bird's throat;
Come hither, come hither, come hither.
Here shall he see
No enemy
But winter and rough weather.

The next time she came out of her tree it was to stop an angel and a demon from fighting. They were in the midst of killing each other, but Jess talked them out of it. At this point she had seen enough and was smart enough that after she sat them down and talked them out of it, they were good friends. They decided to make the academy together, and went off with promises to return for her tree.They built the academy, and as people started coming in, they made good on their promise.
Jessenia's tree was moved to the academy, and she became a teacher. And still she is, willing to talk to the students of all she's seen and heard. She's one of the favorite teachers because of her oddly casual style of teaching, and her simple kindness.
||•| Relations |•||
|• Family •|
She's a tree. Does that help any? None.
Pet » ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ » Alive

|• Sexuality •| Pansexual
|• Status •| Single
|• Ex-Lovers •| None

▐ ❝Why do you always have to be doing something? I don't understand how you don't understand how easy and nice it is. Yes, I'm dead serious. Just.... sit. Listen, look, maybe you'll learn something. ❞

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(view spoiler)

┠Name┨ Alasdair Alainn
┠Nickname┨ Alec , Mr. Alainn , Sir
┠Gender┨ Male
┠Chronological Age┨ 3,200
┠Physical Age┨ 25
┠Species┨ Incubus + Witch
┠Sub-species┨ Gancanagh + Aura-Witch
┠ Order ┨ Demon
┠ Class Taught ┨ Power Control + Advanced Power Control

┠Face Claim┨ Jack Falahee

┘Teaching Casual└

┠ Description┨
Hair- Dark brown, short at the sides and medium length on top.
Eyes- Medium brown with a warm, gold touch to them
Height- 6'
Build- While he isn't as steroid-resembling ripped as some other demons, he is definitely fit. No supernatural strength, but enough muscles to hold his own in a fair fist-fight with a human.
Markings- Old burn scars on the bottom of his feet and a few across his ribs.

⇒Attractive →
Everything about Alec is attractive. His looks, his voice, the way he walks, his smell... It is a part of who he is, and he well knows it. To humans and a decent amount of supernatural beings, he is near irresistible. He is captivating, and the way he can make someone feel like they are the only thing in the world to him makes for a very inviting man.
⇒Amoral →
One could blame it on age, species, or childhood, but to be honest, Alec is just one nasty being. Perhaps there was a chance for him to be a decent creature when he was born, but any trace of good has been long extinguished. He knows and understands what morals are, he's just simply not bothered by them. Kill a child? Sure. Sex up his allies mother? Done that already countless times. Throw a puppy out the car? Well no, that's quite frankly disgusting why would you do that you nasty, sick, vile organism. Puppies can be used to obtain prey, and should not be chucked around like that.
⇒Assertive →
In and out of the bedroom he is a dominant personality, and usually those he comes across are at the very least internally submitting to him, whether they realize it or not. Half based on his species, half on his general personality, Alec is a strict but adored teacher, an intimidating foe, and an abusive lover. There is no hiding or dancing around that last one.
⇒Libidinous →
Sex. So many sex.
⇒Narcissistic →
Ego like an iceberg- it's pretty and enticing on top, until you realize how colossal and cold it really is. If you embarrass someone, it's not very likely that they'll enjoy it and say thank you, but Alec really does take it to a whole new level.
⇒Vindictive →
Cross him and you won't hear the end of it until he gets revenge, and even then you may not be free from glares and bullying. Easiest way to get on his hit-list is to steal his prey, embarrass him, show him up, or disobey him.

✓ Sex
✓ Power
✓ Sweets/Lollies
✓ Singing
✓ Winning
✓ Music
✓ Cartoons aimed at a young demographic

⇒ Singing
⇒ Sexing
⇒ Working out
⇒ Watching Cartoons

✗ Commitment
✗ Other witches
✗ Mother
✗ Losing
✗ Fire
✗ Iron
✗ Brats

Aura Manipulation
↳ The ability to control and manipulate a persons Aura, which is usually the source of ones spirit and power. Unable to kill, read minds, or physically effect anyone through their aura. Must be achieved by being in close proximity, and is less effective as the distance increases.
↳ He does not age and cannot die from things such as sickness or infection. Fatal injury, such as loss of blood, heavily damaged organs, large amounts of Iron, being lit on fire, or decapitation can kill him.
Silver Tongue
↳ Not necessarily the words themselves, but his voice holds the power to convince and persuade. However, this does not equate to control through speech.
Addictive Toxin [Skin Based]Addictive Contentment + Love Inducement
↳ Depending on how much toxin he is generating, whoever comes into physical contact with him can be affected. It causes the target to need him, much like a drug. When without him for a long period of time the victim can display withdrawal symptoms. If the amount of toxin was enough, some may become obsessed/heartbroken when without him, causing them to wither and eventually die.
Pheromone/Desire Manipulation
↳ Pheromones may induce pleasure, or may put subjects into a state of high suggestibility (either of which is useful for limited mind control). Other uses of these pheromones can be used to mark territory, or to leave a pheromone path which others can follow. Desire Manip. is limited to drawing others to himself sexually and/or romantically.

Chastity-related powers
↳ Seriously, this doesn't need explaining, does it?
↳ As a fae, iron can cause a kind of allergic reaction, first burning and then even going as far as to blackening skin.
Cars, Planes, Elevators etc.
↳ He feels uncomfortable in anything that resembles a large metal box.
↳ While he shouldn't be able to lie, he does. Usually this would result in loss of magic, or death. As a half-breed, though, he can lie when he needs to, he just finds it very draining.
↳ As a witch, most other magic or human made anti-witch things effect him.
Fire and Smoke
↳ His mother was one of those witches that, once put near so much as a spark so it seems, bursts into flames. While he isn't quite as bad, fire is most definitely a foe. Smoke has near triple the effect on him than most, due to his Gancanagh heritage.

In good, magical Ireland lived a Witch- a good Witch, though not a medicinal one. She helped clear travellers of weariness, owned a sanctuary for the mythical, and used her ability to manipulate aura to change peoples lives for the better through clarity and spirituality. Her life was thoroughly destroyed by a beautiful man, seemingly human, who came to seek refuge from a mob. She never asked why the mob was after him, for she was instantly enthralled by this stranger. She slept with him that night, and only in the morning to she realize what he was- a demon of seduction. She could feel his tainted aura in her own, and became infuriated. Her abilities aided her in dimming her withdrawal symptoms without him, but she could only resist so long. She quickly fell from grace, becoming the very picture of 'beautiful, haunted witch'. Still a good woman, she would not kill her child that was growing so quickly, a decision she would come to regret. He was beautiful, her son, as beautiful as the man who had seduced her. In the beginning she loved her boy, who has inherited her abilities.

When his father came back to check on the boy, however, she went into a fury, trying her hardest to fight the demonic man. In the end she triumphed, killing him and throwing his carcass over a cliff and into the sea. She had been in contact with him too much though, and the full force of his seduction and addictive powers had finally taken its toll on her. She returned home to her boy, and over the next few years she became steadily worse and worse, craving the body and smell and touch of the one she had killed. Alec, now seventeen years of age, tried to help his mother through the worst of it, but it all fell around him the day she snapped. Her power recoiled from the sickly sweet intruder on her aura, the infection completely taking her over. The closest she could ever get to the man was... holding her right now and begging her to calm down.

For years after she snapped she manipulated Alec, using his body and his lover for her to appease her appetite for him, Alec's father, and for a while it worked. Alec, though, began to lose all the compassion that kept him from leaving his mother, and when the punishing started, consisting of multiple burns and cuts on his feet and ribs (so as not to draw attention), he lost all love that had resided in his heart and soul. Alec left the house where he grew up, refusing to be abused and raped any more. The only thing that kept him killing his mother was the thought that she would live in agony without him. Although he did not know it, by the time six days had passed she would crawl on hands and bloody, torn up knees to the cliff she had pitched the demons body off, and would follow him to the ocean floor.

Coming into himself and his powers, Alec traversed the world, being careful to disperse of any of his offspring along the way. As the world evolved, it became harder and harder to hide who and what he was, birth certificates and credit cards making sure of them. Nowhere in the world was safe any more, and Alec was swiftly running out of options to survive and ways to quell his boredom. Seducing royalty and influential persons was of the past, having never ended well for anyone, and he did not like having to remain in long-term relationships to get by. When Northern Lights University came to his attention it was perfect. Hundreds to seduce, protection from humans, money, and the possibilities were endless. Spending an odd twenty years building up cred as a helping hand for those having trouble controlling their abilities, Alec applied for a position as a teacher.

He got the job, but he keeps his Incubus blood a secret, for obvious reasons.

Mother- A witch, both literally and metaphorically. Deceased.
Father- Gancanagh. Unknown.
Bisexual, but tends more towards woman.
As single as an Incubus can be.
Seriously? Thousands.

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Approved, obviously.

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Thank you so much, and I just altered it a little so that his Incubus blood is a secret (or at least as much of one as he can make it), is that feasible?

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Fine by me :)
And just a heads up, you put FaceClaim in twice :3

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