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The Heir (The Selection, #4)
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Laila & Sadie - The Heir

Laila Jane (axlilxlala) | 498 comments Hi Sadie! I'm excited for this one!

Laila Jane (axlilxlala) | 498 comments Haha I've already got the kindle version! Although there is something appealing about having the physical book in your hands. What did you end up deciding?

Laila Jane (axlilxlala) | 498 comments When would you like to start reading? I think I wanna wait til Friday at least to see if this would work for the SS challenge.

Laila Jane (axlilxlala) | 498 comments How is it so far? I wish I had remembered that it was coming out this week, otherwise I would've waited to use it, but I already turned in my review for the week. Crossing my fingers it'll work for next week. Either way I will start this tomorrow.

And Amazon Prime is totally worth it, especially if you order a lot. I've been using it for the last year or so and haven't regretted it at all.

Laila Jane (axlilxlala) | 498 comments I just read The Queen (The Selection, #0.4) by Kiera Cass the other day. It really made me so excited for this! Still don't like Maxon's father though...

Laila Jane (axlilxlala) | 498 comments I'm 11% in. First impression of Eadlyn is that she is a brat! She is like this for the whole book? Cuz if so, I might wanna kill her by the end of it lol

Laila Jane (axlilxlala) | 498 comments And I wanna shake her parents! They are way too passive with her...

Laila Jane (axlilxlala) | 498 comments Done! Eadlyn definitely began to grow on me towards the end. I like that the people around her weren't afraid to tell her how horrible her behavior can be, and I like that she is starting to change.

So many of the boys are my favorites! I really don't know who I want to win. At first, I was rooting for Kile, then Henri, and now Erik. I could never be in her position. But I think Eadlyn will eventually choose for love, rather than going for Ean's proposal.

It was nice to get glimpses of past characters, especially Maxon and America, and see that they really did get their happily ever after. That ending though! I really hope America is okay.

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