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Sadie & Nichole - Rule

Nichole | 1862 comments Sadie, you are going to be busy! I'm really looking forward to this one... and the rest :)

Nichole | 1862 comments I'm looking forward to this one the most, I think. It could also be that I need it for a challenge :) Maybe we can start this next weekend-ish?

Nichole | 1862 comments So, I'm pretty booked up until around the 14th or so. Do you mind waiting until then to read this?

Nichole | 1862 comments I can start it tomorrow:)

Nichole | 1862 comments Sooo, I've put this off yet again. Sorry! I'll be finishing up my current audio today or early tomorrow. Regardless, I'm starting this some time tomorrow. I'm using it for PtP and I want to get that finished up by Wednesday/Thursday.

Nichole | 1862 comments Okay, so I barely got started but I'm going to knock this one out today!

Only up to Ch. 3

(view spoiler)

I can already tell that I'm going to love this series! I like me some bad boys :)

Nichole | 1862 comments A little while later... I don't remember what chapter, lol.

The first sex scene- (view spoiler)

Nichole | 1862 comments Chapter 11-(view spoiler)

Nichole | 1862 comments Sorry, I went out of town over the weekend and didn't get back to this thread. I finished it up and gave it 3.5 stars.

I thought it was pretty predictable and Rule aggravated me a bit-but I still enjoyed it. I think I'm going to try to squeeze one book a month in. If you want to continue maybe we can just use this thread. If not, that's okay too :)

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