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Name: Luna Celeste Starling
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Sexuality: Hertosexual/Straight
Faction of Origin Amity



Written Description
hair color: Brown
eye color: Dark honey brown
height: 157cm
body type:Hourglass
skin tone:Tannish-slightly pale
any distinguishable marking: N/A


personality: Aya is a bubbly, social, go lucky girl. She loves to have fun and laugh all the time. However, that doesn't mean she can't be serious in the required situations. She can snap in a moments notice. She has the occasional angry outburst, but soon realizes her mistake and apologises.

family: fill in the full name, age, and a one sentence personality for each person. atleast one living parent necessary. siblings must be also designated older or younger.
Mother Mary Starling, A happy motherly figure who is strict, but warm and loving
Father: Benjamin Starling, a protective father who always laughs whole heartedly


History Luna is the only child of the Starling family. She grew up surrounded by the love and affection of Amity. She was a bit of a troublesome girl. At parties, instead of playing sensibly, she'd wrestle and run around with the boys. As they grew older, the boys started excluding her because she was a girl.

-Loosing her family
-Ending up factionless
-Being rejected

-Apples (and anything sweet)


-She’s too sympathetic towards others
-She doesn’t like looking at blood
-Too soft

-good at climbing
-Fast and quiet
-Quick at thinking


Weapon of Choice:None

Faction they want to go to:Dauntless
Aptitude test result to be filled in later
Faction they choose at choosing ceremony: to be filled in later
Not Divergent


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This character actually belongs to Clarie. She's a close friend of mine who posted this character via my account. She'll claim this character in a moment. I was just helping her.

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Claire | 7 comments Thanks I love it!

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