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                                      ❝ this life is sweeter than fiction . . . ❞

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So recently, this joke thing has been going around my school. Things like this happen all the time. Something just suddenly becomes super popular and trendy sometimes. Kendama toys, Little Einsteins, etc. Off-topic, but I don't even understand how kendamas got popular? I swear, 1 in 3 kids in our school have a kendama toy. And it's not just our school, it's a bunch of schools throughout our district. I'm not sure if it's just in my district or if it's further spread, though.

Anyway, the "deez nuts, ha got em" or whatever thing has become really popular throughout my school and it's the most annoying thing ever. I mean, sure, it was slightly amusing at first, but then it just got really, really old and lame. The students in my math class are always yelling out "deez nuts!" when it's quiet just for their entertainment and to piss the teacher off. A couple of the boys in my first period English class went up to a few girls (including myself) and said: "Hey, someone likes you. You wanna know who? DEEZ NUTS." Please, can you not?

And just recently, one of my friends added a status update on Facebook saying: #PrayForNepal. And then this guy just decides to comment: "U know what took out Nepal? DEEZ NUTS HA got em" Are you serious? I can't even. -_- Why would you say something like that? You can't joke around all the time. It's a serious topic and if you can't handle it then you shouldn't say shit.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 3045 comments I don't know what that means, but I'm guessing it's bad? xD

-adonis ❰Stitched you up, put you together With cotton and feather Gave you love, put my heart inside you Oh what could I do When you started talking  (the_deadly_fanboy) | 3836 comments I feel the same way about Kendama, like what the fuck, when did that happen. Like normal day, next day 15% of the school has them, then 30%, then 50%, then 60%, and now it's like 75% of the school has them

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Shadhia; Ah.

Jacob; Yesss. >.< Everywhere I look, there's Kendama. -_-

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wut is a kendama

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Boys can be so immature and childish sometimes. Especially some of the boys at my school. I mean, I get it, we're teenagers, we should have fun and mess around since we're only this age once. I admit, I mess around a lot, too. But the difference is, I know when I should stop joking around and I know when not to joke around.

I was playing football with a few friends during gym, and a couple of boys (5 or 6) who were playing basketball stopped and stood and watched us while chatting and joking around amongst themselves. Every now and then, I would hear one of their voices saying something really stupid and then an eruption of laughter from the group. Sometimes, they were talking about other stuff. But most of the time, they were talking about... us. They were imitating us and would occasionally yell a snide comment whenever one of us threw the football or caught one. And sometimes they would try to hit us with their basketball. Then out of nowhere, they decided to throw their basketball at the roof of the... I dunno how to describe it. XD It's like a roof or something outside. We play under it instead of in the sun because it's cool under the shade. Obviously. Anyway, they threw the basketball at the roof, and whenever a ball hit the roof, it would make a really loud noise. We heard the noise, and a few of us screamed.

Laughter roared from the boys. One of them said: "Why are you guys screaming? It's just a basketball hitting the ceiling." Of course, we ignored them like we always did, but then they just kept going on about it. They threw the basketball continuously at the ceiling and they would imitate a high pitched scream and wave their arms around in the air every single time. Apparently, it was hilarious as fuck to them because after they imitated us screaming, they would collapse onto the ground laughing. One of my friends got pissed and threw her football at them. And hit one of them. Yay. However, they took it and wouldn't give it back and we had to chase them for it. We had two footballs. They made a game out of it. They would just pass the football back and forth and make us chase after them for it. We girls got pissed, of course, and one of us tried another method of getting the football back. One of my friends pretended to cry, hoping that the boys would pity her and give us the ball back. Another friend and I confronted the main boy and told him he upsetted 'so-and-so' to the point where she 'cried'. And then he's just like: "I was trying to defend myself."

What? He said that so-and-so threw the football at one of his friends, so he kept the football away so he could "defend" himself and his friends.

The fuck?

And we didn't get our football back.

So us six girls just sat down together, deciding to just pause our game. And the boys just acted like they couldn't care less. They just started talking trash about us. -_-

I told them to leave us alone, and they agreed but of course, that didn't last for long. I specifically told them that they were going a little bit too far and they didn't know when they should stop messing around with us. But they didn't leave us alone, and the cycle continued today when we played again. Except they didn't take our football.

This is what I mean. I don't care if they joke around with us sometimes. We get along; we mess around together sometimes. But they don't know when they should stop.

I don't get why they have to mess with us specifically either. They--those five or six boys-always mess with us.

Boys will be boys, I guess. They're still young and have a lot of maturing to do, but it still annoys me.

This is just the most recent story where this group of boys messed around with us, and it's not going to be the last. Normally I wouldn't be annoyed enough to rant about this, but I've had enough. So. Rant's over. Expect more.

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