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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult: girls is basically 'sold' to a rich guy by her father in the hopes of producing a suitable make heir for his fortune [s]

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MJ | 1393 comments Read this in the last couple of years
Most likely iBooks, but there is a vague possibility of amazon

- the father has daughters all over the shop, because he has been trying to have a male heir for years with little success.
- she was from his wife and she does have a younger brother who is unacceptable to her father as there were complications at birth which caused him to have strokes, and blinded him from the get go.
- she was unwilling to be 'sold off', but dad used the brother as collateral, forcing her to go along with anything he wanted
- because the brother is SHAMEFUL to him, the father has kept his existence from the world.
- the new guy is aware of the fathers plans to make him her baby daddy, and isn't interested with the fathers plans... but he is interested in the girl.
- his best mate works for him (security I think), and they come as a package deal. MFM
- he convinces her to forget about the father and just be theirs... she says she can't because of her brother. The two guys basically kidnap the kid and then brush off the dad.
- the girl notes that her dad would be furious if the baby was fathered by the best friend as the father is so set on his grandson being 'of society', he missed the memo that his baby daddy choice is actually adopted.
- she is a severe asthmatic
- the brother is 6-7 years younger than her, and because their mum died while giving birth to him and dad will allow no one to know of his less than perfect son, the girl raises him herself
- there are surprises of sisters and about mum throughout.

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Tracy | 87 comments Sounds like Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna.

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MJ | 1393 comments Blackmailed it is... you are a legend! thanks Tracy 

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Tracy | 87 comments You're welcome.

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