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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments So what are we gonna do?

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Its up to you. =D

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments I was thinking MxF? And you're from WI?

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Yes i am =)

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments I am tooooo c:

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Im in milwaukee =)

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments I'm gonna make my cherrie.

Name: Alexis (Lexi) Marie Rockfield

Age: 16

Appearance: http://dresslilly.net/shop/floral-pri...

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments I'm an hour away from Milwaukee c:

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Name: Markus Dezon

Age: 17

Apperance: My pic but older.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Kk, you start?

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can u? And we need an idea

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Yep I sure can, and I was thinking maybe the girl is really shy, and kinda mysterious and all the guy knows is that she gets bullied so they meet in the hall someday? And we can go from there.

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shure. you starts please

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Lexi ran into school late, her hair flying everywhere. She quickly opened her locker and dropped her bag on the ground. The contents of her locker spilled everywhere and she sighed knowing she'd be late for class. A guy came towards Lexi and shoved her into the locker. She winced and stayed quiet, this was normal now.. She didn't like it but it was normal. "Late, huh? You probably with guy.. Whore.." He slammed her face against the locker again. The hall was empty.. No one could save her.. "Please.. Stop.." They guy stared at her "fine, you fat ass." He slammed her face down one more time and left. Lexi shoved everything into her locker and started walking to the bathroom as her face was bleeding.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments ((Hello?))

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(Srry. Im making a group.)

He turns around the corner to use the bathroom, when he sees the helpless girl. He looks at her for a second, before going to her. "You need help?" he asks, picking some stuff up for her, He noticed the boys that were laughing before, and Guessed it was them "what happened? he asks, putting it in her locker for her.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments ((It's ok.))

Lexi looked at the floor, "I-I don't know.." She wiped away some blood and avoided the guy. It would be the same as always, he would hurt her. "I have to go.." She turned and started walking.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments ??

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He sighs. He knew she was hurt, but she ignored him. He shuts her locker, heading to art class. He was in 2D art this semester.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments After cleaning herself up Lexi walked into her art class with her head down, she saw the guy from earlier and sighed. She kept her head and grabbed a painting she had been working on. Tears stung her eyes when she had saw black paint had been poured on the whole thing. She put the canvas on a table and sat in a corner of the room where she started a new painting. Tears falling as she worked.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments ((New appearance for her: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/31891121... ))

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments ??

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he looks over to her, and then sits next to her. he then looks at what she was drawing out of intrest, and sees the black paper "Why did you do that?" he asks, and takes it "what was it?" he says, then relizes that she was crying. he hands her a tissue "you okay?" he says

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Lexi pushed his hand away gently, "someone wrecked it.. It wasn't me.." She sniffed and touched at where her head had been slammed into the locker. "What do you want from me?" She finished sketching out the pattern and walked over to the paint. She started getting the correct colors when someone dumped paint on her shoes. Lexi sighed set down her paint, she walked back to where was sitting with a paper towel and slipped off her shoes and started wiping the red paint off.

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he looks at the guy in anger "whats your deal? The girl is defenceless, and you bully her. News flash" he says, and punches him right in the nose. he then goes by her with some wet paper towle, "you okay?" he asks.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Lexi shook her head, "no not really.. My head really hurts.. And he ruined my new shoes.." She looked at him, a small amount if blood in her face. "I don't know why' he does that.."

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he sigh, and then grabs a Kleenex wiping her cheek gently "its because he sees your shy. He knows your vulnerable to be bullied. He know you wont do anything... that's why i punched him" he says, wiping the rest off.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Lexi nodded, "you're not gonna hurt me?" She looked at him with a soft expression. "Oh.. Thank you by the way.."

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He smiles at her "why wouldi hurt you? Hes not a man" he says. Then looks at her. She looked weak "you need to learn self defence" he says

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments "No thank you.." Lexi went back to get her paint, she searched around for a proper brush and returned to her seat. She started painting on the canvas a very finely detailed almost realistic picture of a cat soon became clear. "I don't need to learn self defense.. I'm too little."

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"No. Self defence can also be this" he says, handing her a pencil. He was drawing whatevs. He was a okay drawer. Not the best shader.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Lexi looked at the pencil, "I can't sign the painting till it's dry.. What am I supposed to do with this? It's not even soft enough to sign the canvas.." She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow.

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He smiles "your serious?" He asks, smiling at her. He then shows her what to do by stabbing the air "duh" he smiles teasingly.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments "Cuz I'm totally gonna hurt someone.." Lexi took the pencil and set it down. "Violence is not the answer unless your doing it to yourself." She nodded and finished her painting. "This is definetely going to the art show."

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He thinks about what she says "show me your wrist" he says.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Lexi froze, "why?" She held tightly to the top of her sleeve and slowly put out her arm. "I'm assuming you just wanted to know what color my shirt really is? I guess it's a maroon because it's too purple to be a red."

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"Why would you say that. Inflicting self harm is okay?" he says. He was confused with her.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Lexi sighed, she carefully rolled up her sleeve to her elbow. Cuts and scars covered her arm. "I didn't mean to say it was ok.." She looked away from him. "I know.. You're probably all grossed out.. You're allowed to leave.."

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"No I'm not. Im use to it" he says "were all suman. Some people cant deal with depression" he says.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments "I can't deal with life.." Lexi pulled her sleeve back up. "I'm terrified to wake up some days.."

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"Why? Because some low life has to pick on someone not even half their size because their a pathetic piece of shit?" he says

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments ((I have a newfound love for the whitewater college campus lol))

Lexi shook her head, "I don't know..." She grabbed her painting and put it away. She walked over to a few charcoal drawings to spray them, she didn't want to avoid him but she didn't want to talk about this particular situation.

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( =) )

He sighs, working on his drawing. He then look at her bully.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Her bully came towards her, a pallete of paint and a brush ready to go. He slowly started painting on her back, he laughed when finished. "Hmm. Lexi the lesbian. Strange way to come out of the closet but ok." Lexi froze when she heard him, "what are you talking about..?"

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments ??

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He looks over at her, then walks to her "we have a problem?" He says, frowning at him. He pushes lexi behind him.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Lexi soon felt the paint seep through her shirt and she ran out of the room.

Tyler (random name) turned around, "nope not at all. She painted something on her back that's all. I mean she should've just actually told people that she was a lesbian."

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He punches him in the jaw, then gut. "If you pick on her again, i swear to god you will regret it" he growls, then runs to the bathroom. He knocks on the door "lexi?" He says, worried.

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Rhian c: (rhian_) | 574 comments Lexi pulled off her shirt, she started sobbing when she saw was written. She heard Markus knock on the door, "go away..." She sat against the door and pulled a blade out of her pocket, she was freezing in her tank too but her shirt was ruined, you could see every inch of her arms which were covered in cuts and scars. She let out another sob and pressed the blade into her wrist, she drug it across and repeated over and over again.

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"Im coming in " he says "a-" he sees what shes doing "why?" He asks. He sighs, and takes it from her "were going to the nurse, then princible" he says.

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