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Here we go. c:

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Maybe it takes place in an elf kingdom where Witches and Ghosts are just myth. But they are very real and the royal family has their dark secrets. They don't speak of how dangerous the creatures are. But when the king dies leaving his eldest son to rule the kingdom. Ghosts and witches start to become a nightmare turned real. All except for the queen of Witches who happens to be the most beautiful person the new found elf king has ever seen.

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I like that idea. Which characters are you going to be?

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I would like to be the witch queen if that is okay

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Sure. I'll be the elf king, if that's alright.

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yay :)

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Aribella Dominique

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((Would you like to start?))

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((Sorry, I didn't see your latest message.))

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((Would you please start us off?))

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Adam flipped casually through the pages of an unknown book, the title was completely worn off, and the pages were crinkled and torn. "What is this?" He noticed that there was some writing on the inside of the cover, it was in a language that he hadn't seen before. The doors to his study flew open, and his over enthusiastic aunt scurried in. "Oh, my dear boy! Your mother is here, she said she would be visiting for a few days!"

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