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Plot 2
[ Girl A and Guy A were childhood sweethearts. Girl A wasn't all that confident, her parents, unhappy with their marriage. Guy A, had a dying mother, but a positive outlook on life. The two gave each other what the other needed. That was, until they were separated. Guy A's mother died, leaving him to move out to his aunt's, and never to see his dear friend Girl A again.

Girl A grew, and eventually got into the college of her dreams. Making friends was hard, that is until she met Girl B (her room mate) along with Guy B (her classmate). Together the three became a wonderful team. One day, however, Girl B insists that Girl A and Guy B come with her to the movies. Neither knew that Girl B was bringing her new boyfriend.

As they arrive, Girl A is stunned to find that Girl B is dating her childhood sweetheart Guy A. The two are overwhelmed to see one another, and neither have changed. But will the two be able to resist their emotions? Or will others get in the way?

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I would like to be Girl A and Guy B if that's alright.. (If you'd like to be these two I'm open to letting you)

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Do you do character bios? I usually do Name/Age/Appearance/ Traits.

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short simple and sweet

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Name Michelle
Age 25

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Girl A
Name: Layla Clapton
Age: 24

Guy B
Name: Anthony Dawson
Age: 25

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It had been twelve years since the two friends, Marshall and Layla had been apart. Both moved on in some ways, schools, jobs, friends. Layla had moved on by going to her long awaited college. This one she had dreamt about for years. She was now a student here, sharing a dorm with roommate Michelle, and sharing some of her classes with Anthony . She had made many friends here, her childhood was just a far off memory now. It had been five months into the school semester, things were scheduled now and classes weren't as threating anymore. The two roommates where as close as sisters, as was the added schoolmate. The three were true friends. And it seemed as if nothing could come in the way..

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"Hey Squirt wake up Chika! It's surfing Saturday and you know how we all like going early so we don't get crowded too much by people." Michelle said tapping on Layla's forehead. Michelle was always an early riser. Once the sun shines through to their window is right when she hops out of bed making a rokus in their mini kitchen. She knew better than to wake Layla without coffee so she made sure that today she had a nice hot cup was in her hand.

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