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Alena and Lexi

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments Hey! c: Any plot ideas?

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Hi. Um...I can't think of anything.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments If we're going to do romance, we could do highschool, demon/angel, reincarnation. I'm up for anything basically. Would you prefer being male or female?

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High school sounds good. Unless you wanted to try something different. I guess I'll be male.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments That sounds good. Do you want me to make forms, or should we just jump right in?

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Let's just jump right into it. I think it will be more fun that way.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments Alright. I'll start?

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Sounds good.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments Violet slid into a vacant desk in Room 3102, Mr. Laurence's Old English Literature class. It was only the first day of tenth grade, and she was already exhausted beyond belief. She only had two classes with her best friend, Lori: And to top it off, she had to start worrying about college. Great.
She pulled a novel from her bookbag and began reading, hoping class would begin soon so she could get it over with.

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Aaron bit his lip nervously and strode into class, his eyes flitted from the stocky, blonde haired teacher, to the students already sitting in their seats. His heart beat quickened as he walked over to a seat in the middle of the room and sat down. "I hope this goes by fast." He said under his breath.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments "Same." Violet muttered under her breath, flipping a page. She didn't expect him to hear her reply, nor had she ever seen him around school. Maybe he was a grade above or below her; or perhaps he was new. She shrugged subtly, sighing.

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His eyes softened and he chuckled quietly. He gingerly opened his backpack and pulled out a textbook, his eyes scanned the front of the book, making sure it was the right one. "Ah, here it is." He said fondly to himself as he brought his attention to the teacher pacing around the class with a paper in his hand.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments "Good morning, everyone. I know how excited everyone is to be here."
The class exchanged a few knowing smiles and snickers before Mr. Laurence quieted them by holding his fingers over his lips.
"We're going to do a get-to-know me activity this period. I'd prefer you do it with someone you don't know, but, you know, whatever."
He passed out a paper: Inked with a checklist. There was a checkbox beside each generic question like, "What is your favorite color?" that you were supposed to check upon getting the answer from your partner. Violet glanced at the boy beside her.

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Aaron gulped and looked timidly at the girl sitting across from him. He nervously grabbed his chair and dragged it over to the girl's desk and sat down. "So, let's get this over with."

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments She smiled at him softly, realizing he was shy. It was rather cute-- in a puppy dog way -- so she nodded at him politely. "I'm Violet." She said. "You can check off your first box. What's your name?"

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He cleared his throat anxiously and rubbed his neck. "Hey, I'm Aaron." He stifled a smile and looked at Violet, her gentle face made his heart do flips.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink, but she shook her head, checking off her first box.
"It's nice to meet you," She grinned, running her fingers up and down her wrist; a nervous habit. "Do you prefer sunset or sunrise?"

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He looked down shyly and bit his lip. "Sunset." He glanced down at the paper, trying to focus on the questions. "What do you prefer?"

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments She smiled down on her paper, her eyes flicking over to him.
"Sunrise." She declared. "I like beginnings. Endings are no fun."

Violet sat silently for a moment before looking over at him and asking him shyly: "What grade are you in? It's not on the paper. I'm just wondering."

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He glanced into her eyes and smiled fondly. "I'm a freshman." He rubbed his neck awkwardly, his shyness returning.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments "Oh!" She giggled, slightly shocked. "I'd assumed you were older than me."
Violet somehow wondered how she could loosen him up a bit; because she was interested in being his friend.

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"Being taller helps fuel that assumption, I guess." He chuckled quietly and returned his gaze to the sheet of paper.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments She smiled, looking at him fondly, before looking down at the paper.
"What's your favorite show?" Violet inquired. "To be honest, I'm not too sure what mine is."

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"Same with me, I'll read the next question. How many siblings do you have?" He looked curiously at her, trying to take in every word she said.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments "None," She said quietly, looking at her own feet on the floor, frowning. She quickly brightened up again, smiling widely at him. "But what about you?"

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"Huh, that must be nice. I've got three horrid older brothers, Damien, Alexander, and Sebastian..." He sighed and smiled. "They're really supportive of me, so I guess I can't complain." He sat with his hands rested on his neck and his legs apart. "Which question are we on, anyways? I wasn't paying attention." Blushing a deep red color, he looked at the clock on the wall.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments She laughed quietly to herself, glancing up at him from under her lashes.
"I don't know," Violet said honestly. "It seems like it would be fun to have siblings, you know? And your brothers have cool names. Oh. We were on What is your favorite color?."

She waited for his answer.

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"Oh, it's fun alright..." He cleared his throat and looked happily at Violet. "My favorite color is dark red. What is your favorite color?"

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments Violet thought for a moment.
"Actually, I really like pink." She chuckled. "Not like, hot pink. But like pastel pink. It's comforting."
She blushed slightly at the fact that she was rambling, but she shook it off.
"Dark red is nice, too."

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"That's cute." He said genuinely. "You're cute." His icy blue eyes radiated admiration. "Dark red is my color, because of my dark and brooding nature." He chuckled and sat up from his chair. "I've got to get to practice."

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments Her face flushed scarlet, but she still managed to get out a chuckle. "Thank you," She mumbled. "Practice for.. practice for what?"
She assumed it was for a sport-- and she definitely wasn't a sports girl -- but she listened intently.

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He walked toward the door and turned to look back at her. "Football. I'll see you around, Violet." He winked playfully and headed out the door into the bustling hallway.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments Violet covered her face with her hands, groaning frustratedly. She'd only just met him, and she was already completely smitten with him. She mentally cursed herself.

((Time skip to after school, maybe?))

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Aaron had just taken an icy shower, and his muscles were still aching from the intense drills. He tried his best to dry his soaking-wet hair, but it continued to drip onto the collar of his shirt.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments Violet waved to the girls in the club room, before passing the gym on her way to the school's front entrance. She had just finished taking landscape shots behind the school for her photography club, and was eager to get home.

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Aaron noticed Violet walking and he quickly caught up to her. "Hey Violet." He panted and walked with her.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments Violet looked him up and down, grinning. "Tired?"
She ran a hand through her blonde hair, almost golden in the sun's setting rays filtering through the school's glass windows.
"You said you liked sunsets, right? That's a nice one."

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"Just a bit." He looked to the window and stopped walking. "Beautiful. Can you just stand completely still right in front of that window?"

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments Violet raised her eyebrows at him in suspicion, but parked herself in front of the window nonetheless, her arms by her side. "Now what?" She laughed.

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He pulled out his phone and turned the camera on. "Okay, just stay completely still." He snapped the picture and silently admired it. "Perfect."

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments "You're a nerd." Violet laughed, but she flushed a light shade of pink nonetheless. She almost forced him to show her the picture to decide if he should delete it or not, but her own phone buzzed in her pocket.
"Staying after werk 2day l8." Her dad had texted her. "can u get a ride????"
Usually she would chuckle at his ridiculous use of abbreviations, but she only groaned and looked up at Aaron, an exasperated expression on her face.
"Do you know someone who can drive me?"

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"I can give you a ride." He rubbed the back of his neck shyly.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments "Oh.." Violet mumbled quietly. "Are you sure? I don't want to cut into your time. Or anything like that. I could just walk."

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"I'm positively sure. I'd love to give you a ride. Please?" He pouted playfully and looked into her eyes.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments Violet huffed, flustered.
"Alright." She said, tugging on his sleeve. "Thanks. I don't know who else I could have asked."

There were the other girls in the photography club, but she hadn't really been particularly interested in any of them. They were definitely friends-- but Aaron was different.

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"Sure thing." He smiled gratefully as he walked with her towards the exit. "Do you want to go out with me sometime? I would like to spend some time with you outside of school." He blushed and held the door open for her.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments "U-um," She looked up, making eye contact with him as she held her hand over her eyes to shield them from the sun. "Yeah. Definitely. That sounds nice."
There was a light breeze, hopefully giving her an excuse for the flushed pink of her cheeks. Violet knew he was smart enough to see through it, and she chuckled to herself.

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Aaron smirked and glanced at Violet, clearly amused, he looked down. He pressed the yellow button on his keys that unlocked his car. "Here we are." Smiling happily, he opened the car door for her and went to the other side of the car to get in.

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Lexi Crystal (lexicrystal) | 50 comments "Aren't you gentlemanly?" Violet teased, poking his cheek. She felt almost ecstatic, being with him. The butterflies in her stomach had never calmed down, not since class earlier that day. "Thanks for driving me, again."

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"You're so welcome, little lady." He got into his car and closed the door loudly. Seeing her beautiful, glowing face made his heart skip a beat.

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