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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Ah yes. Going to my work. How rewarding." Variel chuckled teasingly as she looked at the building. Opening her door she stepped from the car and shut the door. Walking around to his side, she waited patiently for him to get out, glancing down at herself. She hadn't yet changed from what she had on at the beach, and a tanktop over a bikini swimsuit wasn't exactly classy wear, whether to just go for a drink or to work here.

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Damien nodded as he got out, "I thought it might be a treat to you to live high class rather than from the workers side of things. Come on, food and drinks is on the house. We can go back in the private VIP section." he said taking her hand and locking their fingers together as he walked to the door and held it open for her to pass in. They were immediately greeted by a frantic server who was shocked to see the owner at such an early hour. The place was pretty much dead until nine. "The VIP section Josh. Don't stand around we expect service to be excellent." Damien walked Vari to the back and sat down offering a seat beside of him.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "I have a room in your house. Have you even seen your house? I've been high-class before." Variel laughed lightly, though she definitely didn't seem averse to the idea. "I may be manager, but I'm not a witch." She reminded him. "Never have been." But still, she sat neatly beside him and crossed her legs, despite still feeling a bit uncomfortable with her definitely out of place clothing.

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Damien smirked looking at Variel, "What will you have to drink?" He said plainly but was unable to ignore her remark. "Are you saying that my home isn't high class enough for you? I gave you a room out of hospitality and kindness. I didn't trust you before because I saw you as mortal. You may be no witch but you are no mortal either." Damien pointed out as Josh came back with the best house wine and a tray of four wine glasses two filled with ice cold water and the other two empty for wine. "Thank you, Josh, I expect the wine to be set on ice. We will then give you our order in five minutes." The waiter referred to as Josh was in fact a guy name kyle according to his name tag, but no one questioned or challenged the owner.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel pouted. "I'm saying that it's because I live in your house, I'm used to high-class things." She explained, lightly elbowing him in the side. "Relax. When have I ever said anything about disliking something from you? You don't have to give me any of the stuff you do, let alone a room in your house, and yet you still do. I'm grateful for that, and I'm not going to run around disrespecting it." She said simply, kissing his cheek lightly before regarding the waiter as he left. "Ah, I know where I remember him from! He used to date Lily. Well, he used to fuck Lily, I'm pretty sure she refused to make it official." She mused, watching him move around with vague curiosity.

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Damien smirked, "Yeah, he is a Coven member, too. As for the things I do for you I expect gratitude, but not respect. You can give your respect to whomever you wish that doesn't have control over you. I could care less if you disrespect me because in a sense I already own you. It's like buying new furniture for a house. I do things for you to make you and myself look better." Okay so he wasn't being truthful at all. He actually cared about Vari and he would feel lost without her after two years of her being his Familiar he felt almost as though life could not exist without her. A bucket of ice was rushed in and set on the table the wine bottle was then uncorked and set in the ice. "May I take your order now, sir?" Damien nodded to the guy with a cruel smirk, "Yes, I want the lamb and the marinated olives. She will have the lamb as well and seared foie gras." The waiter nodded and quickly left without question. Damien poured the wine and set it back in the bucket leaning back with his ankle propped on his knee.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "And do you take all your furniture out to dinner?" Variel said dryly, rolling her eyes slightly. The fact that he had the audacity to say that at all stung a bit, but she could feel he was lying, so it didn't sting that much. As the waiter stopped by she opened her mouth to respond, but ended up closing him again as Damien spoke for her. Now she felt like she was five. But she was still stuck back on his original comment. "That reminds me..." She mused, looking over at him. "I've asked this dozens of times and you always manage to avoid the question, or lie. And I can feel when you lie, remember? The link. Anyway, why did you get me in the first place?" She asked curiously.

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Damien rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably and took a sip of his wine. "Your wine is getting warm. YOu better not waste that because it amy be free for you but it cost my business. Besides, I didn't pick you the High Priestess and the Elders picked you." Okay so he was telling part of the truth, but there was still a lie to be caught. Damien tried not to hover on what attracted him to Variel. He hated mortals and when he saw her as a Sleepwalker he saw a mortal cursed by Witches. Variel was different somehow. It was like they already had some connection that was beyond the powers of a Witch. Were he some girly guy he would have asked for the Seer's opinion on such a matter, but he has always been rather reluctant to do such a thing given that his past may be seen. Damien cleared his throat downing his glass and pouring another. He tried thinking about his next meeting with the dark ruler of the netherworld. It made him wonder if he was even allowed to truly love.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Variel stared at him for a long moment, eyes narrowing. She could feel that there was some lie behind it, but did she really want to get into it with him? Reaching over, she picked up her glass of wine, her gaze moving to it and away from him. She took a sip, but soon returned her scrutinizing gaze to him, casually holding the glass. After a moment of getting her thoughts together, she started to speak again, though slowly and carefully. "I'm not going to try to make you tell me everything about yourself or your thoughts behind it. Hell, there are quite a few things about me I've managed to keep from you and would like to keep it that way. But..." She paused and lowered her voice for the moment, cautious about what she was going to say. "I helped you kill someone. And I'm still here with you. Do you feel me wanting to go away? No, because I don't want to. At this point there's really nothing that would effect me enough to make me want to leave you, or hate you." She said simply, leaning back against the couch. "Just some food for thought."

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Damien sighed and rolled his eyes, "Believe me you wouldn't hate me if I gave you answers to all your questions. After helping me kill I can trust you enough to believe that now, but that doesn't stop me from holding back more than what you want held back. I hate the thought of being dominated by my emotions. It is that reason that I try to let Erin and Salem live their lives. I have no desire to ever gain closure beyond what I can control with anyone, but myself." He nodded as the starters came out. Two small loaded salads along with the marinated olives and seared foie gras with mustard seeds and green onions in duck jus. "Let's eat...I need ranch, Josh. You should know that if a person does not ask for any other particular dressing or lack there of you are to deliver the salads with ranch." Damien clearly was feeling a rise in his emotions and it was bringing out his temper. He was close to firing the waiter.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Fair enough." Variel smiled slightly, deciding to let the matter drop. She really didn't want to get him angry, and she could definitely see his point. They each had things they wanted private, and if he didn't want her to know it was none of her business. As the first food arrived she smiled, turning and setting her wine glass back on the table. "Thank you." She told the waiter before turning to Damien. His words alone would have been enough of a warning sign to her with how well she knew him, but feeling the sharp rise only made it more obvious to her. She didn't bother with assuring him 'it's ok' because she knew in his opinion it wasn't, so she had to attempt a different route to calm him down. It had been a nice night so far, and she didn't want it ruined. And she always wanted to avoid his anger. "He's getting it fixed. He's just nervous because you're the owner." She said logically, lightly kissing his cheek.

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Damien sighed, He loved it when she kissed him. He didn't know why, but she always had the more logical and most reasonable form of calming him. "Yeah, I guess." The waiter brought cups of ranch and then turned to leave, but quickly turned back. "I'm suspending you for a week without pay. During that time you will be wise to practice on your serving skills. I expect the best from ym workers and the best is what I will get without question. Don't ever be nervous and try less as hard..." He explained trying to be nice while still appeasing his own thoughts. He then smirked taking his fork and stabbing at a piece of the duck on Vari's plate. He was quick to put the fork in hsi mouth, "Mmmh...The duck is pretty good here." He smirked playfully.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments It was a bit harsher than she would have been, but Variel was still pleased. It was an acceptable compromise for her, especially as she knew he was rarely one to give in to anyone. At least he sometimes somewhat listened to her advice. "See? Is being kinder about it and trying to understand their position really that hard?" She teased lightly, though she didn't take the time to kiss him again, too focused on the food. She pouted at him as he stole her food, lightly poking him in the side. "You're mean to me...." She complained cheerfully, shaking her head as she picked up her own fork.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments ((BRB dinner))

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((k same))

Damien smirked, "Oh yes,the man who gives you a room in a house even though you have a home and takes you out to a fancy dinner in his own restaurant is sooo mean. I know what you mean...really I do." He joked clearly being sarcastic..."The kid had it coming and you have no idea how hard it is to be kind to anyone who is incompetent." He admitted coldly, but it lightened back up as he slid his olives to her and offered one. "Go on...they are soaked in duck juice from the same duck you are eating." He said with a smile as Kyle/Josh brought out their entrees, "Is there anything else I can do for you today ebfore I am dismissed?" Damien smiled, "No thank you...go home relax tonight and have fun, tomorrow is anew day."

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "You are the worst." Variel agreed cheerfully, picking up her fork and stabbing the offered olive. She swallowed and turned to her duck, then paused. She turned back to him and kissed him full-on, not even bothering with the light pecks on the cheek. Once she pulled back she was completely casual about it. She smiled slightly at him before looking back at her food. She used the fork to tear off a piece, swallowing happily.

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Damien frowned, "Um, right...." He was speechless. He allowed himself to lose control for one moment and she took it over. He was unsure how he should even feel: angry, confused, depressed, what? Damien allowed silence to sit between them as they finished the meal and then grabbed the bottle of wine and stood for a moment. "I'll be right back." He said walking out of the VIP section and going behind the bar grabbing a bottle of tequila, vodka, goldschlager, and clear rum. Then he reached under the bar and grabbed two bottles of the good red wine and a clear champagne. He had them all in two big paper bags and smiled, "I'm ready when you are. I expect that Salem and Erin will be coming home soon anyway."

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Oh relax, Damien." Variel laughed, looking over at him. She never tried to control him or anything, but his reaction was always rather amusing to her. It was definitely worth it for the emotions she could feel under the surface, especially how outwardly he completely ignored it. She smiled, taking the last bite before standing up. After cracking her knuckles she moved over to stand next to him, kissing his cheek lightly. "Why do we need that much alcohol? I mean, you won't catch me complaining, but now I'm curious." She mused.

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Damien seemed to grow a grin that held kindness, charm, and pure malice, "I want to do something nice for Salem's graduation. He may be udnerage, but I feel that Witches are above mortal laws. As long as he is drinking within the safety and comfort of his own home he should be okay. You said so yourself that he will hate me if I don't start paying him any mind. Same goes for Erin. I'll have her longer than Salem and I want them to be able to say that they love their brother who has cared for them and allowed them to have fun all their lives." He explained with a smirk.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Better you let them then constrict them too much. Then they'll act out, and that's a long, slippery slope for them to fall down." Variel agreed, speaking very matter of factly. "You'll have her longer?" She echoed with a snort. "She's not a puppy. That's me." She teased, sticking her tongue out at him cheerfully. "ANYway. Come on then." She said brightly, stealing one of the bags to help him carry the stuff.

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Damien looked at her a bit ignorant ow. Why was she so quick to take charge of a situation? He felt off and it caught him off guard. He was unsure how to even react at this point as he followed her out of the lounge and back to the car. He say the bag in the back after opening her side fo the car. He never failed. He was a gentleman, a murder, yes, but a gentleman. Awaiting her to get in and buckled he buckled up and pulled out hard he nearly hit a mail truck and pulle dout heading straight to the house. What was he to expect to get out of today? Vari seemed to hold control at this moment and he was so offset he was unsure how to even react at this point.

End Scene
Variel and Damien went back to Devereux Residence

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Artemus was going to do his first kill in the states. He was prepared to slaughter the disgusting creatures known as Witches and free himself of his curse. However, it was less for killing Witches and more for keeping himself alive and fit. He used his powers on Witches and killed them once he drained their lifeforce. He entered the lounge and was quickly seated in a private section as he tipped the host. "I'll have a bottle of your best red wine, make sure it isn't a dry wine." He ordered harshly. He was wearing a black button shirt and black slacks. Over it he had on a black jacket which he had his weapons stored in. He leaned back his index finger resting under his lip and his right ankle resting on his left knee. He still had his riding gloves on. Leather gloves seemed to pull off hsi outfit even more. If he was alluring then he was jsut plain attractively creepy. He was awaiting the Witch that fit in the profile. He had tabs on most Witches here including those not in a Coven. This one was in the upper hierarchy of the Coven as an Elder and he was determined to at least discover her defensive abilities if he didn't get the chance to kill her. However, if Artemus didn't get the chance to kill her then he would have to kill an innocent human.

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A young woman with perfect sun kissed skin and caramel brown hair and dazzling citrus green eyes had walked into the lounge. She glanced over the men within the lounge and frowned as no one seemed appealing to her. She went over and ordered herself a Sex on the Beach. As soon as the alcohol touched her lips she sighed happily and then got sick of the common lounge. She got up and moved into the VIP lounge. She spotted Artemus almost immediately and her eyes narrowed a touch, but she didn't approach, sensing something wasn't right. Not that it really mattered either way. Aurelia unknowingly was the witch he was waiting for. She wore a pale and red lace dress and her hair draped over her shoulders elegantly. She sat at an angle from Artemus from which she could watch him without draw too much attention to herself. She knew she had never seen him before and so she curious as to who he was. She sipped at her drink and relaxed for a bit.

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The waiter brought back a bottle of expensive red wine. It was a French wine. He sat a bucket of ice on the table and poured Artemus a glass. Then as the waiter walked away Artemus took a sip of the wine watching the waiter leave only to spot his target almost too easily. It was good thing to. He wasn't one for waiting and after plenty of research he knew she would be coming here. He projected his aura of desire almost instantly as his eyes met with hers. She was watching him. That was rather flattering. He hated how so many WItches were so attractive and youthful. they would make lovely humans, but witches were only that way because of their impurities. They were far form attractive on the inside. He had seen one for what it was in a mirror once. He gave the filthy Witch a nod and a gesture with his wine glass for her to come join him. By the time she would stand his aura would ht her. It could easily fill a room up, but he wanted only his target not everyone in the lounge to come to him.

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Aurelia was about to fall into his trap almost instantly, but something stopped her. Almost like a sixth sense had kicked in and she sat back and gazed at Artemus and gave him a clandestine smirk. She had felt the edges of his aura which held her back also considering she knew exactly whom she loved more than life itself and the man before her was not him. She pondered whether she should go or not when her precognition kicked in and she saw her death if she went with this man. She felt everything she had felt during her death and for it being her death bed it wasn't half bad. "Hmmm...so this how it's suppose to end? What the hell why not?" She then murmured to herself and got up and walked over to him with a smug smile tugging on her lips. She sat in the seat next to him and gazed at Artemus. "I must learn your secret. How did a hunter manage to get in here?" She asked curiously and tried to resist the desire he sent off. Though with every passing moment it seemed to pound on her and she grew even more attracted to him. her citrus gaze met his head on before she sipped at her poison, trying to help full her senses and hopefully the attraction to him as well. It didn't work, of course.

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Artemus smirked devilishly, "Wouldn't you like to know. I have my ways, not everyone can recognize us so easily. So tell me, love, do you so eagerly invite yourself to sit with death?" He knew now she held some form of telepathy or sight. She saw who he was and no doubt she saw what he was going to do to her. He was hungry and his pwoers acted naturally without his control when he needed a soul. It was morning time and still dark. If he didn't feed tonight he wouldn't make it to the next full moon alive. "Why not tell me just what you want me to do to you?" He said each word on the edge of his lips pheromones releasing as if a male animal in heat and ready to mate. His scent became more appealing. His appearance became simply unavoidable. He touched her hand gently under his. Persuasion pushing into her. "Why not forget about who I am and why I'm here and just leave with me?" He offered making it sound as an English gentleman's kind gesture.

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"Now sir, I've sat with death my entire life. Fearing it has simply become irrational." Aurelia replied as she gazed back at him. Then his voice came and something new washed over her she wanted to give herself to him in that moment and it get difficult to refuse him any longer. Then his voice came again and at the sound of it she wanted to do his bidding immediately. Her stomach started to flip a this touch, despite him having gloves on. "Um....well I...Stop It! Stop it right now." She suddenly snapped in a strained voice and gazed at him head on even though it was obvious she was struggling with conflicted feelings. "I would've given you your sex, no problem there, but...." Her voice trailed off as his desire encased her. She shifted towards him and she realized she couldn't contr herself any longer. However, she needed but a couple moments and with a shakeup had she focused on heat her glass then suddenly made it go ice cold, causing it to explode and cut into her palms. The new pain from it caused her to curse and hold her wrist, allowing herself enough time to devise a plan before his aura would over take her again. Blood seeped from her wounds where glass was lodged into his hand. "Excuse me a moment I need to go get this cleaned." She then said rapidly and stood up a bit too quickly, finding herself dizzy she walked into the women's room before he had a chance to stop her. She was in there alone and she cursed as she pulled the glass out of her hand. "Now what?" She asked curiously as she managed to get her hand to stop bleeding. Aurelia knew she was in trouble, why did she have to waltz right on up to him? Her recklessness was going to be the death of her.

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Artemus stood taking the bottle of wine and wlaking toward hte exit. Apart from the workers exit this was the only way out. thee windows were all locked and had key locks that were only opened if the owner wanted them that way. He stood outside the door with his arms crossed leaning agaisnt the outside wall jsut out of view of the door. He felt day time nearing every second and it the demon within him was scratching at his throat to escape. If he didn't feed he had no idea what might happen apart form weakness and aging. He could become more feral than he was now. The only reason it was in control now was because he was hunting and his instincts had kicked in. If it lasted much longer he would become a snake and have to take small bits of soul energy at a time with bites. It was really hard getting enough that wayw ithout the victim being willing. At least in snake form he couldn't drain anyone completely into hags, but this was aWitch she had to die one way or another. He liked playing with his food first, though.

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Aurelia gazed at her her reflexion and chuckled lightly. "Off to my death I go, I suppose." She replied and walked out of the bathroom and brushed off anyone and everyone that interacted with her. She then walked out of the lounge and although she didn't see him, she knew he was close by as she could still feel him. She then began walking down the pavement and made it a couple blocks from the lounge before turning into an alleyway. Her heels echoed off the brick walls and made the silence seem deafening. She gazed at her hand as it had begun to heal itself. She sighed and rubbed her arms as the cold crept along her skin, causing goose bumps to appear almost instantly. She stood there waiting for the hunter to reveal himself. She had suspected that he had followed her, though she wasn't positive. She had been his target, had she not? Aurelia stood in the alleyway and then thought of something, a trick she would pull on him, one that would get them what they both needed, even if it did cost an innocent's life.

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Artemus was at the other end of the alley and his motorcycle was at the end where she had entered. He approached formteh darkness as a light fog crept upon them. "Have you every heard of the canary who flew into the mine and sang it's song? The canary died. think of this palce as your mine, little canary." He said in hsi charming accent as he approached. He felt scales creeping up his spine. What was happening to him? He had to feed soon. Maybe he was going to shift if he didn't feed? Artemus moved at a rather inhuman speed upon her and pinned Aurelia to the wall one arm holding her wrist which had the glass in it only earlier. You see if you had apotion to keep yourself form helaing so quickly you could have convinced me that youw ere human and the mistake was mine. Some sort of human who consorts withthe devil...the Coven's Secret Keepers. Go on girl...scream...The serpent inside of me loves it when you scream." He challenged her as long snake-like fangs grew from his canines. "I will drain every ounce of your soul and make you crumble into dust." He spoke charming words pushing hsi aura out agianst her again and now he was prepared ot give her his touch full on. He used his teeth to pull off the glove of his right hand the one that wasn't holding her wrist. He shoved it into hsi pocket and slowly moved his hand toward the sid eof her face, "Any last words, becuase they will be your last and you won't even be able to remember them once I ahve had my fill."

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Aurelia was calm as he approached her. Her plan was already in place and she used her illusion manipulation on him. As he spoke she had to concentrate all the more. Even though the woman he was talking to really wasn't Aurelia, she would seem exactly like her. As he pinned the woman she struggled against him and tears fell from her eyes. "Please don't."She struggled as she saw his fangs. The woman was scared beyond her wildest dreams, but the illusion Aurelia had created was one of how she would've reacted. The illusion struggled against him and did scream. "No stop. Let me go." She screamed and struggled against him. Aurelia was actually a safe distance away and waited for him to kill the woman so she could slip away, unseen, well that and learn his trick without dying, not that he would realize she hadn't died. Her illusion was flawless and the only way he would realize is once the woman died the illusion would splinter away and the deception would be revealed, Aurelia was just praying that he was so desperate that he wouldn't notice too much.

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Artemus unzipped his pants and ripped the womans clothes off one handed. He smirked kissing her lip and biting down hard causing it to bleed. He began raping her and his eyes began to glow a vibrant pinkish colour as he kept his lips locked with hers as he raped her. His hand touched her forcing her to calm down and stop screaming as he projected persuasive calming into her. It took a few minutes as he pulled back his lips a bright pink orb began to pull formthe woman in a stream of pink light. He finally finished raping her as her body grew limp. Once he finished he released her and as he did a haggish husk was all that was left. She looked like her entire body had become mummified in salt. She was dried out entirely. He stole her lifeforce and her youth. He wiped his mouth of blood and when he looked in Aurelia's direction but didn't see her, for to him she was the girl he jsut killed, his eyes still glowed pink before fading. the colour was sitll visible inthe darkness of the fog, bt tey weren't glowing anymore. He raced past Aurelia and got on his bike. He started it looking around and put on hsi other glove. No one was on the street and the sky began to lighten up. The sun begna to peak on the horizon where the ocean was. He felt it burn at first, but a small pink aura surrounded him. As he started to pull out it seemed to flow from him like glowing sparks flying into the air form a fire.

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The woman struggled against him as he raped her. She wanted to scream but her persuasion had worked and she was his. The illusion had faltered a brief moment as his desire hit Aurie, but it held strong once again. She had stopped watching as he raped her, then the pink caught her eyes. She turned and watched as he drained her dry. Her cheeks hollowed out and she grew gaunt with age then her aged body fell limp on the ground. Aurelia gazed with amazement. So that's how he does it. She thought to herself and noticed him looking at her. She froze and prayed her illusion held. As he ran past her, it told her that it had. She finally dropped the illusion and glanced back at him before she walked the opposite direction, her heels clicked on the pavement as she went to go back towards the lounge, not too worried about Artemus anymore. It was foolish of her too take him so lightly, but that was Aurelia for you, she would get herself into the most hopeless of situations and still managed to evade the consequences, at least until her time came to an end and then her lifetime would simply restart as it always did.

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As Artemus drove his bike down the road he realized while he was taking her soul she had changed. Why didn't he stop when he noticed. Her soul wasn't pure so she was far from innocent. His eyes turned pink due to her sin of committing lust. It wasn't Aurelia. He cursed slamming the break and skidding into a turn. The Witch killed the innocent not him. She had damned her with her magic and now an innocent human was dead because of her. His rage grew and at last his aura burned away, but his eyes remained pink. He saw her walking down the side pavement. He floored it crossing the sidewalk and hitting the breaks skidding to a hard stop sideways and hopping off quickly, "You can't fool me so easily. Her death will be on you now and you will suffer a greater death for it, Aurelia Diocletianus." He pulled out his tonfa blade from his coat and smirked, "You will die. I have a deadpool to keep up with. Your head is worth a lot." He smiled with pure rage. His eyes started glowing pink and once the sun was fully up the sky changed blue and orange streaking clouds like paint on a canvas. But his scales started to reveal themselves. He placed his weapon back and growled in frustration, but it came out like a hiss. He raced back to his bike taking off. He had to find a safe place to shift. He hadn't turned into a snake for quite some time now. It was releasing itself. Daylight meant he had to strike someone to be human otherwise he will have to wait until nightfall to take human form.

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As Aurelia walked she heard the roar of his motorcycle's engine. She internally groaned and rolled her eyes. Then as he stopped in front of her annoyance was visible. "God it took you long enough to figure it out." She commented and even as he threatened to kill her once again she remained unaffected. "Like I said before, I'm not afraid of dying, as you'll find I'm not that easy to kill either." She added and smirked at him. Then he growled, or maybe he hissed; either way he was on his bike and gone before long. "Seriously? He threatens to kill me and then runs off? God what is wrong with that guy, I thought hunters were suppose to follow up on their threats." She muttered before she climbed in a her rolls Royce and revved up the engine. She then took off down the road and within minutes she had stopped in front of her home and got out of the classy vehicle. She had went inside and gotten changed, deciding to go for a jog. She tied her sneakers and then took off for the woods, going on her usual path.

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((Grievance Woods?))

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((sounds good lol you said jogging I thought what a better place to jog in a secluded town than the woods. that's why I made it lol feel special jk lol))

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End Scene
Aurelia and Artemus are in Grievance Woods now.

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((Um you posted in the wrong topic...this post goes at the Inn...Ciara goes here with Stefan))

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments If there was one thing that Ciara was always good at, it was looking good. So even though it was with a random guy and not really a date. Well, at least she had the opportunity to have some fun. So she had done a bit of thievery, a bit of exchanging, and now she had a rocking (short and low) dress and excellent makeup and she was drawing attention as she sat waiting semi-patiently. Of course, she had a couple guys to talk to, and she smiled slowly and crossed her legs, tilting her head as she studied him. He was cute enough, but she had a date, and Ciara would at least wait for him and see how her actual date went before doing anything else. Besides, she probably should help him. The poor kid didn't even know what was happening, so she decided she would at least give him the basics.

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Stefan entered the lounge and the air changed from a warm welcoming atmosphere to cold and rather alluring darkened atmosphere. He was wearing a silk black suit with a blood red tie and black button shirt underneath. He had shaven and had his hair cut. He didn't look half as scraggly. He actually cleaned up pretty well. Once he spotted the lovely Ciara or Aspen, rather, in the corner overlooking the window. Stefan looked almost in shock at her appearance she looked amazing. The lighting hit her jsut right as if she were being spotlighted. He walked up and gave a nod. He was clearly more skittish than graceful once he was up close. "So...You came...Are you French or German this evening?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Looks like you managed to use that stuff I gave you." Ciara noted in a very faint Russian accent, smiling as she looked him up and down. "Not bad, hot shot." She smirked, using her foot to swivel around a chair for him. "Don't act so surprised at how I look now. I mean, I know a sweatshirt and jeans aren't the best for a girl's figure, but still. Have more confidence in me, come on." She grinned, tilting her head and spilling her dark brown hair down off to the side. "Oh, and I'll tell you what you want to know, but you'd better at least give me a good date. That's what you owe me in return. Besides, I'll bet with your touch thing it's been a while since you've been on a date. It'll be good for both of us." She decided, nodding her head as she looked at him. "I wasn't sure what you wanted to drink, so I just got one for me. I mean, you can try mine if you want. It's basically just vodka with lemon juice and sugar. It tastes just like lemony vodka, but it's disturbingly easy to drink a lot of." She grinned playfully, raising an eyebrow.

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Stefan nodded, "Right, well...I hope by good date you don't mean what comes after a really good date because I doubt I would even know where to begin after a year. Not to mention I'm rather frightened by what I might be able to do to you even if the touch doesn't affect you I have other curses." He said with a half smile. The waiter came over and Stefan frowned afraid of ebing touched..."I'll have a mojito." He said plainly and showed his own I.D. The waiter nodded and walked off. "Alright...so tell me what I need to know." He siad rather bluntly. He wanted to be a good date, but he wanted information too.

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