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This is pretty much a "forest of stars" in StarClan. This is where the dead cats come before the "government" of StarClan.

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Dawnstar paces back and forth in the starry place. Her breathing was heaving and her head was swinging. "Lilydawn! I must see you!" Dawnstar was thinking. I must send an omen. It is time for a prophecy.

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Lilydawn bounds into the room. "Dawnstar, an omen? What for?"

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Dawnstar overlooks the queen. "I feel something… but I have no clue. Sickness is upon us and the only way to face it is to have a prophecy." Dawnstar's eyes suddenly roll up and her voice got low pitched.

One way or another
There can be no other
A sickness has arisen
And cats must be given

A Medicine, a queen, two apprentices and two warriors
And all barriers will fall

All cats must come together
Unite as one
or else sickness will come
And all will fall

With that Dawnstar collapsed, as she usually does after she gives a prophecy.

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Lilydawn rushes to the leaders side. "Dawnstar!"

Lilydawn repeats the prophecy in her head. Sickness… She would have to warn Dapplemoon.

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Dawnstar shudders and wakes up. "I'm fine, Lilydawn," she grumbles. "But we must warn all the medicine cats and their apprentices." Dawnstar scrambles to her haunches. "Gather up two retired medicine cats and two retired warriors. They shall send the dreams to each Medicine Cat of each clan. Make sure the Medicine Cats tell their apprentice. Dawnstar tramps out of the room and onto the dens.

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Lilydawn calls to Ravenleaf, Yellowfang, and Spottedleaf. "We will be sending dreams to the Clans. A prophecy has arisen!" she says, her voice echoing around the grounds.

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Dawnstar looks out and beyond the room. She sighs. It wasn't hard to lead this clan. Cats from all types of clans mingled about their old life, but here, there was no fighting. It was peace. Dawnstar suddenly claws herself, trying to not let her mind wander. No one could know her secret. And she means no one.

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Lilydawn bounds up to her leader. "Dawnstar! Shall we go hunting?" she asks. "You look troubled. You should do something to take your mind off it," she adds.

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Dawnstar wakes up from a trance. "Oh, yes, you can. Gather ten more warriors with you and six apprentices. Freshkill pile is almost out." Dawnstar pads away to her den, her tail trailing behind her.

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Lilydawn stares after her leader, her violet eyes troubled. Her leader looks troubled; something had to be up. Shaking her head, Lilydawn walks off in search of more warriors.

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Dawnstar sees that ilydawn is suspecting something. Sighing, Dawnstar weighs some decisions. "Should I tell Lilydawn the secret? What will she do?" dawnstar bows her head and then decides that she will tell Lilydawn. But first, this must be done.

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Lilydawn enters the cave. "Dawnstar! I've gathered the patrol." She gives her leader a quick glance. "Shall we go?" Lilydawn knows that her leader is worried about something. A flash of sympathy flashes in the StarClan cat's violet eyes.

Thrushkit bounces into the den. "Mom! Mom! Let's go!" she meows with an energy filled, high-pitched voice.

"Thrushkit," Lilydawn says, anxious, to her daughter. "Go to Ravenleaf! Tell her we'll be there in a moment."

Thrushkit leaps out of the den and bounds over to Ravenleaf. When the kit is gone, Lilydawn turns back to her leader. "Are you ready now?" There is a quick glimpse of worry in her meow, but then it is gone.

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Dawnstar whirls around. "Lilydawn, I must tell you something." Dawnstar says shakily. "It's a secret that must not be told. I can be in big trouble with any cat that crosses my path." Her eyes well up with tears. "Oh Lilydawn, what a fool I am! You know how StarClan cats are forbidden to have kits? Well, of course I must go and break that rule!" Dawnstar wails. "In three moons, I will have my kits!" she cries.

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"Dawnstar!" Lilydawn gasps. "How wonderful!" The gray cat is spinning around, pacing the floor of the den. "Kits! Kits! That's wonderful!" The violet cats are staring into the leader's ones. "But you're right… no one can know. May I tell Ravenleaf? She can assist you when you have your kits. And when you feel them kicking, we should run for the woods. There you can have the kits in secret."

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Then Lilydawn collapses. "Kits… who's the father?" she asks Dawnstar, her eyes old and tired. "You know the StarClan laws aren't allowing their cats to mate. What will be the result?" There is a silence.

Lilydawn meows again, "What will the kits be like? All stars, all…" her voice trails off. She thinks, You may have damned these kits, Dawnstar.

"So who's the dad?" Lilydawn asks again.

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Dawnstar shakes. "No. Ravenleaf may know that I will have kits, but Spottedleaf must assist me. She already knows." Dawnstar paces around. "The kits will be damned, but let us hope that they will be happy and safe. At first, they will be stars, but when they start to grow, they become like any cat in StarClan. As for the father…" Dawnstar's eyes grew wide with fright. "No cat would forgive me…" She muttered. "It's Tigerstar." Dawnstar replied, her voice harsh. "he has changed. Tigertsar has charmed me, and his kits will be born in a few moons." Dawnstar wailed.

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Lilydawn just stares unblinkingly at Dawnstar. "Tigerstar may be the father," she begins, "But he was once a fine warrior. As for Ravenleaf knowing, I will not tell her. If Spottedleaf will assist you, there is no reason any other cat should know."

Lilydawn cocks her head slyly and says, "But you know what? The best thing for you right now will be a hunt. Come on!" Then her gray shape is slipping out of the den and racing across the stars to join the hunting party.

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Dawnstar sighed and followed the energetic cat down the starry steps. Her mind whirled. How much longer before he found out? What will the clan do without her? The thoughts were a tornado in her mind.

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Lilydawn senses her leaders distress and purrs, rubbing her body along Dawnstar's starry pelt.

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Dawnstar pulls away. "No," her voice broke. "Stay away from me." With that, Dawnstar turned and leaped away to her protective den.

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Lilydawn sends a worried glance up to the den. "Erm… well, you guys go and get some Freshkill. I'll stay here and manage… affairs," she says lightly, a hint of worry tinging her voice.

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Dawnstar silently cries out. "Oh, why did I do this! I can't believe I fell for him!" She silently cries and her fur ruffles as she mews out to the den. Dawnstar screeches until her throat is dry and raspy. "WHy," she rasped, "why?"

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Thrushkit bounces into the den, but stops at her leaders tears. "Are you sad, Dawnstar?" she asks in a high-pitched mew.

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Dawnstar sniffles, but keeps her shudders high. "Yes, I am Thrushkit." she smiles. Dawnstar loved kits, and just the thought of this little one made her heart swell with pride about having kits. But then fear took over again and her face clouded. "yes, I am…" Dawnstar's voice got distant.

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Thrushkit cocks her head. "I won't ask why you're sad, because Mama says that's bad etiquette. What's etiquette?" Thrushkit asks, her eyes sparkling.

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((Will post here too…StarClan deserves some respect))

Dawnstar smiled through her teary eyes. "Etiquette, little one, is something of sorts like manners. And at times, it is rude to ask what is going on in another cats life, but there can also be good times. In this case, I shall share. But you can keep a promise quiet, can you?"

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"Oh, yes!" Thrushkit said seriously. "I'm good at that."

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Dawnstar smiled brighter. "Alright, little one, then my secret to you is: I will be having kits shortly. The father is…Tigerstar."

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Thrushkit blinked calmly. "That's good news. I hope your kits are alright. After all, no StarClan kits have ever been born before."

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Dawnstar smiled weakly. "Yes, Thrushkit. Hopefully, they will be alright. They are, after all, my kits."

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"Dawnstar, if I may, why Tigerstar? After all the things he's done to the other Clans?" Thrushkit asked, a hint of curiosity in her voice.

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Dawnstar sighed. "Well, it's been some time since all that happened. I see badness in him, but I also see goodness. Some good parts of him attracted me to him. So I can say that I love him. And he loves me. I cannot change the path that put us forth like this."

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Thrushkit nodded, trying to wrap her head around it all. "Love is a complicated thing. I'm glad I'll never be in love- I'll be forever young!" she giggled. Her starry, faintly orange pelt glittered as she laughed.

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Dawnstar smiled, glad to have a "young" friend around. "And I shall be forever old." her pelt also shimmered as she joined the young cat's laughter.

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"The only thing that irks me is that Frostpaw will be always older than me!" Thrushkit scrunched up her nose into a frown but soon collapsed into hysterics again. "I'll be able to do things more energetically than her!"

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Dawnstar laughed. "Well, it's not all our faults that she will be older. But do not worry, young one, for when she joins StarClan, you can show her around and be a snob if you would like." Dawnstar winked.

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"I'm already a snob," Thrushkit said proudly, holding her nose up in the air proudly. "Wait. What does snob mean?" she asked, worried that she had said the wrong thing.

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((I kindaaaaa just saw this xD))

Dawnstar purred. "A snob is when something is being rude to others of higher or lower classes. But it is alright." she nipped Thruskit's ears. "But if Frostpaw comes, you will be younger than her! And maybe you can say you knew me longer." Dawnstar winked.

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"I would like that!" Thrushkit giggled. "Have you met Mothkit? She's my friend too."

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Dawnstar shook her head. "I believe I did I just don't remember. Too many cats to think of."

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"Mothkit's just like me. Except she's sorry," Thrushkit explained. "She's sorry a lot."

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Dawnstar nodded. "And why is she so sorry?"

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"I don't know. But I think it has something to do with Frostpaw," Thrushkit mumbled. She hated not being on top of things.

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"Really? Well this is quite interesting." Dawnstar murmured. "Maybe it's time to visit someone in their sleep..."

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"Who? Who? Who?" Thrushkit asked, bouncing around.

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"Hmmm I don't know yet but I cannot leave a cat to feel sorry all the time...do you know anything more?"

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"Mothkit's mother was Hazelstripe. I want to go visit Hazelstripe!" Thrushkit said.

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Dawnstar nodded. "Alright, but what for?"

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"So Mothkit can see her again," Thrushkit said. "She wants to."

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