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Ryan Red | 4 comments Here is the thread

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GC (greycacophony) Cool. Do you want to make character templates, or just wing it?

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Ryan Red | 4 comments Sorry for the late response! Could we just wing it?

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GC (greycacophony) Sure! You wanna start?

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Ryan Red | 4 comments Sure! (Sorry for the bad responses. Im kinda stressed with school.)

Alix's small cave was cold and damp, as usual. Moss and dirt striped the short stone wall. Although to the normal creature this small cove would seem creepy, or uninviting; Alix saw it as a truly wonderful place to live. Whenever he stepped back inside, he felt at home within the cool atmosphere. Sadly, though, Alix's cave had changed. It was surrounded by massive structures that the humans caller apartments. Noise radiated from the streets and alleys as pollen radiated from a flower. He had been into the city once or twice. He was awed by the contrast between small shops and and the massive skyscrapers that lined the sky. How could such large things be made? He would never know.

Today was one of those days where he had gone into the city to see what he could find. His blossom pink, seemingly dyed, hair stuck out in the crowd of people. Everytime he went into the city, no matter what, he always found himself drawn to one of the many farmers markets where he could see fruits he had never seen before. Fruits were named after the things in the sky and even mythical beings. Humans are kinda weird aren't they? Haha yeah... Alix grabbed one of the larger fruits from a stand and looked at it closely. "What is this one?" He murmured. A voice echoed in his head with an immediate response, "A mango you dolt. You're a terrible excuse for a dryad." The voice was usually mean so he didn't let it get to him. Alix walked away from the market and slowly began making his way back to his small cave.

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GC (greycacophony) Mariella hated running with the fiery, burning passion of a thousand suns. She despised being late. Of course, she lived in the apartment buildings across the entire city from her workplace. And, of course, she had to walk through a freaking farmer's market every day to get to the metro. Still, her day was going awfully.First she had forgotten to get her clothes out of the dryer, so they were all wrinkled. Next, she accidentally set her alarm to pm instead of am, which gave her no time for a real shower, just enough time to quickly wash her hair in her bathroom sink. She had gotten home late the night before, too tired to make dinner. She got up too late in the morning, forcing her to skip breakfast, so she was lightheaded as well.

The combination of hunger, tiredness, and general anxiety meant that she was paying even less attention to where she was walking then usual. This came back to bite her in the butt when, on her way through the farmer's market. She ran, full speed, directly into a stranger, throwing them both to the ground and scattering the contents of her purse all over the ground.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, are you alright?"

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Ryan Red | 4 comments Alix hit the hard concrete beneath him with a grunt and looked over at his assailant. "Oh, its fine. I was in the way." He scratched the back of his head and laughed lightly. Alix hopped up to his feet with ease and held a small hand out to the woman. "Need some help up?" His cherry blossom pink hair covered his eyes as he looked down at her.

He pulled the woman up to her feet and smiled again. "Are you in a hurry somewhere? I shouldn't keep you." Alix stepped back and gave a small wave to her. He continued walking his way out of the market, leaving the woman at his back. He threw another wave behind him and then disappeared within the crowds.

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