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Why do you want everyone to read this book what is so special about this book?

It teaches what is humanity in inhuman situation. What I liked about this book was the narrator is an innocent child. Since child's emotion are often raw, described the way it is, compared to adult's, which is more often multilayered, the feelings both positive and negative represent less opaque to readers.

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To be honest, the book was somewhat similar to the historical fiction Holocaust books that I have read. Personally, what I think makes this book so special is how it can be read for pretty much all ages.

It is a super interesting and sad story. It is written really well also

i really liked this story. Not the best i have read but i give it a four


This book is special because it tells yet another story about the depressing story about the Holocaust that should never be forgotten.

I love it because it's not about the holocaust or WWII, it's about this girl, her family, and her friend. It feels real to me and I love that.

I feel it is important to read about what happened when people were being sent away from their homes to the German Nazi camps, this was an example of being teased (or in this case being killed for what you believe in personally. In school, not everyone knows about the Holocaust -- or the teacher only focuses on the United State's involvement and not actual people who were in it - we should teach our children the importance of not discriminating against anything someone might believe in such as Moses or anything else...The reason why people should read this book is to better their understanding of the history the German people of Germany (duhh) doesn't want you to know.

Did you know Germany covers up the Holocaust? They don't show the event in their history books, I've heard. Not really that shocking...

Well...Put down in this comment, or in this thread, why you would want to, want someone else to, influence someone to read this piece of literature!

Love is stronger than the ability to hate

Lila Smith I really agree with this. The only books I read these days are about the holocaust so.
Sep 26, 2018 05:36AM

I guess all books are special
I got it for my birthday when i was the same age as the main character and I really liked it because it's based on a series of true events in WW2 that i researched later. I think this book is special because it talks about the courage and bravery of the young girl and all the risks that her family took to save her best friend.
and its good because lois lowry is awesome

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